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I can't believe we have a Minecraft server. This will be the best vanilla moded non-breaking server in the world with fabulous mods from the community.


I'm not sure how long we will have a server, but if it proves to be fun and people enjoy it, we will keep it indefinitely. We also have a Discord channel. If you want to join let me know.

We have certain criteria to be met for our server and you can read this quick article of what to expect on our server. My friends and I welcome all people, but please be mindful that you must contact us and allow us to whitelist your official Minecraft account so you can access the server.

Our server is self-managed on a remote server running Ubuntu.

The Minecraft version of our server is 1.14.4. We use Spigot: 

Mods We Have:

We don't have mods actually, just server plugins.

Below will be a list of mods (we will keep this up-to-date):


Server Plugins:

We use most from: and


Some popular plugins we have and more are:


Texture Packs:



None. It's client-side.

How To Join:

Message me on any platform I'm on.


E-mail me or a mod.

Thank You:

This article is not a traditional SunKoiWish article. This is more of an overview of our Minecraft server.


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