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This series of Singularity Factor Overview will be about topics that contribute to the rise and phenomenon known as the technological singularity. It is now evident that these factors will push humans into the future of technology being part of ourselves.

Disclaimer: I don't care if you believe me or not, but every source and conclusion is worth thinking about.

The Purpose of This Series:

The purpose of this series is to inform humans of the upcoming changes. My role is to gather and research into providing an easy to understand series to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of technological singularity. I will also be extremely practical in my explanations by using and relating to today's things (like tech, procedures, etc). Technological singularity will happen whether you like it or not. Moreso, this series will tackle the fields of some computer science, neurological science, many forms of science involving thought (philosophy), economics, management, history, and biology.

On an off-hand note, I have an outline of what I feel is the indication of a source contributing to technological singularity and my sources to support it will be very reliable.

How The Series Will Work:

Since this topic is exciting for me, I will research before posting anything big for subsequent articles. I do not want to publish misleading information and will post sources to what will support my thinking in the process. Each source will be of good reliability. Ultimately, my observations and thought process will be the real challenge as this subject could be quite a sensitive topic to many people. Many people believed that all those science fiction movies were hinting at this phenomenon, but those are all over exaggerations. When singularity happens, it will be at a slow pace and highly regulated by trust and brilliant individuals.

For this series, as said recently, I will not over-post much about this topic in regards to it being sensitive.

The Topics Covered:

Unlike a clear footprint of topics, I do not have a clear table of contents on what will be chosen to be written about. Due to the nature of many types of movements, rules, mediums, and forms of technology, any of those can actually contribute to the technological singularity. However, there are some many key components on what I believe to be the actual events to push humans into the phenomenon. In simple words, the articles are not scheduled in any way, but these articles will all contribute to technological singularity under the same tags this article has.

When Choosing A Factor:

Choosing a factor for the contribution to technological singularity is difficult, but I will research about it because it's the future, and I want to know.

Overall Purpose:

When this series ends, that means we or I have found the sources that greatly contribute to the technological singularity phenomenon, and we can also try to combat the disadvantages of technological singularity because there will be some.

Thank you, and please look forward to this series!

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