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An upcoming casual life simulation RPG game that is inspired by many popular titles including "Animal Crossing, Dark Cloud 2, Harvest Moon, and the works of Miyazaki."

A Look At The Project:

My Time at Portia is an RPG that brings together popular titles such as Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing together into one grand game. I was kind of skeptical at first because no game has ever combined all the elements of each of those titles. Like Stardew Valley is awesome, but I honestly hate the graphics, user interface, and design. However, the game-play is amazing and I understand it was made by one person, but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion so calm down. Also this article isn't going to sugar-coat and praise the game, but this is written in a way as a consultmant towards the team and game.

The team for the project seems solid. They work at Pathea Games (the website seriously needs a make-over lol), who have created Planet Explorers, an okay game to say the least from just looking at the reviews.

The project details from their KickStarter are extremely ambitious as well! Also with that many features I highly doubt the money they are asking for is sufficient... I mean the game could easily cost more to make if they do plan to actually release all those features. Take a look at the project details and tell me that doesn't cost a lot of time to pay developers, resources, music, and voice acting.



Also if the game "is about 40% completed", I'm kind of disappointed because that means there won't be much features different from the Alpha version until release. The only new thing will just be more content, which is different from game-play addition, features, and sub-systems.

I tried the game out, of course. I will talk about my play experience in the next section.

My Alpha Gaming Experience:

As stated the game is only in Alpha stage.

My Time At Portia Alpha
My Time At Portia Alpha


When I started playing the game (I will provide a few GIFs) there character customization was minimal. I do hope they plan to add more hairstyles and such, but there is really nothing special about it. It would be really cool if we can draw our own farm logo and have it on our shirt or something though. You also cannot even change the height or other features of your character so that kind of sucks. 

My Time at Portia character customization


A few more game-play GIFs below.



The controls for PC and key shortcuts are standard at everything seems to be running smooth. My PC is an i7 6700k and a GTX 960, and I didn't notice any sluggish performance at all. One thing I didn't like was since I played in Windowed mode, sometimes during battles the mouse cursor would go out of the screen. They should lock the mouse cursor and unlock the mouse cursor during the targeting system of the game or manually by a player key shortcut to solve that issue.

More Icy Additions to The Cake:

Since the game is already going well into development stage and is at a presentable state; I want to chime in additional features to make the game more rich. Remember Monster Rancher? It would be a great addition for players to be able to capture monsters and raise them, go adventures with them, use them in the arena, have them farm, fuse them, and give them daunting tasks! That feature is also in Rune Factory: Tides Of Destiny. Tides of Destiny looks almost exactly like My Time at Portia - actually. The reviews for Tides of Destiny are shocking and have low scores, so if My Time at Portia wants to actually do better, they should read what other people have said about Tides of Destiny and make sure their game does not follow the pitfalls of that game. Aside from more monster features, they could still add multiplayer for only exploring dungeons or at least peer-to-peer connection for friends.

Let me explain the multi-player or peer-to-peer dungeon connection. The game can be played offline entirely, but we can enable to online feature for when the player wants to do the dungeons. The items from the dungeon will not affect offline mode and will transfer still. When looking for a party or group, they can either set-up a lobby for peer-to-peer connection and invite their friends via Steam or join a public waiting queue to be with random players. The maximum amount of people can be three to five people depending on the level of difficulty the mission is. This way, people that buy the game will encourage their friends to buy the game too! Games are way more fun with friends. A great title of this feature is similar to White Knight Chronicles. An online system like that, but for just dungeons (and maybe fighting and monsters) would be fun and add more value to the game overall. Aside from online connectivity, another feature is to add micro methods.

Micro methods are for managing your farm and possibly your monsters, people, and such. They should add randomized NPCs that the player can hire for help. This will add a micro management feature so the player feels like they are not only running a farm but a business as well. That experience can greatly improve the addition to DLC as well, because maybe they can create characters that do things way better or offer more abilities for the player to use!

I could think of a few more features the development team can add, but those were a few main ones I would seriously love right now!

Is This Game Worth It?:

I would ask myself this exact question as well... I am definately going to think about backing the project because there isn't much games with this type of genre coming out in 2018 - so yes! If you are a fan of farming, dungeoning, exploring, and building your own life and story, I highly suggest you back and support the game. 

If you do plan to back the game, be sure to name your farm something juicy when the game does come out next year!

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