These are 3DS themes I made a few years ago that I put together. All the themes will now be compiled into this one article. I no longer play the 3DS because I'm 100% that Nintendo will retire handheld consoles (in favor of a similar console like the Switch in the future).

Why You Should Use a Custom Theme:

Using a custom theme gives your gaming experience a more personalized setting and obviously feel. I liked the idea of creating custom themes for the 3DS and highly encourage you to mod your 3DS. You have every right to do so because you bought the product, and as long as you are not hacking someone else or manipulating data in which gives you an advantage, I would deem it okay. If you want to make your own 3DS theme for your 3DS, I wrote an article for that.

How to Create Your Own Custom 3DS Theme

{article How to Create Your Own Custom 3DS Theme}[title] [readmore]{/article}

What Themes Did I Make and Download:

The themes that are available are all the themes I have made up to 2017 or 2016. I have stopped making themes because I was already happy with the Love Hina and Hatsune Miku one I made. Nevertheless, the themes that you will be able to choose from are; Attack on Titan Movie Theme; Kamen Rider Blade Theme; B2ST Kpop Theme; Love Hina; Gina Darling; Sistar Kpop Theme; SNSD Kpop Theme; BigBang Kpop Theme; and lastly Miku Hatsune Theme.

You can download any of those themes from this Google Drive folder that is public.

Google Drive with 3DS Themes


As a second alternative (I guess), you can download the themes on this website by going to Downloads and going to Custom 3DS Themes, there you will find the similar files.

Our Downloads

Videos For The Themes I Made:

Below are all the videos from my YouTube channel showcasing each custom-made 3DS Theme. Wow, things change in just 2 years huh?


Miku Hatsune Theme:


Kpop Themes:


B2ST and Gina Darling Themes:


Love Hina Theme:


I know, the videos are kind of awkward... But who isn't awkward at some point?

How To Install The Themes:

Installing the themes is extremely simple, you can follow my article above about creating your own custom 3ds theme or you can read this tutorial from GBATemp, which is embedded below.


[Tutorial] Custom Themes for the Nintendo 3DS

This tutorial was made to help guide you through the installation of Custom Themes for the Nintendo 3DS system. It was originally made with Themely by @erman1337 in mind, but has been updated to include a guide for Anemone3DS by @astronautlevel. NOTE: The Themely and Anemone3DS guides have multiple methods for downloading themes.


Another alternative to the CHMM2 (iirc) is Themely or  Anemone3DS. These are Github links below, however, if you can read, I'm sure you will be able to follow the instructions and get it working!

Here are some links to get started with the alternative theme managers: Themely | Anemone3DS

Thank You:

I hope you like the custom 3DS themes I made back then. Thanks for checking this article out and feel free to share it with your friends!


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