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Monster Hunter World on PC is the first of the last maybe. Has the world of monster hunting made you a ravenous adventurer seeking fierce action? Look no further as we explore it together.

Disclaimer: These are my observations and analysis, and I could be wrong.

Monster Hunter Series:


If there is any series Capcom still has a gripe within the gaming market, it's Monster Hunter. Why do I say this? Because other popular video game series like Megaman and Street Fighter have definitely reached their lifespan. Maybe we should do data analysis on the lifespan of video game products some time? Truly could be said for anything really. Back to the point, Monster Hunter World was originally for consoles and it was very popular. Since the many trending ports of console games to PC, mainly due to the rise of imports to the famous game platform, Steam by Valve; I guess it was inevitable that Monster Hunter World would naturally be seen for the PC. In about a span of around seven months, Monster Hunter World has arrived at the masses of PC users! I'm obviously one of them. I mean, I think I have enough playtime to justify my observations and analysis.



Do know that I'm already over 100 hours at the time of writing and the game has been out for a little more than a week! I obviously enjoy this hot new game. I have played previous Monster Hunter titles like Freedom (I think on PSP) and tri (or three), but I never finished those games because of the really poor graphics, loading time, and mechanics (I mean I found better games to play). However, this time the Monster Hunter series is coming in strong with this game because of the PC port. I can say, despite the network errors, poor load balancing, upscaled graphics, and unoptimized code (config, settings, and effects in certain scenes), I still think the game is great.

With the game being so great, let me first reveal the specs of my still ongoing strong PC.

My PC Specs:

For just a little brief about my PC (my computer), I want to shed light on some of the many negative reviews of the PC port. Firstly, many of the negative reviews are for performance issues and such, however, my computer is like four years old and I'm able to play at the pre-configured high settings within the game. However, it would be better if you could access the graphics driver on your PC and manually configure the options for the game and use the advanced settings within the game. I did that.

My PC's main specs is an i76700K CPU, GTX960, and 19GB of RAM. Yea, it isn't the best PC anymore, but it's still a decent machine for now. As I mentioned earlier about the other reviews that ridicule the performance issues, they probably just needed to adjust the settings for the game, and it would run just fine. On the other hand, the servers for Monster Hunter World is another story I will mention later on. 

A Quick Review:

I really don't want to waste your time with useless information, so let me cut straight to the point. I'm not going to tell you that Monster Hunter World is an amazing game. I'm just going to share with you, that I have played the game with my friends online and we have shared some fun times together and will continue to play the game together. Now you may be wondering, didn't you disconnect all the time? That may be the case with many reviews as of now, however I'm guessing it has to do with latency issues because of how far you could be and it drops the connection to the server if the ping has a significant range difference. Like if one player has a ping of 20 and the other has a ping of 30, then the range is just a difference of 10. That is my case with my friends because will all live within about 10 miles of each other. Now if you are playing with other people that live far from you, you have an even greater chance of losing connection to the server, because it probably has poor optimization or not a good load balancing algorithm (which we won't go into). 

Basically, if you live far from your friends, playing online together will not be a fun experience since you will be disconnecting a lot. Phew... let's move on to the actual game experience now.

But first, here is my character!



I tried to make my character look like 2B from Nier Automata because why not.

Now I should mention, that the Monster Hunter series doesn't really have any thought-out story or lore at all. It's strictly just going out, hunt, craft, and repeat. Capcom at least did some justice with this game and had a small scale story to make it a little more rewarding going through the fights. I mean, at the very beginning I was completing each hunt on an average time of 30 minutes (solo and with friends); we were pretty bad. Then when we started getting used to the mechanics of the game, which is easy to learn, but hard to master, we started destroying everything (well not like those hardcore players, but good-enough). I definitely felt the progression of the game, and could see the progression, since you can craft new armor, weapons, upgrade a useless house, do harder quests, and whatnot.

