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Hello! I want to start 2018 off with the biggest bang ever. 2018 is going to be an enormous year for me, so that's why I'm working extra hard (just for my dreams). What?!

What's Happening:

Some big changes are headed this year, my birthday, my graduation, job employment, skill training, new host, new domain, and much more. Is this a good change? I decided it for myself and am positive this is way better, I can also learn from this experience.

Last year, for the remaining months and a few days, I tried going back to a project that I worked on for three straight months. Which was during my summer vacation from May to August, and I learned a lot on my own from reading (books and online), and experimenting with code. However, once the semester started again, I had to put it aside, but I did work on it a bit still. However, I then realized other technologies for making web applications, scalability, user-experience, and so many more terms that make the overall AGILE development much better and such. One of these was learning about, yes, FireBase, NoSQL, JavaScript, and Angular! 

Let me break it down into sections...

First Things First:

The project I was working on over the summer was an enterprise-like social networking site that I wanted to create (now someone might take or copy my idea and actually make it). But, in the end, all ideas were already thought of, but the best part of this project was that I was making it, and I have my own unique style and flavor! This is just a photo of it, but it quite as well works.



Wait, what the... Yea, that's right. I was using so many libraries, dependencies and such, but I was using ASP.NET 4.6... I do know about  .NET Core, but when I ported my project, it broke like magic! This was because of the major setbacks were because of how I made this project! Using so many dependencies (like maybe over thirty isn't that good), because sometimes other developer don't update their goodies.

Back-end I was using MySQL, terrible for scaling, front-end was the usual, I used AJAX, some JavaScript, many dependencies, Entity Framework, and some CSS frameworks like Bootstrap. I also implemented some API's from popular social networking sites, and other utilities like Amazon (AWS), and they worked, but I just felt like I was always missing some knowledge... And every time I went to Stack(Elite)OverFlow... I couldn't find answers, and no one could really help me with a project this huge.

I designed the database tables and such, the business logic, front-end, and I even planned how this website would innovate a much better community than FaceBook and the other social networking platforms... 

Then I learned about the MEAN stack and other technologies... And really learned that I better-used technologies that were fit for what application I was making...

This Website and Possible Host Migration:

In spite of me now actively self-studying the MEAN stack and related technologies to it, I'm moving away from relational databases because of how inefficient they are. I also was moved by how amazing JavaScript has become, but in my entire college University, I never learned about it and, well actually, ANY OF THIS! Hahaha... So really... I'm trying to make my dream come true in making an awesome application that's better, and long-lasting than other platforms! I'm just a poor student though and use the money I get from what I can get. What about a job then?

Okay, so I did want to get internships, but damn is it hard... Noone wants to look at my resume because honestly, my GPA isn't higher than 3.0 anymore, but it's close. The time I figured that I waste trying to talk to people, get a boring internship (and not learn anything), or do busy-work (not productive work) scared me, so I try to learn on my own and be 100% independent. That's why... With the limited resources for developers on my current host (for this website), I'm switching to a different host where I have more languages and technologies at my disposal!

About the website and domain name... I'm not sure if I will continue with or not, but I plan on registering either one (or my new project) with a proper LLC and such (I will work for it of course). Then I will release that new project and advertise it properly. I might just start with the bare-bones and continue working on it, because of the great thing about the technology, MEAN stack, is that it's so AGILE and it can hardly break if I do everything modularily. So, yea!

Either will transfer or I will discontinue it completely (for my new project in the works).

This New Web Application, Where?:

It's a secret, but I swear I'm doing my damn best! I never learned JavaScript intensively, but it's kind of the same, but not... I am doing online courses and working very hard. Here's just a side-project I made following this online course I'm taking, but I will soon deploy and work on my new one! Also, for this new web application, it won't just be a platform, but I plan on studying, yes that's right, block-chain, and implementing some sort of technology like that with the new application I'm making. I bet other big companies will follow as well! However, I'm going to add my special unique flavor.



The above was made with just NodeJS and Angular5 and nothing else... You know I need to start somewhere... 

As for my new web application, you won't be able to find it because it's secret. You can find it though, but good luck with that! If you do find it, man you must really be a fan of mine <3. You should send me a personal e-mail if you find it, hahaha!

Make It Big:

2018 will be a very big year for me and I will work hard and smart (being lazy). Please look forward to the upcoming changes and I will and do still watch anime, okay?

This section was short, lol.

Thank You:

Thanks. I hope you had a great New Years and holidays, and have a fantastic day! 


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