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As you age you should know that maturing is what comes natural, but in some cases it seems to have a negative affect on people. Some people even forget the traits of being mature and thus they taint society in a negative way.

Disclaimer: This is just a theory and not a proven fact backed-up with credible data.

General Idea:

The general idea is that when we were kids, the general consensus of what we were being taught was to be kind, caring, hard-working, and mindful. However, that is obviously untrue in different parts of the world, where people will suffer from numerous factors, such as environmental location, other people, bad parenting, or were raised away from a proper education to learn anything useful to apply to themselves. This then generates a sense of thinking that they were made that way and can't seem to better themselves, as to people they see as better-off than them.

Times are changing and education should be becoming easier to attain. Even in third world countries where education isn't considered an important area of funding should remain a top priority. In which this could stem people to be more intelligent, thoughtful, and understanding of certain things. Wouldn't you like to know why things happen to be? As you age, you should be becoming more mature in all areas of yourself; physically, mentally, spiritually, and most importantly emotionally.

I will term the outcome for becoming an actual mature being, an "absolute maturity".

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The Starting Age:

At this age, the correlation between being a newborn and maturity in all areas is under development. Of course, the closest influences you will have with people may vary, but there will be a time in age where you can and you will change what you believe in. It's only at the later time of your life where these areas will suffer based on underlying illness such as Alzheimer and such.

Going to school, it should be mandatory for students to learn about life skills, proper manners, how to handle problems, and how to deal with them. Simply discouraging students and sending fear to them about life is harsh. However, the institutions today use that as an advantage. Sugar-coating students as some do not make it pass a certain level of maturity through their age. Many of whom get stuck at what I call "no-growth zone". This area is where many people get stuck or simply just do not care for improving themselves. This phenomenon is highly unlikely to happen at this stage, but if it does happen it may lead to the individual stunning their own growth later in life. In which will result in a career or job that is considered unskilled. That phenomenon can be mitigated though with proper guidance and care.

In everyday occurrence, when a kid starts to question the action of an adult, the adults tend to save it for later. This sometimes turns out that the kid is already developing a sense of maturity by understanding why certain things happen. Somethings though, due to rules and regulations prevent kids from knowing more simply because we as a society restrain those "grown-up" views from them. In some cases, it's for the better, but once they find out later on, it could impact the individual much more than if we told them. Look at it at this way, if a kid was told that people are always nice and that police help people, but then as they grow up witness that a police did a crime, even though they were taught police are good people, that will seriously cause distress in their belief as a child and that person will grow to be more bitter and cautious against other people. Here, the natural way of maturing is also affected based on learning that what they were taught is a lie. Many people experience this. Very few will have learned at a young age, but that is another case for prodigies. Usually prodigies would lack more significantly in the areas of mentally and emotionally because they are too busy fine-tuning their most praised skill. Prodigies will need more proper guidance to become a "good person". 

The correlation between age and maturity should start to strengthen here. If the individual is becoming understanding towards other this is a good sign that the person will also begin to find what they may want to do in life. Bullies may target them, as it is common due to these individuals looking vulnerable or acting vulnerable by nature.

Young Adult:

A young adult is generally classified as the age of 17, however I would classify it when an individual already knows the value of why rules exist in this world. This is a sign of blooming maturity in the person. Many people here at this stage tend to face the small harshness of reality or may simply fly over it due to some special circumstances. If the individual is dealing with other forms of illness like depression, it may be hard for them to realize potential as they will be stuck. Only those that can overcome that mindset will be able to continue growing towards maturity or be stuck and live life "miserably". That situation in life may be hard to overcome, but if they can naturally learn to ignore certain issues and seek to become better, without the use of drugs, it is possible to continue on.

The transition of maturity at this stage is a make or break situation because if the person faces a hardship where good morals are broken by other members of society they too will become broken. This is apparent because even though we as a society adhere to the rules, many powerful people break those rules and are never caught due to either money or influence on others. The saying rules are meant to broken is often loosely thrown, but it truly means a good intention, not a bad one. After high school education, many individuals honestly get lost, most of whom just want a better life, in which everything of the areas mentioned above will become lost, because focus is all towards money. This in return will stagnant their maturity until a certain age or they will realize it through a life-changing event.

