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This effect is starting to ooze into reality and it's just about time before we all get caught into it because it's becoming the norm now!

Disclaimer: This is an observation and I will include my own experience and link some other web pages for context.


Sorry about no front image. I have no idea what kind of photo to put together that would fit this article.

Quick Reason on Nature:

For myself, I always find it better to live life without putting more effect than needed to. You can see many people that have worked hard and still end up mistreated or shattered by the hands of other people because of jealousy. Jealousy is a topic that is part of my up and coming human mastery class, or humanology, which some guy already wrote a book!

I love it when I can just image things, and it unfolds before my eyes in sometimes a couple of years or even a month (it probably happens to you too). Very scary: but still no sign of flying cars or good companies (seriously though, it has been about 200,000 years and we still backstab the living hell out of each other).

The trait of jealousy is also related to this theory, so it wasn't just a quick tangent at all.

How The Start Goes:

There are over 7 billion people in this world, but the population will start declining in the coming years, because of this effect. Essentially it's a natural selection in action. Sadly, only the best of the best will survive. The poor become middle class, and the rich become rich, and soon the rich will be poor compared to the rich: a never-ending cycle. 

But wait... There is actually a way to break that cycle, but honestly, humans at their current state cannot handle it.

That's why we will start with this theory (it's past midnight, but I can't sleep because my brain is thinking too much atm).

Before you read on, which you probably will not because we already know you are lazy...


Actually, I couldn't find many articles to support my thinking, but it's quite obvious and I'll quickly put the puzzle together for you.

The Beginning and End of Normal People:

Yes, this sub-topic is a bit eerie and uncomfortable to think about, but it's true and it's happening right now. Later on, I can offer a solution to this theory and phenomenon that will strike much fiercer next year (but I know other people will do it for me).

Just about a decade ago, many well-known people, and perhaps some important people weren't so keen on technology and whatnot, but now you see a lot of companies, celebrities, and whatnot on so many social networks that generate revenue and those same people that were rich before, still maintain the following to stay rich and live a great life.

What does that mean? That means, we start to also see a competitive race of many types of online content creators. This is a problem I have ALWAYS thought about when I first tried YouTube back in 2007 (with some friends). I never became popular, because I just want a peaceful life.

However, my peaceful life is getting disrupted by human nature and their actions. Every single person seems to give a damn about what people are doing, where they are in life, and always comparing them to other people. It's getting out-of-hand, so I cannot ignore it anymore. Literally, check this out...

Want a professional job? Make a LinkedIn (ugh), a Monster, an Indeed...

Want to find a date? Join and make a profile on dating apps q.q

Want food or stuff? Buy it online and give your information away

Want friends? don't make a Facebook

The list goes on and on...

So how does it actually affect normal people? Because if you do not participate in this phenomenon, which I'm calling the Cascading Popularity Effect, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE. PERIOD!

Nowadays, people say you need intelligence (you do, in some cases), but really it's about who you know that matters, which will soon become the norm. Every single person has some sort of online presence. I mean I do too, but now it's starting to become part of the actual person even though, most of the time the person you see online could be 100% fake.

So, how does this relate to celebrities and such? Because now, it's all about being part of the group instead of being your own self. Just a few years ago, people we talking about self-care and loving yourself, but that's not what the real problem is. These people need attention or some time to think about what life actually is. Thus you get this illusion that people know what you are feeling and it actually eats into your soul instead of helping your soul. The correct way to gain self-confidence again is to do exercise/or some physical activity (based on scientific research as well). Now we get waves of people also relating, which cascades (because it's relatable) into more of this effect.

Before I go further, the most popular example I can give you is just to browse and look at Tiktok and Instagram for an hour and you will know what I mean. The intended purpose for these social networks used to be for friends and such, but the original purpose had been discarded like a decade ago. Now, because of how everyone is competing in the space of popularity, you start to also see the competition as clear as day. If you are popular in a certain area, you can easily cascade your popularity to other spaces and dominate everything.

Which, normal people will suffer. Because only popular people or people that know people will naturally select those who are popular (for work, relationships, blah blah, etc). Literally, you can tell.

