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This article will go over the process and how SunKoiWish selects anime, and analyzes it to be in the Anime Treasury.

Why This Exist:

The whole purpose of the Anime Treasury is to analyze anime that have exemplified potential or showed potential. It's not a selective practice, but we will only choose anime that actually try to have a purpose rather than have a care-free episode line-up. Anime that do not seem to have a story, which is typically a slice of life anime, will less likely be considered as there is not much to analyze about it, unless it has different morals every episode. An anime with such rare case as a moral every episode is Sakamoto desu ga?, because although there is no concrete story-line. Each episode has different morals where he solves many situations in a different and unique ways. To bring the point home, the Anime Treasury exist to make a series much more coherent in understanding, so that we can see an anime in a different perspective it was given to prove a much bigger point, theme, or purpose the original author or entity has not thought about.

Selection of Grading:

When it comes to selecting the anime, we only select anime we have watched fully and understand what happened in the anime to consider it. Anime that seem to be on-going will not be considered for the Anime Treasury. Only complete and ended anime will be selected, because that means the entire work is complete and can be reviewed to the fullest without having to wait for the next part, which could change the analysis of the anime. There is also no particular genre of anime or style in which we select for grading. Any anime has a fair advantage of being selected to be in the Anime Treasury, but as earlier stated must have a concrete story-line.

Basis of Analysis:

The process of writing an article for the Anime Treasury is no different than a review you would see elsewhere. The difference is that there is little to no comparison of other anime, as we look at just the anime and what is presented as the full work. We also do not have any bias opinions that could affect the grading and the analysis. All characters are evaluated equally on the weight of their importance to the story. If there are many fillers in the anime, it will affect the score of the anime, because of the lack of coherent strategy of story-telling to just extend the scene of importance and put more dedication to the animation. In the analysis, we will go over and hit areas that are later mentioned in the verdict portion of the article as well. These sections are mentioned in the verdict breakdown below.

For the sections written for the anime in the article, they are purely creative writing elements to spark the interest to the audience, which is you. They are also meant to help outline the anime and what is going to be explained next.

The Verdict Breakdown:

The verdict breakdown is a short and concise section that tallies up a score to determine the award. The five sections are; one is animation and graphics; two is character development; three is music, sound, and voice; four is story and purpose; and lastly the overall appeal. Each section is in itself self-explanatory. The sections won't be extremely long because that is the purpose of the section in the article of the anime before the verdict. For the scoring, each section will be graded with only positive real integers from 1 to 10, and then the final score is an average of the sections which can be a floating number such as 8.5. With the final score, our strict guideline of assigning the awards with the frames is as follows; any score below 6.1 gets a black frame; score between 6.2 and 7.1 gets a red white frame; score between 7.2 to 8.0 gets a bronze color frame; score between 8.1 to 8.9 gets a silver color frame; score between 9.0 to 9.5 is a gold color frame; and anything over 9.6 (very rare) gets a plat-dia-sparkling-like color frame. Each award is signed by the giver that is part of SunKoiWish on that day of the completion or publication of the anime article. The scoring will never be changed. The reason there is no platinum color or seperate diamond color is because the colors are essentially the same, and both are very high to award to any anime.

Further Selection:

If sometimes there isn't a selection of anime to judge and review, there will be a poll that anyone can vote in for the next anime to be more diverse in different genres of anime instead of the same similar ones.

That's Not All:

That's all for now...

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