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An article with small C# software applications I made. Some of them good are useful for whatever reason you want to use them for. 

Disclaimer: Software is provided as-is and you have permission to use it in any environment.

The C# Software:

These software applications are somewhat useful. In order as listed below, we have a clock timer, a database schema creator, folder editor, text replacer, and a mini or better version of paint.

They were all developed using .NET 4.5+ using WPF. The reason I may have stopped developing them is that WPF seems to have slowed down in development and I feel like it's going to become dormant pretty soon. There are still other alternatives to desktop application creation that are superior such as Qt, Electron, and new upcoming frameworks such as Capacitor. I'm going to pivot my learning into those technologies, however, I wish Microsoft makes a new way to design native C# applications because the current way feels so outdated.

A little about the software is that is was part of releases under Waifu (for fun), so do not be surprised when you see the word Waifu appended with the software name.

What's In This Article:

Below are the five C# software applications with pictures on what they look like and what they do. Most of them are self-explanatory and it's easy to figure out how they work. You will be able to download all of them in one zip file because they are small in file size. All of them individually are less than 5 MegaBytes.

There will be a section for each software below with instructions on how to use the software and pictures like I said above. You will be able to download all of them under or downloads section under the navigation menu link under "Projects" called "Our Downloads". The download file is a .rar file called "Waifu Series", which has all five software applications.

Download Here

Waifu Text Replacer:

This one is easy to use. You type in the text and it replaces that text with your new word. Lots of software application already do this though.


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Waifu Mini-Painter:

It's like paint with fewer features and more useless features.


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Waifu Clock-Timer:

A simple timer if you need one.


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Waifu Db Schema Creator:

This was was for creating .txt files for database schema or uploads. I was going to add a convert to JSON or SQL, however, I had a software that turned txt files into those.


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Waifu File Folder Editor:

This is for renaming multiple files and folders to different names. So if you have thousands of files to rename for storage or something just use this to rename them all. Be sure to back up your files. This also can do batch renaming on multiple folders.


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Will I Improve Them:

Development on all five of the software applications is discontinued because I'm working on new projects. I am working on a new desktop application that will be similar to a social media and password bank, obviously with encryption, that I want to release in the future, because I would find it useful, and would actually use it!

I love making software applications but I really want to increase my knowledge, however, I make no money... Yea... My motivation comes from my dream, which has no price.

Thank You:

Thanks for reading and have fun with the software. If you find it somewhat helpful or if you want to improve it, please email me and I will send you the source files. You can find my email in the footer and click the button "By Royce". Asking for it will not grant you permission, I would like to know how and what you would add just to see if you are actually a developer.


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