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Temtem is an upcoming- nah, that phrase is overly used. Temtem could strike your tastebuds like last nights wild Italian spaghetti with a take on 3D monster collecting goodness.

Disclaimer: You do not want to miss out on catching these opinions.

What I Thought It Was:

Judging from the name alone, Temtem, I thought it was some kind of board game. Instead, I was presented with an experience of their own vision of monster collecting. Further inspection, from the looks of the team behind Temtem, this isn't the first game they have developed. However, it may be the first impressive game they are making. So I thought what would make this game special? The general mechanics of the game are pretty simple, but they could be on to something than just an experimental title in the making. This monster collecting game is doing what certain other companies struggled to do, and that is to incorporate a 3D world with an online ecosystem embedded alongside the main story of the game. That feature is the new META this development team is striving for. It could kind of be a fan-game for a certain series, but I digress they clearly start that it won't be TERA scale or of the likes. Still, I believe this game has some of the nicest designs for monsters, they kind of have a cute aesthetics.

The Project Itself:

Before I teardown this game and the Kickstarter, here is their Kickstarter campaign if you want to check it out. The campaign is impressive and has lots of actual development work and isn't all fluff.



As you can see above, the amount of money needed is a modest amount. They have many tiers that I find should be in the core game, but I'm guessing it's fair to get paid to add those features as it isn't the primary feature they would want to be working on. Perhaps, after this game, they will dive into more multi-player aspects for the next project.

The game is being developed by CremaGames. The website definitely needs some work, they do not even have a favicon. Besides the design of the site, they also have a blog where you can see their work. It's quite impressive as they show how they solve problems they face, which is a good indication they must be hard working and trusting at the least. As you look deeper into the blog, I believe the primary game engine the develop with is Unity, which is a great platform. However, most seasoned developers probably do not like Unity compared to other alternatives like Unreal Engine, because C++ has more advantages in terms of more control and low-level programming for hardware management. Ahh, anyway let's go over the game itself.

Floating Islands?:

I remember when I was lazy to do any more prop and background work I just made the entire stage floating clouds with a parallax sky (or in this case an infinite POV skybox). It's not like a dig the setting of the game, but that means it's going to be more like just small towns, small fields, and lots of narrow bridges and paths, kind of like the Final Fantasy game everyone referred to as hallway simulator. Since we are on similarities, I want to bring up some other series where I feel some inspiration might have come from.



I remember watching an anime or cartoon, but... Wait, it was called LegendZ. I haven't finished reading or watching the series, but this game has almost a similar way of monster collecting. In Temtem, it looks like the monsters are stored in cards and are mostly for competitive aspects. In LegendZ, they are stored in a cube or card or something similar and they evolve as well just like Temtem. However, Temtem is much more focused on the evolution part. Unlike other series we all know, friendship changes the world, but in Temtem you collect materials to evolve your babies (I think). I couldn't find that information, but I feel like that's what I read somewhere last time. 

Now going over the features advertised for Temtem, it's pretty similar to Pokemon (I was bound to mention it). However, it does have it's own redeeming qualities as mentioned previously. Unlike Pokemon, you can customize your character, have a house, and ban Temtem before a big battle (which kind of has that League of Legends mechanics).  

When you try to list out what the game has to offer, in terms of what you can do. The list is pretty small. You can probably list them all with your two hands. However, I like a development studio or team that focuses on the core and what they can deliver within reasonable deadlines, unlike some other games (you may know it senpai). If the game is going to be launched in 2020 or so at like $20 USD, you may expect to complete the main story in probably less than 15 hours. Then you could see additional end-content with battling and socializing or creating memes (like in VRChat).

Is The Game Worth It:

When I think about the game, target audience, replayability, developers, and whatnot, I am still on the fence. I remember the series like Monster Rancher, Magic Pengel, and I guess Digimon all have some similarities seen in this game, except for the multiplayer aspect of course. One reason those are not multiplayer is that there really is no need to have one if multiplayer only adds for battling, in which you could just do using a separate server, for instance, battling by request instead of finding players on the map. In the end, the developers might add a feature that you can interact with that will match you with players that set their battle status to like active.

The graphics and the modern look alone is great, and I love how the game is friendly for newcomers. Which leads me to my next point. The game could really be the next Pokemon if they find a much more creative way to incorporate multiplayer, with story events that require a partner to progress through certain points, or you could just get an NPC for default, then that would make the experience more fun.

I would say the game is kind of worth it, but it's too early to tell since there aren't any actual game-play videos of the game running live and performance issues (no GIFs or footage).


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