NOT MANY NORMAL PEOPLE GET MARRIED NOWADAYS. oof. Please don't let money decide your love life. Love is a commitment not a feeling and money isn't a requirement to love. Money is a tool, don't let money turn you into a fool (pretty sure 98% of people are driven by money). Take notes. Those people that are rich have a complicated life (which will be for another article later).

Dominating Popularity:

Moving in further, mostly many people who are highly skilled at one thing are starting to follow suit, naturally. Good examples are Twitch streams. They all have a YouTube and everything to generate revenue (ads, sponsorships, subs, etc.), but that money is also lost and becomes unobtainable to normal people looking for a job or trying to survive. Why? Because these companies also execute highly intellectual schemes of manipulating power to make more money.

Plus, once you start seeing people like (I won't mention names) on YouTube, that used to be a movie star, you know you are F@%!~d. That also means that the industry they were once working in, is starting to fall apart and is most likely a career you may want to avoid. But then you might say, wait... What about platforms like Patreon? Yea, that's true, but if everyone starts going there, the cascading popularity effect is also against you there: because even if you do work hard, but are not popular on any other platform, entertaining, or highly skilled, you will not make it.

Thus, now this makes everyone uninterested in you, because they may think, oh this person doesn't participate in this popularity stuff or whatnot. You will get the silent shoulder, and everyone secretly does not want to know you. Or you are simply a waste of their time because they cannot gain anything from being with you.


That's the vibe you may get most of the time, but there are still some good people trying to share their success with other people. But, I don't like that because it will just repeat again, and it's boring to see.

The Theory:

What the Cascading Popularity Effect means, is that if you are not popular in some way, meaning you are just a normal person, you will not survive and the upcoming years will be tough because you will have to participate in getting that min-max life.

What's min-max?

This applies to real life as well. It's not a joke. So yes, this is why many people say "Take it easy!". Because it gives them an advantage over you (secretly). However, some people mean it with heart and I appreciate it, but I would like to live another day...

To bring it home, if you want to be around in the next years, you better start making the content as a kid, getting perfect SAT scores, finishing college in less than 4 years, and just accelerate your work ethic. Then once you can have most of those, people will naturally go to you because they see your success and want that too, which will soon make you popular, and you can then maximize your popularity and actually live such a good life (possibly doing what you love, which is the new ultimate dream).


Popularity does not last forever?

That is true, but it actually does now because of social networking.


Poor and normal people just need to work hard?

They would have to work harder since age does have a popularity factor (0 months olds to 23 years old have a much higher chance than say getting started at 50 -- you can try though).


This doesn't make sense still?

Cascading Popularity Effect is the phenomenon where the competition is of becoming noticed on social networks in any way possible and then slowly dominate other platforms and secure income away from normal people who do not want to compete (better get that self-confidence up).


Some Celebs Don't Make it?

Yes, because they didn't capitalize on their popularity wisely or other people started to backstab them out of the competition of popularity (or they quit).


What is your solution?

We should redistribute money into the raw form of using it to reward people for participating and NOT abstaining it to be obtained (sorry about my vocabulary, wasn't sure how to phrase that). Basically, if people want to do certain work, they can and be rewarded for it! No more hiring processes or requirements. If you got the skill, learn the skill or whatnot (or get paid to learn), and want to do that work, you can and will be rewarded money regardless if you are not popular or whatever: no more decisions, no more rejections, and such. If they cannot do the work, then people will train them and everyone gets correctly rewarded for their effort.

School as a business? NO. School as a benefactor is better: they help society in general. This can be applied to anything.


So many loopholes in this theory?

Yes, because it's just a tip on the iceberg still. We will explore more and hopefully find every problem and a solution.

Final Thoughts:

This may seem like a rant, but it's not. It's my observation, and you can observe it yourself. Although, we can stop this phenomenon, the ONLY PEOPLE THAT CAN DO THAT ARE RICH POLITICIANS or the company themselves (most likely motivated by jealousy) or the responsibility to care for their workers and forget about everyone else. But then that means all the poor and normal people that DID WORK HARD will go back to suffering or those with no connection will continue to suffer. However, if you are popular (have connections and everything), you will remain at the top (and make good money)!


Thank You:

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day! :^]

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