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A short comprehensive article that raises awareness on the world of singularity factors. I believe everyone should understand how the world works and much so because humans facilitate most of the processes present today. All of this is from my common sense and other people's lives I have seen and heard about.

Disclaimer: It's your choice to believe it or not, it's just an opinion and observation.

Note: I'll add an intro image later.


I learned a lot from being a Guild Leader of top guilds in MMOs when I was a kid (managing a wide range of different people), life skill stories from great teachers, and hearing other people's stories. I was always quiet and did not overwork myself, because, in the end, it's not about what I do or know, it's about how I handle and react to the situation that matters. An example: people do not notice/remember how hard you worked, but they greatly remember the time you helped in a crisis during a business deal (or project deadline, etc.). Many successful people tell you this every day, but what they don't tell you, is that being successful, you basically have to be a leach (you get success from other people's success, which is mainly money). Being successful isn't a mindset either, there are plenty of people in this world that hustle and do not become rich, you just do not hear or see them because they either died or lost motivation to even care anymore.

I'm not intelligent, but I have enough common sense to know what I should do and how to get there, but the real question is: who will support my endeavors? Who will support your endeavors? Reality is sad due to our current process of living, but that can easily change. Humans just like to obfuscate everything because some people either have cold blood or just don't care about anyone else: narcissistic, deceptive people, which have power and money just make the whole world even worse.

I think deeply all the time, and always wonder to myself why it's this way... Why do we treat others like this? or why does the educational system not teach us about bills or living healthy? It's because of the money. I just think to myself that the world can be a better place, and I can't believe humans are not tired of this bullshit system they keep enforcing. Like, I consider myself non-human sometimes because most of the time I just find it weird that we live the cycle, but do nothing to change it.

Why is This a Singularity Factor:

Although each section of problems, noted as quests, can be addressed in deeper analysis, I want to raise awareness first and then later go into them in detail. Also it helps you understand how it connects and helps me remember what I was going to write about.

The Premise of Problems:

People love to talk about how they can make a difference, but I would like to try by making a system using various technologies and that's what I'm doing. Literally, money is only continued to be used because rich people make it that way. But rich people also have to think about keeping their people paid and so. Nah, money was only made because, in the past, you had limited time and if you could pay someone, such as an "I owe you", then you could have some value. THAT IS WHAT MONEY IS. You give them your life and time, they essentially give you a piece of paper that has a value for an "I owe you [back]". Like think about, but now we can have automation, so life SHOULD get better, not worse, but every government from modern countries still have not evolved, but eventually, THEY WILL because life only moves forward.

There is no world, where humans will go back to using the old systems, trust me. If people had to choose between wearing loincloths every day instead of modern clothes, most of you wouldn't. And that's just the nature of how the world works.

TL;DR, quick solution? Band together and make a new government, or a new constitution or whatever. What makes a country or a state? It's people, like seriously, we have the internet for forming huge networks, so many social networks have over millions of users: guess what? Let's say those millions of users get along with each other and want a better wage system, want a better government, they can do it. Yet, there will always be people that want to prevent that. Naturally, the people in power within a certain system want to do whatever they can to maintain that system, because they already beat it. But what about a system that makes it impossible for just certain people to beat? What about a system that makes it easier for people to actually live and enjoy life?

Back in the beginning days of life. People only lived to enjoy life, but now we are doing the opposite, and I bet you most people regret being born in this time period (of course you have outliers, okay?).

So then you get a double-edged sword, then the most common resolution in history: war. If people can study the economic cycle, then obviously there is an ecosystem cycle or life cycle or some sort of cycle that will ultimately push for the next era and evolution of the world. However, this is aside from the topic of this article so I can revisit that later!

Quest One - Jobs and Automation

Everyone at the publishing of this article knows this one already. Nothing needs to be explained and you cannot really do much to prevent it. It's sad to think about, but if you cannot (same goes with me) know someone that can help you internally in a company, you are basically screwed. Look at all the FANG companies, MOST of the intelligent people do not work there, most of them CAN, and some find other ways to make money and live a better life.

