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Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well! I'm doing okay in life, but today I'm excited to share the awesome PC build that I have assembled during Black Friday week of 2018! This build uses many new hardware. This will also be a challenge and if you want to join this challenge or try it out, follow the rules below!

Disclaimer: The prices from these items are from Nov. 5, 2018 to Nov. 19, 2018.

QUICK Announcement:

Sorry for the lack of posts of anything :(. I work at a job (9-5), I'm fine with it, but I do want to improve and go further to my dream job title. Anyways, sleeping also feels good most of the time after work. On the other hand, I mostly spend my time, working on my projects and watching anime. 

The anime I'm really into right now is the Slime one, Sword Art Online Alicization, and the Sumo wrestling one, and the bunny one; can't forget that one.

I could make videos and content, but they would be of low quality, however, I still do enjoy writing and making videos because there is so much creativity involved.


Before you read on, the cable management is not the best in the front photo, but decent (I don't really mind, I don't want to spend a lot of my time making it look really nice, since I'm busy).

The Black Friday Week Savings Build Challenge:

If you want to try this challenge: here are the rules.

1. Create the full-build in PC Part Picker ->

2. You can only buy the parts from online websites. e.g Amazon, Newegg, eBay, etc. Anywhere is fine, except people.

3. Calculate how much money you spent and compare it to the total of the price from PC Part Picker.

4. Run 2 benchmarks, which are Unigine Heaven and Cinebench with just either one program running (close browser, etc.)!

4a. In Cinebench, run OpenGL and CPU benchmark and add them together.

4b. In Unigine Heaven, use

5. Get 2 numbers: add your two scores together from both, then divide from how much you spent and the PC Part Picker total.

    - ex: 4000/$1500 (combined score / money spent) and 4000/$1600 (combined score / pc part picker total).

6. Subtract the new number from PC Part Picker and the new number from money spent, then divide by 100, and put a percent sign.


Here is an example from my new PC, but for some reason, the Cinebench CPU test keeps freezing with my Ryzen 2700X (I probably need an aftermarket cooler, really).





I don't know if I have time to make a video... I did record some footage, but it's very amateur-like, hahaha! Comment if you would like a video.


No video but here are a few photos I took.

Creative Image Slider: Please add some items!

The PC Build:

I know. You probably have seen a crap-ton of other PC builds around the internet, but this will also be a savings challenge where you can only buy from online places.

Here is a parts list of what my build has: PC Part Picker, My Build

Anyways, here are the parts listed below as images that I bought! THESE were some of the HOTTEST deals I could find (before Black Friday)!

It wasn't too difficult for me to search every well-known website and compare prices. I've been doing that all the time ever since I created an Amazon account in 2014? I know that's not too long ago, but I used to go to eBay a lot, but now it's, eBay, not as good as before (I still like it though).

No Amazon affiliate links because they don't even generate leads or anything, ahaha...



WOWEEEE! Now let me total all that up and let's compare that price to the total for PC Part Picker (excluding the operating system, since I'm using a free version instead actually). 

With a minor % error, I rounded a few values, and the total for all the above snapshots is $1,558. The base total on PC Part Picker is $1,643, but minus $135 (for the OS) and we have $1,508... OF COURSE I failed my own challenge since I bought the items before Black Friday, but why? Because I know if I waited until Black Friday, shipping would take longer, aaaaaaaand I already saved enough money to buy everything anyways ^_^;

Now I need to save money again, but that's okay because money was created for spending for whatever you want.

Anyways, my performance score to price ratio would be a negative percentage since I spent more than what PC Part Picker has.

Why Those Components:

Simply because they had positive reviews, good price-to-performance ratio, were available, had fast shipping, and looked modern. I also want some RGB in this build, since everyone knows flexing with RGB is hot nowadays. You are probably thinking, man you did research before buying the parts? Of course, that's why I don't need to hesitate when I make a purchase and regret it later.

That's Pretty Much It:

Oh, once I assembled this computer, it worked on the FIRST TRY! I'm extremely confident in assembling PCs now, also I know how to debug them as well (thanks to those electrical classes I took lol). I can't believe I can read a PCB like the motherboard. Probably if you are good, you can find the power line, or whatever and create your own extension PCBs to the motherboard for simple things like more pin headers or I don't know.

Anyways, I wish you happy holidays!

Thank You:

Thanks for reading, and I would love to see if anyone has a nice build for this challenge. Comment below or anywhere I can be found, have a fantastic day~ :) Now if you excuse me, I need to go watch anime with Ray Tracing on.

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