The sort of change in their life would have to be drastic. Life will hit hard and will realize that life is unfair. The correct way to handle unfairness is to work hard and humbly. Often people who are rich aren't rich because they were born rich, but most cases if they are from a working middle class or lower is because they want a better future. The only goal for a better future is of course money. I strongly believe this is because the way of society is taught and how we grow our people to become. I mean if you go to every college or school, most people do it for the money, which could link to maturity in a negative way. If people start doing whatever it takes for money, then the young adults will follow in that path as well because it is only natural. If we want a fair system, you must create a fair system and teach it, live by it, and enforce it. But in this world it's always not the case and that understanding is part of being mature, which should come to you later in adulthood.

Adulthood Life:

An adult is someone who is mature, but really an adult is just someone classified by their age... There is a chance that a younger person can be more adult than say an actual adult by age, but that's another issue. Here is where some people will falter away from maturity and may forget about the values they were taught as a kid due to the fact and nature that life is unfair. Some people also start to lose hope, and some may look into doing drugs which is really not needed. All they really need is someone to be a good friend to them. Some adults even tend to disregard others as well because of the nature of wasting time, but in reality, all you do is waste time until death, which is clearly why happiness is in truth subjective. Maturity at this stage is much harder to stick to because of all the scams, shams, and lies still present to this day. Individuals will accept it as a natural thing to do, and the cycle repeats over and over. It only stops when the person realizes their own belief of life and clearly understand the balance of life. Adults though, will be harder to change due to many belief and life skills set to stone from when they were a kid.

The relation here with age and maturity is that as an adult it's more difficult to change. Having to adapt and grow again is simply not in their interest. When they think about living and surviving they ignore the areas for maturity. This is why most adults are disrespectful, unmindful, uncaring, deceiving, and arrogant. Only when they are faced at a huge road-block is when they will start to self-reflect on their behavior and attain maturity the proper way. In return, this usually is the end result of a huge event, such as a killing, a death, or doing something to the extreme. No person would just randomly self-reflect one day, without a cause. When was the last time you as a human being reflected on your actions and how you act today? Do you consider yourself mature still or have you strayed away from it? This is why some people says ethics is important but really it's maturity. 

The rate of maturity here is tied with ethics, but most of the time, your life will just be too busy and you will forget about the areas of proper maturity... Until you become an elder. Few people achieve absolute maturity at this stage.

Elder of Life:

Typically, once you are pretty much done with life, you try to understand it and then accept all that has been done. Usually people will also stop their career and only focus on the beauty of life and start to enjoy it, and that's when they start to grown in maturity again until they pass away. That will happen only if they do not contract diseases and illness. Sadly, at this point of time, they may never achieve that feeling of understanding and contentedness. 

Most or some people will achieve absolute maturity at this stage and will even share their past experiences and knowledge to try and help others. Many people at this age will also contribute to society in a positive way, but if they are tied down to immoral beliefs or have not achieved absolute maturity, can mess up society, again. They will have learned that at certain points in time, their is always a different answer. The saying, use the right tool for the job is very important because even if you hate using that certain tool, it may be the right one we need to solve this problem.

Absolute maturity isn't about aging to a high number, but it's about the key areas mentioned above and gaining knowledge to understand how life is functioning. Ultimately, you have a higher chance to realize this once you are nearing death and that's probably the most common occurrence to this day.

The Misfits:

These people are either raised terribly wrong or have a certain incompatibility to mature at all despite the abundance of help. Although it may not be harmful to society, these individuals are most often the ones that have reached a prime age or elderly age and still not understand what maturity is. Most of the time this is seen in unskilled workers or extremely lazy people.

Correlation of Age and Maturity:

Everyone has their own rate of maturity, but by studying the growth of humans and knowing what type of events seems to increase, decrease, or stop maturity growth is important in having a good society of people. Even if bad people do appear, we can handle and contain the situation in a mature manner. Violence is never the answer, that's why we have the ability to reason and compromise. Age should never be used as a backing point or evidence in any argument as age is simply a number stating how long you lived biologically.

If we want people to become mature at an early age, those values must be taught at an early age, and although it may be a lot to deal with. It would be way easier to deal with when you are an adult with many problems and you just learning about it at the stage of life. As a kid, learning and growing to maturity is the best way so that they want get shocked later on in life because they will know. Then when the kid starts to become an adult, they will only have to worry about what career they want or what makes them happy in general.

Absolute maturity is when an individual has grown physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to the extent where they have the characteristics of an ideal renaissance man. Even if they age and do get diseases and illness they will not be a danger to society at all (which is saddening because they are dying soon). People who are not striving for absolute maturity are not growing at all as a person.

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