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Are you looking for headphones that are made of premium quality and doesn't break the bank? Well, I was. Through careful searching for various products, I decided to give the HD1 a try and I am not disappointed with my decision as of today. The sound quality is great and the design is pretty stylish to boot.

Disclaimer: This review is my opinion and there are affiliate links.

Product Details:

As per what is around the internet and described by Sennheiser, the product is made with high-quality materials, which are:

    - Soft sheepskin Nappa leather

    - Stainless steel earbuds with chrome finish

    - impact resistant elements

    - Hi-Fi music with Qualcomm apt-X technology

    - Bluetooth 4.1

Here it is on Amazon right below...


The momentum series is all about enjoying the freedom of creativity and versatility. I feel like the design of the headphones represent that with red accents throughout it. As red is is the color that symbolizes passion and determination. Aside from the design, the headphones do indeed last around 10 hours on a single full charge and take about 1 to 2 hours to become fully charged again from my experience. 

When using the headphones, there is a voice assistant that helps with paring the device and telling you how much battery life is left, which is handy. There are also buttons on the neckband that can be used to play/pause the music, alter the volume, or skip songs. The point of access is convenient as the buttons are located near the micro-USB charge port, which is at the end of the left neckband.

I did not experience any noticeable issues with the product after about a month (probably more like 3) of usage.

Video Review:

Below is a short video review on the headphones. If you have any questions or I forgot to mention something, leave a comment and I'll reply if your comment makes sense.


The Good and Bad:

What I like about these headphones is mostly the neckband, since I am not a huge fan of just the ear pieces being unattached to anything. It's only because I dread the anticipation of misplacing or dropping an earpiece. Additionally, the neckband would have increased battery life and is secure around the neck. The buttons on the neckband are also quite handy since you can control the playback and volume. 

As for the bad things about the product, I didn't really find anything wrong with it.

Many other customers have complained about them for various reasons, but mostly of poor voice quality in calls, high tin sounds for higher frequencies (over 22,000 Hz), or just poor Bluetooth connectivity. While some of those are valid complaints about the product, none of them should be as surprising since the technical data is provided on the website.

Overall, I would personally rate it a 4/5, because it would have been nice to have active noise canceling (maybe) and a wider range of frequency.

Other Alternatives:

If you are looking for better alternatives to headphones, here are similar ones listed below:





The alternatives above either differ in sound quality, battery life, and design.

Do I Suggest It:

From my personal experience, I was either going to get the Sony WI1000X/B or these HD1s. The reason was the price difference. They are somewhat similar products, but the Sony ones did have better features: DSEE HX, S-Master HX, LDAC, and aptX HD with a frequency range response of 3–40000 Hz, which is twice as much max range than the HD1s.

However, in respect with frequency range, I'm pretty sure listening to anything with that high of a frequency inside your ear canal is not going to sound great... Besides most music are within 20 to 20,000 Hz.

I actually got the HD1s price-matched with Amazon at my local electronics store, and I thought it was a great deal. If you are able to do the same, then I highly suggest it!

Thank You:

Thanks for taking some time in reading the article or watching the video. Helping you decide if the product is worth buying for you is what I aim to do. As always, have a fantastic day.

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