This is going to be a short update article on some things I want to work on and organize. I do this because it's my dream and goal, but I keep trying to achieve it and I hope you understand what challenges I may face.

Disclaimer: Give me some time to work on these. I will be quick!

Let's Begin:

Content on Sunkoiwish will be on a pause indefinitely as I work on a new and better version that represents my ideals and vision.

You may have known that I have many projects that I work on, but now, since I have a foundation to start on, I want to make that foundation stronger and finally deliver the work that represents what I want. As you may know, Zinnphotia, my personal creative art application was created because I wanted to see if I'm able to create what I imagined. I was successful (I read a lot of documentation, so stop saying I'm smart or thinking I'm smart, I'm not a red coder and I suck at algorithms because I don't practice them as often as I wish to, plus I find them boring).

If you go to and if you have seen the older version of, I used to use a CMS, but not anymore. I'm using a web framework for both the front end and back end with custom-built apps and services. I spent a good year learning how to use the technologies I chose which were Django, and various front-end frameworks, well I also tried some Laravel and NodeJS, but didn't really like the experience with either.

What's Next?:

For now, I'm abstaining from creating any new content for as I plan to move these works to use a sub-domain, but still retain this older version of the CMS I am using. I will be moving to a custom-built version of an open-source headless CMS, so that I can make the site I want and hopefully learn more new things along the way.

Another reason is the plug-ins environment and PHP. I just don't like PHP when you learn other better languages like C++ and Python3. Oh yeah, plug-ins are really bad and there is a huge lack of what I want, I end up making them myself on my other projects that don't use a CMS, like Django, etc. So, I can easily use code I wrote and know will work, and actually understand things easily, because I leave comments and write a lot on the code for myself. When it comes to using these traditional CMS, I have to log in to other sites, find what I'm looking for, read crap documentation and it's cumbersome most of the time.

Finally, please give me some time, it's a hard time and I may have to look for another job, which is sad and frustrating at the same time. I may have more time to work on projects, which I will do, but I will still have to try my best to improve my technical skills as well since this is an employers market now :(

I have a huge backlog on the content I want to create but haven't got to it yet.

Are You Not Just Recreating The Wheel?:

Well technically speaking, no because I'm using frameworks specifically created for these projects I aim to make. All I'm doing is I just want the option to be creative and add my own flavor and style to the things I make, that's all. It's nearly impossible with traditional CMS to accomplish those things freely and most of the time it's hard to make things work without spaghetti code (which I try to avoid most of the time).

Expect A Unified Website/Application Later:

In the future, I want to put everything together, so anyone that's interested in this grand hobby project of mine can finally fully understand what I'm working on and nothing I do is going to waste. The only thing I think is a waste is working for a company and putting your heart and soul into, but then getting laid off or whatever. This, is my life and soul, where I want to be remembered and know that I was able to accomplish my personal dream, and I don't care what you have to say about it. It's just a small challenge for myself and I am not trying to make big money or anything, I just want to see if I can make it happen. 

As I finish a rough skeleton of another web application, I will start on and everything here as I said will most likely move to we will see. If it doesn't happen, then I probably miscalculated the amount of work I needed to do or the happiness outweighed itself or I'm suffering.

Thank You:

I hope to have something in about 3 months. Thank you again and have a fantastic day~

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