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This is a guide to successfully create an article the best way for our authors.

1. Content:


Give your article a creative title or if you can't think of anything creative give it a simple name. This is important for later.

The Editor:

The Editor is JCE Editor. Study it well and learn what each button does. You will use it to make your article beautiful. You can also switch to view source code mode to code your article using HTML/5. If you want to include images, please be organized and assign or use the images in the appropriate folder/s. You can also link images or a video into your article. To include a YouTube video use the short-code {2youtube}YouTube_URL_ID{/2youtube}, without the 2 in {}. The YouTube URL is the random string of characters usually after ? in the URL of the video you are viewing.


Above the ID is bGG2s0CuOHQ. So you put that in between the short-code as above.


1.a Uploader Menu:

Please use the Uploader in the Menu beneath the main navigation menu on the website. Do not use the uploader in create article menu. If you have access, you may create new folders and upload files. Please do not edit any folder names or files. Important: When you are creating a folder please go through the main folders already there and look for a folder similar to what you want to upload. Then go to the folder for the present year and create a folder for your article with the article title or alias name. Then you can upload your files there and use it in your article.

2. Publishing:


Put your article in the category it is closely related to.


You are free to tags. Please do not make them frequently unless we are missing a generic tag. If it's a special tag, you can add it. Tags that make no sense will be removed.

Version Note:

You may add this if you article is not fully finished.

Author Alias:

Your alternate name.


For most articles it will be Public. If it's something special, then please notify a higher-up.

3. Language:

Select all.

4. Metadata:

Metadata is used on search engines which help rank our website and articles online.

Meta Description:

This part is important. Remember your article title? Copy and paste it into here and add a one to two sentence description.


Separate each keyword with a comma and you can add as many as you want. Just make sure the keywords are at least relevant to the article's content.

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