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Tired of amusement parks, arcades, or party games? There are a very few companies that are creating virtual reality centers that are promising for a fun time.

What is virtual reality?:

Virtual reality is an experience that brings you closer to a digital experience. Imagine running through a field of unreal environment, but now it's literally right in your eyes and you can interact with a whole other world! Virtual reality is quite complex; however it has actually been around for a decent amount of time now (military testing environment). On the consumer side; companies are creating an entire space dedicated to creating a fun world that is actually empty, but with a vision helmet, turns those dark barren empty walls into a majestic forest that's sparkling.

Virtual reality was actually coined in the early 1900's, and later some people such as Morton Heilig created and displayed the possibility of the technology. Since then, the strive to creating an actual virtual reality product was in pursuit... Until today!

Usually there are also imitated products of virtual reality headsets, but I would just stick to certified products from trusted companies to ensure that the product lasts and performs well. If you do decide to buy a virtual reality headset for less than maybe $100 and it works well... Leave a comment bellow as that is very interesting information to share!

The Other Companies:

Many notable companies like Sony, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google have readily available devices for you to witness a brand fresh world. On the other side of the moon, why isn't virtual reality making any money? The truth is that there are not enough developers and engineers that can create exciting content for people. Many of the current scientists, engineers, and developers are using virtual reality for creating training simulations for companies that contract them to make a profit. As soon as the technology becomes mildly saturated, we will have a higher chance of actually having an online virtual reality game to experience and lose ourselves in.

Out of all the companies, the more likely one to take advantage of virtual reality is Sony, maybe Microsoft, and NVDIA. As you can tell, many technology companies that were successful until now are more likely the only ones that will survive for the future.

Fun Virtual Reality Attractions:

Lately, there have been lots of news about these places that let you experience a universe from... Nothing! The coolest one is vr zone Shinjuku!



You can find more information on the website: The tickets in USD is around $40, but of course if you do not live in Japan you have to travel and get a hotel. You can find lots of good travel tickets that are cheap if you look around for packages from other websites other than the airplane websites. If you can't travel anywhere, but live somewhere in the U.K. then maybe you can take a look at THE VOID!



THE VOID has a few locations in the U.K. and one location in the U.S. Looks equally exciting to vr zone Shinjuku.

Games to Adapt to Virtual Reality:

Video games are obviously one of the monst prominent products that will adopt virtual reality. Games that usually have a story-driven adventure theme would definately make more sales with the use of virtual reality. Another use for virtual reality is social interaction with other people over the internet in which vTime has started trying to create such an application. This looks way better than Facebook honestly (if it does come with a user-interface to add friends, invite people, send messages, and most importantly connect with new people in worldly environments).



What Do You Think?:

Thank you for reading this article! It may not be the latest in technology right now, but there haven't been recent breakthroughs that are that exciting to write about. I'm also sick with the flu (and don't feel like racking out my brains to write more academically). Have a fantastic day!

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