In today's world, portability is a key characteristic of having a successful product. This is where the Lepow comes in and shines, allowing anyone to have a screen ready anytime, anywhere. Come and read a brief review of this amazing monitor.

Disclaimer: This is a review based on personal experience and is an opinion. There are affiliate links.

The Product:

I was looking around for a nice portable monitor, that's got good quality and doesn't break the bank, and found this beauty online.




To make this article brief, some of the key features I really liked about this monitor is that it comes with a magnetic cover stand, cables for usb type-c and hdmi, and a power adapter, AND a screen protector! Literally everything all in one convenient package. Not all companies do that kind of thing these days, but I'm glad Lepow is.

Here are more product details, directly from the site:

A Video Review:

I made a quick video review on it. I hope you like it or find it funny in some way.


Pros and Cons:

Pros? I believe you wouldn't be interested in this product if there weren't any, but this product shines in what it is meant to do.

The only cons are most likely the support for mobile devices (awkward screen rotations, but not that bad really) and no faster refresh rate (120Hz+) and better viewing angles (but still decent for the price).

Other Alternatives:

Although I still think this is the best bang for your buck, at the moment of you know September 2019, here are some cheaper and better alternatives below that I would also suggest.








A Good Buy:

In my personal experience using the product, I could easily hook it up to practically any device that had HDMI or a type-c connection. I couldn't find a reason to hate it, other than it has to be powered by another device or a wall outlet or some power device.

I want to put a quote directly from TechRepublic, which is a site that reviews tech better than I do!

Now that I've used the Lepow with certain devices, I cannot imagine not having it. If you've been longing to attach an external monitor to your mobile devices, you cannot go wrong with the Lepow (so long as your device is supported). Drop the cash for this device, so your on-the-go business experience (or your at-home laptop usage) is significantly more efficient and better displayed.

I couldn't agree more with them, because this literally adds more productivity and portability to your workflow, and it isn't a hindrance at all.

Thank You:

I hope this article didn't take too much of your time, as I wanted to be quick and concise on the product itself so you can decide to buy it or not -- quickly.

As always, have a fantastic day, and I will see you soon.


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