Then once my friends and I beat the Monster Hunter weeder, which is the Anjanath, we really felt like the game was amazing. Literally, after beating the fight, the game went from a five to a ten at that point onwards. Fast forward to the end-game content and now we are stuck at Hunter Rank grinding. Yes, grinding in this time and age? I mean it's not as difficult as the old MapleStory, but the grind for a higher hunter rank or max which is (said to be 999) could take maybe 1000 hours (since there is a method to get like 1 - 2 Hunter Rank levels in 1 hour, so I just did simple math). If you are wondering how is it possible, I will revisit it later on.

Back to my experience and observations, I found that the end-game is quite dry, and you really just have to have a burning interest in hunting and grinding monsters. If you do not have that drive to do that, that's okay. It's just a game and you shouldn't have to put your whole life into it. I myself am getting a little bored of the game, but I can say it was worth the price ($60) that I paid for it. 

During the grind of monsters, I did notice a few recolors here and there, but that's okay since the game is pretty large and people want to get the best bang for their product. The dragons all look the same, and most have the same movesets... Which brings me to my next point, the monster attack patterns. Usually, monsters would have a pre-configured pattern that you could memorize and counter for, but not this time. The AI (artificial intelligence) of the monsters is random! Which is kind of cancerous (I mean it's frustratingly random), but still doable to manage if you can react fast. One key thing, about each move though, is the monster has a pre-animation to let you know that the dangerous move is coming. These pre-animations are things like, the monster has fire coming out it's mouth, or it roars louder, or stands up, etc. However, most of the basic attacks are just random, such as random charging, flying, and more stomping. I just realized these monsters in the game use tackle or quick attack (from Pokemon) all the time. I wish there were more unique monsters with complex movesets, instead of these simple ones. So every time I fought a new monster, you can expect to be dodge rolling 100% of every fight.

Now I want to discuss the crafting aside from the grind, yet you cannot escape the grind because it is entwined with hunting for materials. It's not that complicated to craft new gear. You just have to repeat hunting the same monster and pray to the gachapon (or random number generator or such) to give you the item you need to craft the gear. This type of system is the oldest video game feature in history, and you can't say it isn't addicting because I bet you WANT to craft that better sword, lol. So in short, crafting gear, hunting monsters, and doing quests will be repetitive in the end-game, but then you can just move onto a different game.

Once you reach the end-game, you actually haven't truly beat the game until you get Hunter Rank 100. Yes, Capcom added a bonus scene, as seen on the console, so you can expect to see it on the PC port. Grinding to 100, shouldn't take long if you watch the guides for hunter rank grinding quick.

Online Experience:

As I mentioned earlier, the online servers I believe are Steam's (Valves) because there was a post that Capcom was working with Steam on resolving server issues, so that could mean that Capcom doesn't have the best talent of network engineers or system admins (but that's okay) because Capcom primarily makes stand-alone single player games. 

During all the times I have played online with my buddies, I have disconnected from a session at least twice a day, but it has only happened because of not being in a quest for a certain amount of time (like 5 minutes). Other than that, the worst disconnecting experience would be when we are hunting an elder dragon, and one of us disconnects in the middle of the fight, leaving one of us to have to solo or die to it.

Character Photos:

Just a few photos I want to share with you featuring my character from Monster Hunter World.




Map Locations:

I'm just going to throw this in here for the camp locations for each map in the game. I wanted to write an extensive guide for Monster Hunter World, but you could just go to the wiki, which has a lot of useful information already. > Monster Hunter Wiki <







Yes, there isn't that many areas to explore (just mainly 4 and a half).

Useful Tips and Guides:

Grinding hunter rank video.


Then here are some builds.


The Last Hunter:

In the end, I would recommend Monster Hunter World for the PC only if you have a GPU with equivalent power or better than, a CPU of i5 6600K, GTX 670, and 8GB of RAM. As a personal rating/score, I would give the game a firm 7.5 out of 10. Basically minus 2.5 because of tiresome grinding, not enough gear, not enough monsters, and bad servers.

Thank You:

Thanks for reading this article :) Have a fantastic day...

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