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Are you looking to get into electronics and want to make nice small projects but want to be able to test it all the time without batteries? Check out this affordable power supply that offers a good range of voltage and basic features!

Info on QW-MS305D:

You can find the power supply on eBay:

eBay Link for WQ MS305D

On Amazon:

The "30V 5A Digital DC Power Supply Variable Adjustable Lab Bench Test Equipment Tool" is a great power supply that is cheap compared to the rest of the competition on the market. 

The power supply is perfect for the hobbyist with electronics that do not exceed over 30V and require a max current of 5A (most small electronics need only 1A).

The power supply is easy to use with two variable knobs for the voltage and current and has a clear display that shows accurate readings of the voltage our ampere output.

The overall design is built to dissipate heat so it doesn't start to get really hot, and lasts long, which I personally used for about thirty minutes and was not that hot. This means the fan is sufficient to maintain long usage.

Video Review:

Here is my first reaction to using the product and testing it with some of my projects. The video below is very short and shouldn't take much of your time. I explain the purpose of the product, why, and what it's good for, and show video of the design and functionality.



I did not like to use the alligator clips it came with because they were hard to insert easily, but they still work. I used IC clip (aka IC hook) wires that I'm borrowing and works great.

Compared to Other Products:

I looked around for other similar performing power supplies and have found these (Amazon, eBay links and model names):

The Low-Cost brand (I guess?) Isn't exactly low cost because it's almost twice the price as the QW-MS305. The reviews about it seem negative.


Now this power supply called the Uni-T or Unit has similar specs but has a different design that looks pretty cool. I don't really care much on how it looks because it's a power supply anyway.

Uni-T ($121) Sale $60

At the time of this article when it was published, the price was on sale for $60, but it states the regular price is $120. It may have much better components and is of higher quality than the QW-MS305D. There are very few reviews, but people seemed happy about the power supply.


Now for around an extra $20 USD you can get the Eventek, which has almost a similar design, but it lacks exhaust or ventilation vents from the pictures.

If you are worried about components and extreme long-term use, this could be the one for you because based on reviews from Amazon the ratings are high. I guess the main difference between the QW-MS305D and the Eventek is the components inside. The inside of the Eventek looks nicely soldered and there is no visual use of hot glue (in the pictures). The QW-MS305D probably has hot glue for holding down some parts. In terms of efficiency, the Eventek probably does have much better or accurate voltage outputs. However, when I used the QW-MS305D, the output voltage was accurate enough for my projects.


Now if you are looking for one that can have saved user macros (programmable) and much better build quality, take a look at the Tekpower TP3005P from Amazon.

The reviews on it are high ratings. I would say it's overkill for simple projects, but if you like the extra features just to increase your workflow fast, then it's the best on the market at the moment.

The Good and Bad:

First, the good things are obviously the price point. Electronics can either work great or work and not last long or just do not work. For me, my QW-MS305D works great. I even left it on for about an hour and it wasn't that hot to the touch (at around 5V output). Not really much to say about the good, other than it works.

Lastly, the cons of this product could be the actual components inside compared to bigger and better brands. Maybe the design isn't of your taste also, however, that is more of a preference.

Overall, for a basic product, this power supply gets the job done and it probably isn't the most efficient (such as power efficiency at regulating the voltage or ampere), but it works quite well.

Do I Suggest It:

I totally suggest it for beginners that want to try out electronics as a hobby. However, if you are serious and plan to use the power supply for much more longer times than just testing for about 5 or so minutes, get a power supply with better components.

Even if some components in the QW-MS305D break, get loose, or become faulty of use, I am sure you can easily open the case and solder in a new component with ease. I'm sure most of the parts are not surface mounts (which are tiny electronics much more difficult to solder).

I am happy with my purchase and will use it for my projects!

Thank You:

Thanks for checking out this review. As always I enjoy writing articles that interest me, and if you enjoy it as well, please feel free to bookmark this website. Have a fantastic day!


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