Hello fellow internet fellow. Seeking a brand new keyboard for the new year, but tired of flashy or overrated looks? Or just want something simple and elegant? I know that feeling, and that's a feeling to cherish. Check out the Logitech G413 Silver Mechanical Keyboard.

Disclaimer: You can only write so much about a keyboard; Also these are my opinions

Info on the Logitech G413 Silver Mechanical Keyboard:

On Logitech's website you can find the product here:

Logitech G413

I cannot really find this item on Amazon, so you may have to go to your local PC shop or Best Buy to find this keyboard. I got it for around $80 USD ($10 off original price on Logitech).



Some of the notable highlights of this keyboard are the strong build quality of utilizing silver-brushed aluminum alloy, USB passthrough, Romer-G Tactile switches claiming over 70 million key presses, the simple design, and the feel and travel of the keyboard's layout.

Logitech also has higher-end keyboards such as the G512 and G610 that come with more RGB options and additional keys for media and macros, but that's not really why you would want to buy more clutter into your life. The G413 Silver is more than enough to fit our needs in everyday use of gaming, developing, and keeping true to that minimalistic feel and charm of elegance.

Video Review:

Below is a short video where I unbox the keyboard, showcase the keyboard, check the quality, and do the N-Key Rollover Test. In the video, I only tested one combination of keys for the ghosting test. However, I tried the entire keyboard with the normal alpha-numeric keys and the ghosting of missing key presses didn't happen to my keyboard.


The Good and Bad:

Let's start off with the bad things first, since they are very few. 

One issue I have with the keyboard is that it's missing an LED indicator for toggling the NUMLOCK key. You won't know if NUMLOCK for the number pad on the right is activated or not. I cannot believe Logitech didn't factor a simple LED into their design... Maybe they ran out of pin ports on the chip or something? Another issue is that I wish the extended passthrough USB was on the left side of the keyboard because I like to keep the right side clear of wires for mouse space (just a minor preference though). Another issue with the keyboard is that since I did note in the video that the keycaps are easily removable and vice-versa, please note:

The keycaps may easily wear out if you press on the keys hard. If you have gorilla hands or love to mash the keys instead of gently push down on them, you should not get this keyboard at all. The wear and tear of the keycaps could easily become shortened if you have a harsh typing style. I would suggest another keyboard that is built strong with keycaps that click in place mechanically. With the bad out of the way, we can move on to the good about the keyboard.

The good thing about this keyboard is that it's minimalistic in design but strong in build quality. It has very standard modern features of what you expect from a mechanical keyboard, and that's all. The good things of the keyboard or more just a personal preference in elegance, feel, and simplicity, but if you are looking for those characteristics in a keyboard, this suits you.

Other Alternatives:

You may be wondering that paying over $80 for a mechanical keyboard is outlandishly expensive, especially in 2019, and quite frankly I agree. Mechanical keyboards have been around since the late 80's and have become more prominent around 2008, so really it should be almost considered a standard for the category the keys are meant for.

Anyways here are a few alternatives you may want to look into, that I find were reliable in use, popular with many people, and are engineered well.


SteelSeries Apex M400



Rosewill RK-9300BR



Corsair Vengeance K70



Now a tough and durable keyboard:



Those are the suggest keyboards personally selected. I would also recommend the Black Widow by Razer, this one. However, I just do not like Razer's logo, it's not my cup of tea at all.

Do I Suggest It:

I do not suggest this keyboard to anyone who actually needs it for just exclusively gaming or heavy (very heavy) button mashing or typing. The keyboard is simply appealing because of the way it looks and how it achieves the bare minimum. To others looking for a keyboard that is about minimalism, this may be it.

Thank You:

Let's start this new year as great as all the other years. Thanks for checking out this review. As always I enjoy writing articles that interest me, and if you enjoy it as well, please feel free to bookmark this website. Have a fantastic day!

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