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Here are simple tips to making sure you do not make rash, bad, horrible, thoughtless choices when under stress or pressure.

Do You?:

When you're are about to make a crucial decision under pressure you will most likely make the wrong choice. If you are a natural at withstanding stress and pressure then you don't need to read this article. If you want to anyway, that's your choice.

There are many types of situations where you will make the wrong decision. I will go over the common types of pressure and give helpful advice to better understand what you are facing and hopefully you can choose the right decision to help develop your character/personality in a positive way. In further reading, I use pressure and stress interchangeably.

Stress of Time:

One common type of pressure are Time Restraints. Time restraints will never go away. However, it's not what you should do to avoid them, but what you should spend the time doing to overcome them. An example that is fairly common is school work. Yes, teachers give you an assignment and tell you it is due in three days. You now have many decisions on when and how to start and finish your homework. Many people easily procrastinate about it, but that's not really the right thing to do, and will certainly not work in the real world. If you were under-going a surgery, would you want a surgeon to wait until the last minute when you are about to die, when they can help you right away? No one would want that. So a good decision would to start preparing to do it, and organize your time wisely. If you have good time management skills you can easily overcome time restraints. Another way of getting over time restraints, is by not noticing they exist, and learn to accept it as another form of happiness. When you have a deadline to meet, think of it as a reward for your client to see what you can do, and possibly praise you for it. When you get praised for something you do, it's safe to be selfish and be happy about it. Time restraints exist because as of now, time only goes forward. In order to not be worried about your future all the time, have a general idea of yourself in ten years, and try accomplishing goals you set only in three months in advance (by yourself). Now, if you're a company you will be able to have bigger plans. As for your own good, I assure you that accomplishing goals not to distant in the future will make you feel more happier because you know you can achieve something rather than plan for something way ahead of time for you to even get close to reaching your goal. So remember, if time is not on your side, manage it so you can enjoy the ride.

Stress of Others:

Another type of pressure other than time restraints are Peer Pressure. Yup, this is also very common. Your friend or people close to you may influence you into making the wrong decisions. For this, it would be a great idea to first always tell the other person you want to step out and think about it. Never agree to anything on the spot. That rushing adrenaline will most likely choose the wrong decision for you, especially if it's something you are unsure of. Whatever it is, as long as your still alive, you don't really need it at all. If it's something in a game, and it's not serious, just go for it. Moving onto the people pressuring you, if they are being persistent and you have no idea about something, try asking other people for advice or search the internet for something similar on a credible source/website. You also have a choice to pick the people you want to believe and trust in. No one will tell you who to trust or what to trust because it's up to you. It may seem complicated, but the only way to find someone that will give you worthwhile advice, is to ask people that have a common interest as you. Some people say you should hire someone like a psychiatrist, but many of the times, it is usually the young, fallen, and blind (figuratively speaking) that fall under that cash of torture (you will know what I'm talking about if you have ever experience that before). You do not want to end-up paying and paying to find help for yourself when you can actually help yourself by reading and becoming knowledgeable. In all regards, the best way to handle peer pressure is to take a deep breath and do not rush anything. That could easily be done for all the other types of pressure, but there is a few more I want to go over.

Stress of Self-Confidence:

A less common type of pressure is the I'm Useless. This usually happens without yourself knowing it. The fact that other people are accomplishing many feats than you start to build up in your mind. Now you start making rash decisions and start to make choices as an excuse for you to do things. Even though, people are accomplishing more than you are, you have to understand that everyone has their own pace. Not everyone will run at the same speed during a race, and not everyone finishes at the same time. In order to get over it you have to accept the fact that you must revisit what you have accomplished yourself. It may not seem like much, but once you look back at what you have done, you will be thinking clearly again. So don't go around making selfish decisions for yourself and not considering other people's thoughts. You want to accomplish more because you want to show and feel responsible. So start with small things first. Do many small tasks and finish them. Once you get the hang of that you will feel more happier and be able to make better choices. They always say, it's not if you can accomplish a big goal, but how you are able to complete it, even if it's a small goal. It will also help develop your character in a positive way. This is also true in relationships and everything else goal related.

Stress of Opportunity:

This type of pressure is the Your Only Chance. This is especially common when you are about to do something bad, and it happens frequently in society, don't worry. When you think you are doing something good when it is actually not, you feel only joy from it for a short while. To help clear your thinking the best way is to go wash your face in cold water. Yes, you get thoughts in your head and start thinking this is my chance to do it, and you won't think about what comes after. You will only think of the pleasure at the spur of the moment. A good example is when you have the chance to cheat on a test. Sure you could get away with it and receive high marks, but in the long run, when it comes down for you to exhibit your knowledge, you will look pitiful. If there is nowhere for you to wash your face with cold water, repeat "I will gain more by being honest". I would put more trust in a person who is honest for explaining what they did wrong, rather than a person who lies and blames someone else. Anyways, nothing is wrong with missing a chance (good or bad). There are plenty more choices that you can make. I know many people say you should grab opportunities before they are gone, but if you look at it this way: opportunities are nothing more than an illusion to get your attention. Now this is where you place your values in front of you. Select your decision wisely, and try to see the outcome of it. Once you do that, you can slowly plan ahead, but don't ever expect things to go your way. You will feel more respected (by others or feel/look mature) when you know how to handle a situation that's gone wrong (even if it's your mistake). 

Stress of Heart:

The last type of pressure I want to go over is My Emotions. This is a very powerful type of pressure and it usually ends up being the driving force in your bad-decision making. As you know, you can make decisions based on your emotions, and decisions based on logical/analytical thinking. A good example is when you choose a person to really confess your love for. Imagine three girls or three boys. Lets say you did no research on any of them. Your emotions would naturally go towards the person you find attractive (it will always happen, that's how nature is). Then now, you receive a biography on each person and now you change your decision (which will happen). This is why the best solution is to not let your emotions decide for you. Sure, it's sometimes beneficial to let your emotions decide for you, but only after you made a logical decision that suits an emotion decision (but that's another topic really). So if you are angry, upset, really happy and cannot think, or have mood swings easily, take a minute of deep breathing and drink water, or simply take a nap, and then decide. Once you have calmed down you can go-over that decision and be able to choose something you did not really think about before, and be able to make decisions that will hopefully benefit not only you, but other people as well (in terms of happiness).

Finally, an alternative solution to all of them is to eat a healthy salad. A salad is a great light meal to freshen your mind. The vitamins and minerals in a salad help with staying healthy, and by being healthy your cognitive thinking will be much better.

Stress Doesn't Have to Exist:

Stress is like love. You can't see it, hear it, taste it, but you can only feel it. Stress is a common feeling amongst humans because we make each other stressed with our own personal desires (more or less true). It's the people that also have the same desire as you, is where you will not feel stressed or pressured in, which could be work or so.

One thing you can also do to help with your stress and pressure is identify routines in your life-style that you can improve on. Self-improvement is actually a whole other topic, but it's really not that complicated. Jot down those things that upset you, and then answer those ideas like a question. You will be surprised how you will identify what you could have done better without relying on somone else.

I have done and experienced all the above, and found those methods to work quite well for me. 

Thank You:

I hope you enjoyed this article and were able to read it to the end. Yes, there are more types, but if you got these five down, I believe you will not have anymore trouble choosing or making the best decisions under all types of pressure and stress. If you know more, please tell me! Or share your own experiences below to give hope to other people.

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