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Looking for a great portable MP3 player that doesn't bust your wallet? Why even consider getting an MP3 player in 2018? I found the perfect match of price, quality, and usefulness in this small package created by Dansrue.

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience and review with the product!

The Product:


One thing is that this product is actually manufactured in China (but everything is most of the time), however, this product is actually quite good!

Valoin has an amazing track record of high scoring reviews on Amazon for their unique little device; but what is it? It's an MP3 player made in Dansrue! THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST MP3 player I have EVER used. Here are the reasons why:

  • It can support up to 128GB of external micro SD Card storage (which is roughly over 10,000 high-quality songs or 20,000 ok-quality songs)
  • The device is very small and compact and looks modern and professional
  • It has a nice user interface
  • It supports pictures, video, songs, eBooks, and has a record feature
  • It has Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities
  • Supports many popular music formats such as MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, and more
  • Long battery life of 15+ hours (not really 60 hours, unless idle)
  • Many other small but useful features such as a built-in radio, scratch proof screen, and more



WAAAAIT a minute it looks like that one player?! Yes, I did some searching and this little device has lots of rebrands. However, is this rebrand with Dansrue a better packaged and put together product? It's like Nike and Jordan both buy shoes (the base or skeleton) from China but each puts their own logo on it! Which shoe would you buy? Obviously the one that has better packing, care, and design.

But WHY?

The why to why you should own an MP3 player in 2018 or in a couple of years is because of the specialization. Nowadays people liked to have devices that could do most anything right? But the truth is, not REALLY. No one tells you, but would you rather have a person that's a master at one thing or a person that is a jack-of-all-trades for a job position? You would choose the person that is clearly a master. This is why your cell-phone will never be a replacement for a dedicated music playing device. MP3 players or music players, in general, excel in one function and only focus on delivering that one need you to need. That is the quality and value of your music. 

Sure cell-phones can be used to store your songs and such, but maybe it doesn't support many file formats, or you already have too much data in your phone and it's running out of storage, or you simply don't want to listen to music out in the snow and rain using your expensive $1,000 phone. I also felt the same way.

This is why I wanted to have one dedicated device to just do that one function I wanted best at: which is to store and play the music I like. This is like the tech field when you hear buzzwords like a dedicated hosting server, or dedicated business phone line, etc. This is a dedicated music device.

My Experience:

Back in the days, when I used to own about a handful of  4GB MP3 players when they first started hitting the markets. I would label each MP3 player a certain genre because each device could roughly only store like 100 songs. I mean, what else could you do back then? But now, the MP3 players/music players are becoming so much better; this is the best time to buy one! Technology has advanced fast and efficiently in the past years that you wouldn't waste any money by owning an affordable MP3 player and I will tell you why right now.

How to EFFECTIVELY Use it:

Before you go idle on your task or activity, make sure you put the device on LOCK mode by sliding the left side button that will show a lock on your device's screen. You can put a lock onto the radio mode or normal music playback.

If you want to be organized with your songs and only play from a specific folder, you must make the file structure organized in the music folder when you plug-in the music player to your computer.

The Use Cases:

Instead of taking your phone out, or laptop, or any other device that cost way more than this $40 music playing gadget, you wouldn't be putting that money at risk of being damaged or destroyed. Or imagine you are in a long waiting line, but your phone battery is already dying, but you want to listen to your favorite musical artist: the thing is you can't. Or imagine going out for a run, and there is no space in your pockets, or just having to bring your cell phone is an inconvenience in some way.

The best answer is to get yourself one of the Dansrue 2018 version music players. By buying a Dansrue music player, which I highly recommend, you will be saving money and time. You are saving money by being able to not afford damaging and expensive product just to listen to music. You are saving time organizing or thinking about how to manage battery life using another device. Just eliminate all that useless noise by getting yourself a dedicated music player.

Product Review Video:

Here it is!


Here is a raw unboxing video and review by me: nothing professional. Just authentic real human use. AND definitely not paid to do it: that's how real it is. The video also has a mini-section of how to rip songs from a CD and convert it into MP3 or any other formats to be dragged onto the Dansrue music player.



Here if you have an excellent question, I will add it to the article with an answer if there is a solution. I will put my name, and then the answer in quotes with images to show you!

Our first question is about folders and playlists!

Royce: "Saving a premade playlist (like a M3U) does not work directly. In this example, I use windows media player to make a playlist and sync it to my device's SD Card. The playlist got separated into songs by their artist and album name. If you want to have music in the same folder, you can just drag all your songs into a specific folder altogether, OR you can sync a playlist directly to your device after renaming (changing the actual properties of the file name) the album and artist to the same name you want the Playlist to be called; the folder will have the same name as well when you sync through software (in my case, windows media player)."

Photos below on what I'm talking about for the above question and answer.



As you can see, the sync separated the songs into a folder by ARTIST and ALBUM. You can just drag songs into the device, which you can navigate to and play songs ONLY in that folder: and make as many folders as you like as below.



Now you can just play those songs on the device as below. Since I saved onto my SD CARD, it will be in (from the device menu) FOLDER >  CARD FOLDER > PLAYLISTS > JEDM.



That's the answer to Paul's question. It's not really a grand solution, more of a workaround, but it works just great and is very easy to do!

Other Things To Buy:

If you are unsure about what micro SD card you need, this is one I use and works great. The SD card is flushed in the slot completely when you insert it into the device.


Other Alternatives:

Some other alternatives, for whatever reason you do not want the Dansrue.




Sony Walkman NWE395/B


SanDisk Clip Jam


Pono Music Portable Music Player


Thank You:

As always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic day! Listen to music without the hassle of time, money, and accidents when you click any of the above Dansrue links above to get it now before the prices increase.

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