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An honest review for Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens that is perfect for street and somewhat landscape photography. Is it worth buying or should you save your money for better lenses?

Disclaimer: This review is my opinion and there are affiliate links.

Today I wanted to review these lenses I bought, because I felt pretty bad that I paid $450 for them and then literally about 2 weeks later it went down in price! :sadface: Anyways, I would like to show you why I bought these lenses and how it compares to my other lenses.
If you want to check out some examples of photos using the 35mm prime fixed lens I am reviewing, I used it a lot at a convention. Click here to view the gallery of photos.

FYI (for your information), you can click on the photos and it will show the settings on the right or below the photo. You can find the 35mm that way, and know that is the lens in review. Moreso, this review will be kind of short because it's only lenses after all.

Product Details:

As per listed on Amazon, B&H, and Sony websites!


Check it out on Amazon:


If you can get it at your local store and price match it even lower, then that would be a good deal. Currently, if you can get it used in a range (in 2019) from $300 to $350, that's a good deal!

During my time of use, the lenses are super easy to use and product good quality for a fixed prime lens of 35mm. A while ago, when I reviewed the Good Buy - Meike MK-E-35-1.7 35mm F1.7

I was found of the image quality, but having to use it in a face-paced environment was not ideal because it was a manual focus. You can guess how difficult it would be to constantly adjust the aperature/focus all the time. That was why I kind of needed something such as the Sony SEL35F18 35mm.

Video Review:
I made a video review about the lenses, but it's not really a review since I talked a lot about other things. However, it does have comparisons between multiple lenses and you can see for yourself or below in the photos. Maybe, you can also see what I'm looking forward to this week!

Below is a way better review than my video. Very nice, and I moreso agree with the review in the below video.

The Good and Bad:
To hopefully save you from making an impulse buy like I did, I'll go over the bad points.
I also read this fantastic review -> Matthew Durr. He/She has some good points and I will list some of the bad points.

The Pros of these lenses are as follows:


Here are some comparison photos seen in the video I made:
Isn't Penguin so adorable?
Zweiss 85mm:

Sony 18mm - 50mm:

Sony SEL 18mm:

Sony 35mm:

Is It A Good Buy:

Yes, if you do not have any decent all-around lenses for shooting on the go, but still want a wide yet bokeh looking photo; try to pick these up. Otherwise you can look at the alternatives for all kinds of cameras below! Maybe you can find the same variant of lenses for your specific model or brand. Remember, you can buy it right here:


Other Alternatives:
I won't go over in depth, here are some lenses I would buy, if I wasn't broke. Or you can save money for them!

I selected the above lenses because I went for a focus on bokeh and sharp looking images.

Thank You:

That's it for this review. Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day; remember work smart not hard (sorry about the quality of this article, I need to go sleep).

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