Automation for some reason is just ramping up faster now since, if one company does it, then ALL companies HAVE to do it now because that company will just gain an advantage over the other company and in SWOT analysis (the business thing or you can learn that from six sigma belt class), you have to identify areas of the company you can improve. 100% all those managers or so know automation is the way, and it is because it saves money, and it secretly hurts the economy. Thus, if the economy gets hurt, so do the people that rely on the economy.

Once we live in a world where few jobs NEED to exist (the purpose of a job is because it is something that HAS to be done), then everyone will be poor! Once everyone is poor there will be no need for money or an economic system :) Trust me. Even white-collar, office jobs are being automated (which is actually the easiest one to automate).

Yes, you will suffer today and tomorrow, but in the next coming decades, you will see changes for the better. This is why productivity is rising, and wages are stagnant because possibly someone else knows the future, but I'm sharing it now.

This cannot be solved since it's the future. It will solve itself actually.

Quest Two - Social Stigma and Offspring

Another problem that doesn't need to exist is the social stigma of people in general. This adversely will affect people mentally and socially: because then many people will have social anxiety which will lead to less offspring. Due to the decrease in self-esteem people will not have the courage or will to engage in romantic relationships because of social stigma.

I don't really need to explain it in more detail, as this has been a known problem and you can find more information on it easily. However, it is difficult to solve because the problem isn't just a single person: it's society as a whole.

This will be solved with a new system or reforming the old one.

Quest Three - Human Characteristics

The biggest human characteristic of adults that prevent any positive change from happening is cold-heartedness, jealousy, grudges, and hopelessness. Yes, being lazy is not a hindrance to society: it just means there is nothing of importance at the moment that you want to do or that no ones require you to do, which is a neutral characteristic.

You can see this at many companies and some notable places (I won't mention those companies, but yea they exist). Please don't hurt my website big rich companies :(...

I used to be jealous of others all the time, but then I asked myself why? And then I just lost motivation for being jealous all the time because it makes no sense. I could do things I like and enjoy life more without thinking of what other people are doing better than I am. It doesn't mean I ignore them though because that would mean I'm cold-hearted. I can acknowledge that I aspire to do what they do and encourage them, and help myself by respecting them and myself. 

Obviously, those characteristics are just a few, and in fact, you should not practice those at jobs where management treats you like shit. I do not believe people should work for others that do not value them, because that means that the company won't last for the next couple of years :). Currently, the average life span of a company is roughly 15 years: and that number will shrink because of those commonly seen characteristics in the workplace.

Just because I can, I will mention that you should watch out for sweet talkers, the deceiving, and the people who side with everyone (the pleasers). If you are that person or know someone like that at work, big oof, and that's a red flag or a death flag you should consider staying away from. Those are other human characteristics that prevent positive change in the world for a better future.

This will be solved by the inherent nature of humans' tendency of kindness and forgiveness (high EQ is favored).

Quest Four - Natural Resources and Food

This one is common sense. If you have played any game like Farmville, you will know that you can run out of resources and then things die. I don't think I need to explain this in-depth.

This can easily be solved by automation of food and exploration for more natural resources outside of Earth.

Quest Five - Life Beyond Earth

Yes, there will be a point in the future where humans will actually live in other places besides Earth. It won't happen soon, but eventually... 

I believe I don't have to explain this in detail because you already have seen this topic so many times in movies, books, games, etc.

This will be solved by space travel and technology.

Pretty Much it:

Those were pretty much all the topic left of what I was going to write about for my series on Singularity and the Singularity Factors. There are a few more topics I wanted to share, research, and learn about, but I will save those few for future articles so I have something to do.

I hope that whoever reads these articles for Singularity can share this knowledge with everyone (it doesn't matter where the knowledge comes from, it only matters that people find value to retain and pass it on to others).

Thank You:

Thank you for reading this article, and please have a fantastic day!

Also, what do you think is a huge problem that doesn't need to exist (comment below)?


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