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As I was learning how to use the VueJS framework, I decided to just make a project out of it. So today I can finally share project Kyaratar! Today I talk about VueJS, which is an amazing javascript front-end framework, some things and topics surrounding this project and share more about Kyaratar and what it is.


I started this project with the intent of learning VueJS and then teaching what I learned. VueJS is a javascript framework, and it's fun for me! I watched many tutorials and did smaller projects, but I decided to make a throw-away project, which was just to experiment with things I know and learn new things and add it to this project. That's when I decided to just revive one of my older projects (from 2017 lol) and just make a better version. I came up with Kyaratar and started programming it as soon as I graduated from University.

This is the last time I ever type about my life and current things.

Oh! Just go to if you want or click here to see what I have so far -> Kyaratar.

Short Story:

During my time at University, I would always try to look for internships and jobs for computer engineering, software engineering, or full-stack development; but every time, the company went with another candidate; and I don't mind because maybe they went to a prestigious University or already have more experience than me, and  it makes more sense for a company to hire them to EARN and MAKE MORE money. :) I'm just really unlucky then. With that, I don't mind, and in the meantime post-graduation, I will just work a normal sales jobs or technician job, work on projects, creating content, and of course still look for the job I want. I realized you don't need a job to start a career, you can start whenever you want. 

From The Old Project:

Kyaratar is still a work in process, but since I have a decent amount of free time on my hands, I can do work on it and on the above things I mentioned. As time goes by I will adapt, learn, and never age. Learning new technologies is difficult, but I think I can do it at my own pace. Other people are faster, and as long as I am able to be better than myself yesterday just by a little bit, makes me happy already. On here, I already emphasize a lot, that I don't value money much, it's a waste of time and thinking. However, it is an important asset to have, I won't neglect it completely (that was poor grammar, lol). Back to the point, Kyaratar is a project for me to experiment with new technologies and such and learn everything on my own until I do get a job (I guess). I just feel bad because my existence cost a lot of money a month :(, which I don't want to talk about. So by experimenting with technology, I will also do what I wanted to try, such as machine learning, Hadoop, scaling, reduce map, containers, etc.

From the old project, CosplayModelNetwork, which I will talk about more in-depth was a project that I created using ASP.NET version 4.6, and the whole idea was to create a social networking site that uses subscription-based model for people to find models and cosplayers! I would then look for small upcoming indie clothes brands to sponsor and work with and deliver new original clothing brands and have contests, and such. That was my dream, but I couldn't do it because I realized how old the technology was when I was making it. I did mention and tried to port it to Core 2, but it broke, and I didn't feel like redoing the entire thing because I worked on it for 2 months, which was during University, on my own time.


VueJS is a nifty javascript framework for creating applications and I have tried React and Angular, and they are cool too! I think the learning curve for React though is much steeper than Angular or VueJS though. I think it's more like: React > Angular > VueJS, in terms of difficulty. However, those are mostly front-end frameworks and you will need a back-end as well! I was going to learn Laravel, but I don't like PHP (it's just a messy language in my opinion, but it's powerful and used a lot). Instead, I learned other things like Express, Night (something), or maybe you can try Python (Flask or that other one), or Ruby. I also tried Core 2, which is C#, and I liked that one, but my server doesn't support .NET. I wanted to be able to put this VueJS project live on my server, and it is using CentOS, so I just went with NodeJS!

In terms of learning VueJS, I just started watching videos and doing projects like the usual. Then I started drawing in my notebook about possible projects and how to implement them. I never memorize syntax that much, because I would rather learn the methodology of doing something (like math). What I like about VueJS is that you just write code in one file for a component, and it's easy to manage. I follow and organize my project files so it's easy to find everything. You should study some design patterns as well because there are a lot, and I was surprised, but if you have some common sense, most of these design patterns are just common sense. 

The VueJS docs are really helpful and I read that when I get stuck. The next thing I want to improve in my programming skills is algorithms, statistics, and analysis and I will do that. I take some online courses and follow them, so I will eventually get around to it. I do it because it's fun not because I can make a lot of money. I do want to upgrade my server and make more projects and hopefully my ultimate project.

My ultimate project is to replace the old country system with my own incorporating the best practices selected using artificial intelligence and my own intuition, which is Yenaideum. I will put that aside first, because I'm lacking knowledge, experience, and skills to make it, as I was working on it, lol.


Below are videos detailing an announcement for my YouTube channel and a Kyaratar intro video (just me talking on and on).




Right now, I'm just going to use my brain and think of ways to generate my own income and whatever since I'm done with University, and work in sales (technology related) or whatever. You know the sky is the limit. I need to channel my workaholic self into something. :D I pray to do something and hope someone will help me acheive my dreams.


Thanks for reading and I promise to make some entertaining videos, work on my projects, and talk about things on my mind! Maybe people will find it useful, after all, you will never meet another person like yourself, so I might as well! That's all, have a fantastic day.

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