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Looking for an affordable Li-Po (lithium-poly) battery charger for your remote control car or drones? This product has gone down in price and is now a great, no, fantastic deal!

Info on iMAX B6AC AC to DC Battery Balance Charger:

The iMax B6 li-po battery charger is a product that is well-known in hobby electronics for charging your batteries. The battery has many different connector types for a good handful of batteries out there. I highly recommend it because of the simplicity, ease of use, and portability. Aside from that, the downside is the voltage sensor may be a bit inaccurate since it is an older version as seen in other reviews. The newer version is around $70 to $100 but depending if you are a very heavy user, you can opt to just buy this one.

eBay Link for iMax B6

I couldn't find the exact version on Amazon, but this one is pretty close to the one I bought on eBay. As a disclaimer, the first item listed below is a clone, not a genuine one. The second product is the second version of the charger I am typing about in this article.


Video Review:

Here is my video review of the battery charger. I also show you what I use the batteries for. It's pretty exciting as my two sumo robots fought until one of them broke!



The Good and Bad:

There isn't much to say about it, but it works fine. You can rest assured that this first version of the charger is more than enough for your li-po batteries.

The downside is that it doesn't have all the new features that version two corrects upon in this current version, which are a new an improved lithium battery tester/meter, and an actual internal resistance meter. The second version also has a higher amperes rate up to 6A.

My Li-Po Battery Is Dead:

You can actually revive your battery to the operating voltage required to work, but you will need a multi-meter and a power supply. Although the battery may not be in the same condition as if it were brand new, you could possibly still use the battery, but the leads or cells could be damaged depending on how badly you drained the battery. Now onto how to revive the battery. You want to have a probe for the multi-meter on the battery and the power supply hooked to the battery. Make sure the multi-meter is not reading the voltage from the power supply! You want to draw a maximum limit current (you set it on your power supply) to about 0.3A or accordingly to the spec of what you have, but lower is safer. Now once your battery is charged to a minimum operating voltage you can remove it from the power supply and use the battery charger to bring it back to full charge.

Do I Suggest It:

Looking at the market for Li-Po battery chargers, there doesn't seem to be any other options that are affordable. I guess that one I bought on eBay was an amazing deal. If you still are looking for a different alternative, you can try a cheaper one, the GoolRC B6 or the Tenergy TB6-B. The GoolRC B6 seems to not come with an AC to DC power supply cable, but it has most of the functionalities and modes such as the iMax B6 and Tenergy for such a lower price. As for the Tenergy TB6-B, the interface is easy to use like the others. Like most of the chargers mentioned on here, you cannot measure the actual voltage without load or be able to discharge fast over 1A to 2A. Most of the time, you may want to stick to "Balance Charge" or "Storage" as they will reliably charge your battery to spec, but if you use storage, make sure you check your battery status often and set the limits.



Thank You:

This is probably the last time I will write or make a video on my sumo robot. I may come back to it in the future if I have money to revise it.

Thanks for checking out this review. As always I enjoy writing articles that interest me, and if you enjoy it as well, please feel free to bookmark this website. Have a fantastic day!


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