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Info: Migration from AWS to upgraded GCP is completed March 1, 2021. A few things like downloads, links, and some categories are broken and corrupted. Trying to fix, more info. later.


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I wanted to make a quick website update and some changes that will be made shortly. I have migrated most of the back-end to Amazon Web Service myself because I value security and pricing.

Disclaimer: I'm only sharing my personal experience. I'm also adding proper site terms (sometime) and will try to make more content and find people that share the same passion and similar goals.


Although I kind of think the migration was a success, there are some things that are missing and a bit broken like tags, some missing files, links, and a few features. I'm not sure if I will fix them (they are time-consuming but easy). Also, skip the next section if you want to.

Why The Decision:

I'm going to be a bit real in this post for context purposes and it's probably hard to read.

I recently felt that I am in no position to give any advice, but sometimes, the feeling that I have not improved at all gets to me. Sometimes I see myself as a failure and everything that hasn't been right is what it is. One thing that stops me from moving forward in life is myself, and I really want to have confidence in what I do, because I strongly believe in it. I decided to invest my time a bit in learning some new things such as this whole app development and basically being a full-stack master. I was so excited to start learning right away, and I quickly forgot that I have this blog.

No one takes it seriously, and that's okay because I don't treat it seriously.

When I was younger, before I experienced sudden cardiac death, I always believed that you should put some heart into the things you do. However, I never understood why. Now I know why after constantly talking to so many people and hearing their stories. If people can see the passion of you just doing anything you enjoy, people like that because it's genuine.

I am not a good engineer. I'm very lazy, not as bright, and definitely not someone you should look up to. A lot of people, including my friends and family, know that I'm awkward and it's because I actually have no faith in myself anymore... But I always think about the future and what I can do for someone to see what I do and do it better.

In which, I'm starting to notice.

That is why I'm going to try something different and if it doesn't work out, I lost nothing!

Based on those thoughts and feelings above, I decided to revamp this blog once more and cut the costs down so it makes sense to scale if it does well. Like if I'm feeling down and sad and not making content, then the application will cost less for me to pay, and if I'm really motivated and happy, then the scaling goes up and I can actually afford it.

I just want to mention, that I'm fine. People have their own selves to fight, and mine is no different.

So, I decided to try and make my site portable by using Docker and all that fancy tech.

I would like to get certified for all the cloud platforms if my job would help me learn and pay for the exam, but I'm broke, kind of (I own several domains for projects that I make, that I put my heart into, but I wish I was intelligent enough to finish them, but I'm still trying, but please if you are a developer/SWE, I would love to ask for help).

Now, I used to pay for my hosting on a server, shared hosting, which was about $200 a year, and then I have other costs like the domains and such. I cannot pay for that actually, anymore. Which I'm willing to die for, and will put more effort into doing things. You will see: I hit rock bottom and now I'm going to bounce back. So you see, I moved to Amazon Web Service, because of financial reasons. Now, you are probably like, you? No way. Hahaha... I know, it's hard to believe, but I tried to learn it, and now we are here. However, I couldn't figure out how to freaking configure Elastic Beanstalk... But no worries, I will ask someone. 

In all, basically my decision to switch to Amazon Web Service is based on emotions and finances.

My Previous Hosts:

When I first started this blog, it was for fun and will always be for fun. I don't have high expectations because it's not what I have in mind. The blog is only for me to express myself, and I always thought that I could get other people to join and maybe have a cool group or something, but obviously, since running this blog, that hasn't happened l.o.l.

My previous hosts, on how I started all began at free hosting sites, I don't remember the first one, 000 Web Host, don't remember, HostGator, A2 Hosting, and now Amazon Web Service. I had good experiences with the last two, but now I'm feeling great and can do more so I just wanted to explore more in-depth about Amazon Web Services, and I can understand why people love it. However, it's hard to leave if you want to even transfer things out, so that's why I used Docker and can easily replicate my work anywhere else with the required steps. It's literally the same on every other platform and I really love this dev ops and site reliability things, for some reason.

Now, I want to try other things out that I could not have done before, because now I know a bit more because I felt really sad this whole year, and I hope it didn't affect anyone except myself, because I am a strong person and my life really is -- not sure what to write --. It's the constant push of applying to jobs, not making money, and barely surviving that worries me the most. 

Everyone knows this meme (it's not really funny, hopefully, the spoiler works, can't even know if it works properly or not): 


It's almost relatable on a certain scale of normality. I do not think the meme is funny. Life will not get worse as implied above; it will get better. So, please don't get the wrong idea here!

The Migration Process:

I wanted to make a brief rundown on how I migrated to Amazon Web Service from a traditional web hosting service. It is quite simple. I did this:

1. Backup site

2. Docker

3. Amazon Web Services setup

4. Reinstall the CMS

5. Configuration for backend and frontend

6. Install the backup

7. Update necessary things

8. Testing

9. Easy migration

See it's not super complicated. I work nine to five (5 days a week, sometimes on the weekend) and learned in about one week.

How The Website is Doing:

This blog hasn't been doing well because I haven't been doing well in life. That's the simple reason why, so I just have to suck it up. I'll start making the content I would enjoy and find useful.

I'm no longer going to care about what other people think about me: none of the things I am going to do will harm anyone or anything.

Topics I really enjoy talking about are anime, deep thoughts, technology, and some pop culture stuff, and I have no political standing, but I'm a little to the left (maybe, you tell me)?

Anyways, I'll keep this website alive and still focus on some of my other projects that you will see shortly, and that's pretty much it for this article.

Thank You:

If you are thinking about switching your hosting or just website or app development, I can try to answer those questions since I have been doing this for almost 7 years or more actually...

Later on, I want to share some stories, but I am just going to talk about them with zero editing, because again, I'm lazy, but I think something is better than nothing.

Have a fantastic day and I'll still be here a bit longer... :D

Here is a fitting song to celebrate this migration (I'm always late, but I will always be on my way):

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