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Last updated: August 8, 2017

Note: As time moves on, more policies and disclaimers may be modified, added, or removed.


Content in reference to pictures, embedded videos, and any other type of media on the site will not contain material that will endanger a person in real life. 

Pictures and media that are used with copyright free usage belong to their respective owners (most are from Google Images). The main site that "these" images are from is : That way, images that are not ours are already entitled for free use upon giving credit, which will always be given when an image is used (even when not stated). To add, images and media that are used for critique will always be related to the article.

Pictures and media that are created by us or myself are ours, but you may use them for good intentions, work such as; games, programs, and other form of art.

Books on this site are for educational purposes and are not for re-sale in anyway.
With books, Manga or other forms of comic books are not for massive attraction. Manga and comic books on this site are chosen to be on here because they are good and meet few or most of our criteria in being a meaningful read. We do not putManga and comic books on here for no reason. The Manga and comic books on here are selective favorites. We believe that art and story-telling are very powerful. By putting a price on free expression through creative works to prevent others happiness and enjoyment in life, would be the same as being unable to sing a birthday song to people you love because of harsh licensing.  

If you see something on the site such as an image or anything that you have rights to, and don't want it on this site, send an e-mail about it and that "thing" will be removed immediately.

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights:

If you are a company, organization, or a business, you may use the content on this site as long as you give credit. This is somewhat similar to the above section concerning content. If you for any reason use content on this site without proper accreditation, you may experience many hardships in the future.


None are used for collecting data or any sort of information that is shared from us or sold to others.


Advertisements on the website that generate revenue will go towards the cost of maintaining the website. 


Comments must not contain vulgar language, flaming, elite talk, spam, bad links, advertise links, hate speech (criticism is okay), troll talk, or anything that I/we consider offensive to other people. This is also enforced in the forums as well.


This website is basically a "personal blog", and will not participate in any illegal matters/acts.