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Why I left my old hosting services for a new one and what I did to choose the next hosting provider that suits my requirements.

Disclaimer: I'm only sharing my experience and am not badmouthing any company mentioned.

Initial Thought:

One of the reasons I was thinking about leaving my previous hosting provider was because although it had much more acceptance in regards to policy and terms of use, the support and extensibility and pricing was lacking when I want to do more. Basically, I just couldn't experiment more with other technologies because of the limitations of how their server was like. I also wanted to have the ability to purchase and actually have a support specialist ready, but I am guessing they, and probably many hosting providers, have a danky algorithm where it puts new hosting clients near the top of receiving support, but then the ranking of the ticket itself from the client has lower priority the longer you have been on the platform (probably ordered by date). At this point, maybe after 1 to 3 years, you should switch to a new host, because unless you will be paying more, just for basic help, you won't be getting your tickets answered. That is the main reason I left, especially when I was registering for an SSL for my site, and they haven't updated it, even though I had (purchased) a verified certificate. 

Let me expand a bit more about encryption and how I value security for what it should cost. Now, when I was scouting for a new host, I want the ability to have lots of domain names, but at the cheapest cost, because I'm not rich, and will opt for the cheapest to give me more marginal benefit. I was considering Heroku, SiteGround, and DigitalOcean. Heroku and DigitalOcean sounded really good because I get control of the system, but I needed something, for now, that would allow me to easily migrate. So I chose A2 Hosting, which also has the NodeJS environment enabled, something my old host didn't have. In the future, I would like to deploy an application on either Heroku or DigitalOcean, but for now, since I'm learning still, A2 Hosting is the next best choice. They offer even offer a free-server side SSL called Let's Encrypt, and that's okay. What I can do in NodeJS is encrypt data on the client side myself, with code, and decrypt on the API in the server side when I make apps, that way it's encrypted regardless. An SSL does provide another layer of great security though, in which I will get one day.

With that, I also contacted support to see if they actually responded and did live chats, some were bots, some were not, which is not surprising in how lazy people are, I guess because they rather invest their time not helping customers. A2 Hosting and the tools I also liked, such as CPanel which also made development easier.

Did I mention I wanted to make more legist website applications from scratch? Because I will do that.

Back To Operation:

Making the migration was simple because this website uses Joomla. The only problem I have with Joomla is how poorly optimized it is, file structure wise. I had to transfer over 15,000 files from the old server to the new server, and sometimes it fails on connection, but it's easy. The next part was download my previous database and copying it into a new database on my other hosting provider, which CPanel makes it easy to do, which is why I like CPanel (but a license it's like $100 or so if I wanted a stand-alone version for myself, which is another reason I chose A2 Hosting). All these companies switching the monthly subscription business model is nuts! Soon you have to pay every month just to leave your house because quality air is deteriorating or something. That was a short rant, anyways I just went with A2 Hosting, and redid how I want my file structure to look like so that it's easy for me to back-up individual parts of my website, because I have multiple domains on this one tiny server, lol. Which is great because A2 Hosting supports multi-domains on shared services!

So now it's time to reveal my experience with the previous hosting provider and why I had some great experiences with them, but just had to move on you know.

Bye HostGator:

HostGator is great, and my initial experience with them was also good. They provided support when they weren't bought out by the EIG (Endurance Internation Group, iirc), which turns all hosting companies into ghost towns. I thought it wasn't so bad, but then either a year ago or so, EIG was losing tons of money and I saw layoffs were happening left and right, and that's when you know, you gotta jump ship. I would rather jump off the ship, than sink down with it, a little bit of investing advice as well there, lol. Here is an article about EIG and their earnings to date:

That is a sign of the forthcoming near future that it may continue to shrink unless more sales come in. I also believe that the group is really biting off more than they can chew and sustain. They should hire a data analyst or economic/financial advisor that can incorporate sentimental analysis with what they are selling, lol. You can also view their earnings and stock here at their company:

You can see that the stock plummeted if you compare 2015 to 2017. I started with them in around 2014, so I was receiving support, but now it's non-existent in HostGator that is.

All in all, I'm going to post images below and show appreciation to the people who visit this website, because I was really interested in trying to grow my own brand but failed. I am more focused now on improving my skills and gaining experience before sharing anything I have to say now. Basically, I just want to be more independent and be more knowledgeable.

The Analytics From SunKoiWish on First Hosting Provider:

First, to the people that do visit and read this website, it means a lot to me. So thank you so much. Now I will explain the analytics at HostGator from the CPanel analytics and the success I kind of had with SEO, Ads, and small marketing (sure I guess). Please refer to the pictures below for the corresponding year I mention. So when I first started in 2014, I didn't use any SEO search terms, or Ads like AdWords, and such, but the growth was there, I guess. Then at the start at like 2016, I created an AdWords and optimized my content for SEO to be rankable and such (my clickthrough rate averaged around 3.5%), and that greatly increased the visibility of my site, I also think I had a bounce rate at around 70% or so, which is pretty okay for a blog type website. The bounce rate is basically when someone goes to your site and views more than one page per session. Okay, then after or around mid 2017, I deleted the old site, re-vamped SunKoiWish, so of course, I expected a drop in visits because I went from over 300 unique articles or content to less than 50 now. I learned a lot, and thank you to those that stick around!





2016 (this one also includes the time spent for user in this year, it excludes bots, spiders, and crawlers):





Other Thoughts:

If anyone is wondering, I make pennies to dollars from this website, but obviously, I do not make enough to cover the cost of its operation or marginal cost. My family helps support my projects, and I save my money. I should probably try harder in marketing myself, but marketing won't work unless I get some real experience and improve my knowledge for the target audience I am aiming for. I will be transparent: one reason I want a job is to be able to pay for what I want to create and hopefully inspire other people as well as provide ideas and products that improve the lives of humans (basically my dream doesn't involve being rich).

Thank You So Much:

Thank you to those that actually spend more than a minute on this website. See you soon and have a fantastic day!


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