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apple bye bye

Its been a great ride for Apple for the past two decades (nearly two, will be two). Are you unimpressed by the recent products from Apple but are unsure of what to get instead? We have you covered!

Apple's History:

Apple has been an innovative company in the early 2000s with the iPod shuffle and iPod nano before moving into the mobile sector and computer sector. The innovation Apple had was really good at that time because they were making the complicated technology simple and easier to use. However, as people are becoming more intelligent on how to use technology because of how prevalent news articles and reviews have been for the past few years, people are catching up on becoming technology savvy! This is where Apple is starting to lose customers. They cannot create simpler phones with what is on the market available today, because phones that are made on a budget for people that only buy phones for it's actual purpose, which is texting and calling and light web-browsing, can find those type of phone for under $200 easily. Those phones only cost one paycheck and will serve them for a good few years before upgrading their phone to the next model. Many consumers these days like to wait for a few years  to upgrade to older models because lets face it, companies like Apple and Samsung have been releasing a new flagship product every year! In an investor's viewpoint this has to happen to make more profit, but it will put major strain and scepticism on consumers because it's very apparent that those companies want your money.

In accordance to money, that is exactly how Apple has been doing financially well. If you haven't noticed, the first iPhone was like $500 and that came out in June 2007. Now almost a decade later, the price of the flagship model has doubled to a whopping $1,000. Apple has been consistently raising the price for their product so that they can turn more profit. You might ask, isn't it because of inflation or weakening of the dollar? Not by much actually. Take a look at the graph below. So in essence, you have been paying an extreme premium for a product that theoretically should cost less.

Apple has been doing the pricing that way for all their products.

What About The Software and Service?:

There is no doubt that Apple does have some of the nicest software and easy to use utilities on their phone, tablets, and computers, in which some are iTunes, iMovie Pro, FinalCut Pro, Apple's iCloud and Tracking, and I may have missed some; but over the few years, many of the best open-source software and technologies are on par with many premium software. I mean people can just download songs onto their phone and get zero ads or use apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, or iHeartRadio. You also don't need many of the newest features as many seems to provide entertainment such as face recognition apps, fun photo effects, and fancy display menus. What people want is better functionality for their phones, and to be quite honest, people just want a phone that can last longer than previous generations on a single charge.

In comparison to what was a few years ago of Apple's capabilities of delivering easy-to-use software, is no longer something special with many alternative apps on Android.

What's Bad About iPhone8 and iPhoneX?:

Actually, there is nothing wrong with the latest models. When we compare the old iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8, there is literally not much difference except for a few cosmetic changes and operating system and software changes.

This is also another reason why Apple tries to force it's customers to upgrade. They stress the security of their devices in such a way that users should buy the new phone because of "better" security, recent updates, improved operating system, and better service. This just screams desperate much. One thing about Android phones, is that Google and the phone companies do their best to release many patches for security, and many Android phones have a feature called developer mode where it gives the user root access. Android rooting is also much easier and gives the user more options to modify the underlying operating system. Where for Apple phones it requires much more work as it's almost a necessity to perform jailbreak to even modify features and apps of the phone, but not much can be done for modifying the operating system (without much more advanced hardware programming). 

So now lets look at the comparison of the iPhone8 and the iPhoneX and what it delivers.

In courtesy to TechCrunch iPhone comparisons
In courtesy to TechCrunch iPhone comparisons



For the comparison image above there really isn't much specification wise. You just get a brighter, crispier looking screen, a slightly better processor, and more key software updates, and some minor features that don't matter much. One key issue about FaceID is can it prevent a picture of the exact user from unlocking, or will it unlock still? One thing Apple mentioned was that it will detect depth when scanning a face, so that's actually a plus for the new recognition software compared to the Galaxy S8.

Now when we look at the previous model comparison of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, the difference could be almost negligible for the iPhone X, and you may want to just stick with your old iPhone if you haven't faced any problems with it.

Source: From The Verge - FaceID

Still, is the price tag of $1,000 a justifiable price for a phone? You can buy so much better things with $1,000 (unless you're rich and don't care). However, if you are on a cellular plan and can trade-in your old iPhone for the new one, feel free to actually take that offer if it's below $500. The reason is, there are better alternatives under $500 that can do just the same as the iPhone8 and iPhoneX.

The 5 Alternatives I Have for You:

So Royce, you're  telling me that I should ditch Apple altogether then? No, but if you are considering on saving money and are interested in a non-Apple product for the first time in your life, then here are some great alternatives for your cellphone. Do note that courtesy and credit goes to each channel respectively named in the video. I will also include an up-to-date link from Amazon so you can get a general idea of the price point for the phones!

These are not ranked in any particular order. 

The Samsung Galaxy 8 or Samsung Galaxy 9:

One thing I like about Samsung is they know how to innovate new features and hardware capabilities to their new products. A video that has promise of what could be the Samsung Galaxy S9, and below it the S8 video.


Next up, if you don't want to spend too much money for a cellphone, but want the best hardware and features we have the one and only:

The Sony Xperia XZ1:


One thing I like about Sony is the phone delivers an experience way catered to the user as you can tell by the trailer below. Plus at that price, compared to more popular cellphone brands, that's quite a good deal!


If you're not really sure about Android phones that much, but still want a decent phone with the latest Android operating system you may want to check out:

The ASUS ZenFone 4:


One thing though is that it has it's own special user-interface called ZEN UI and has some minimal uninstallable bloatware, but it shouldn't get in your way that much.

Well, those are some already great premium phones, but I really just want a reliable phone for the best price possible! The match for your fix on a budget is here then, check out:

The Motorola Moto G5 Plus:


Nothing really gets simpler and functionality done (I meant to say as in efficiently easy to use) than the Moto G5 Plus.


Wow, you really covered it all Royce, but I still am not really into the other alternatives to an Apple phone... Maybe you miss the old days of a keyboard then... Guess who's still around? It's:

The Blackberry KEYone Black Edition:

Nothing screams retro like this bad boy.


I mean the price tag is pretty high, but if you really want to stand-out and be unique, then it may be worth it for you!


Those are all the phones I highly recommend; although you can check other brands like Huawei, Alcatel, and OnePlus.

What Do You Think:

So we know, Apple products are becoming less innovative... Do you think Apple will be able to last in being financially stable or will they start to see a collapse of pre-orders on their products in the near future? I think Apple is going to slowly collapse. It's a good thing they have a lot of offshore cash that can be used for research and better product development!

Thank You:

Thank you so much for reading this article. I will make a video version soon and update it above. Things will change.

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