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Hello, this is the first instrumental piano album that I am putting out into the world. The songs are all melodies played and recorded live.

About The Album:

I was encouraged to make an album and I thought it would be a great idea because sometimes I would compose some good pieces, but never intend to record them. To counter that statement, In The Moment is the album that literally means how the composition of each piece was played. Some songs have melodic hints from other songs you may have heard, and it was simply in there because of emotional impact.

When I play the piano, I try to convey my emotion into the instrument. I hope you can hear and feel it too. In regards to my technique, I'm not the best or an expert pianist. Let's move on to the organization of the album.

The album tracks are listed in chronological order like a story. Each song is meant to portray an event or scene in that story. The title of each track summarizes what is happening, and you should be able to imagine the event. To really enjoy this album, you need to visualize the story until the end. This is like playing your own version of a movie with the accompanying track. If you have trouble visualizing, then I cannot really help you, sorry.

I hope you like it, and I want to thank all the people who created the piano, software, fonts, etc a bunch because it helped me with this small release.

This album is dedicated to my family, which is my mom, dad, sibling, and dogs :) (one of the songs is dedicated to my buddy Edgar R.). 

File Specifications:

You get:

1. The .ZIP file is around 100 MB (each song is roughly 8 MB)

2. 13 tracks of different emotions

3. Insane quality of MP3 in 320 Kpbs

4. About 44 minutes of play time of music.

5. You also get pictures of front and back artwork visualization in JPG, max quality.

What You Get:

In this album or download, you will get the highest quality of MP3 (at the moment) which is 320 Kbps. You get to hear the dynamics (a little, I still need to work on that too), and crisp sound of the piano.

Once you purchase the album, you have unlimited download restriction. Maybe you are wondering about FLAAC? I could get FLAAC quality, but the software I use only support WAV and MP3. So if I convert either of those into FLAAC, it already defeats the purpose of FLAAC (lossless audio file). Don't worry, the quality of the MP3 in the download is higher than most music stores out there you probably use.

Preview Video:

Here is a video with some previews for the album!

Recorded Live:

The songs are all recorded live, composed, mixed, and finalized by myself. If you listen carefully, you can hear some mistakes in the tracks. I left it there, not because I could just edit them out because I'm really shooting on recording authentic playing. By doing this, I will get better at making fewer mistakes in the future. Since this is my first piano album, and I'm not an expert, I priced it that low.

Anyways, here are live performances of some of the pieces if you are interested!


Zero Thoughts On My Mind


Budding Cauliflower


No Better Day Than Tomorrow


To The Island

Future Albums and Desires:

For my future albums, when I find some time and know I have improved a bit on playing the piano, I will put together another album. In the future, I also plan on using some of my piano pieces for future games, visual novels, or other work I make! So I hope you look forward to that.

My desire for my albums is to create a unique collection of music and a simple collection of music. Simple songs are easy to follow, and when it's easy to follow, people enjoy that freedom of not needing to use brain power. I will try to create more simple, but emotional piano pieces as well.

Thank You:

If you end up purchasing this album, my first album. Thank you so much for taking the chance! Have a beloved fantastic day.


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