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One Day Devin Two is the better and improved sequel to One Day Devin. The game is an interactive visual novel and you can make Devin's life better or worse!

Game Summary:

One Day Devin Two is a sequel to the first One Day Devin game that was released in 2015. One Day Devin Two is an interactive visual novel that focuses on daily life and common scenarios that happen in society and Devin, who is the main character. This visual novel contains over twenty unique endings and a whole lot of other surprises that references memes and the sort alike. The game is not like a traditional visual novel storyline and is relatively short to capture the essence of you actually making a difference and being engaged with the story. Explore the world of Devin and experience what he experiences. Who knows, maybe your day or life is the same!

Video (Trailer or Gameplay or Opening):

Game Screenshots:

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System Requirements (Minimum):
Operating System: Windows XP (proper drivers) or better
Processor: Any 2.0 Ghz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 1 GB RAM or more
Graphics: Any GPU better than year 2010
DirectX: Version 9.0 or better
Storage: 380 MB or more
Sound Card: Better than year 2010

Game Features:

This game is a hardcore visual novel. With that said, you WILL have to play this game multiple times to get the real ending. If you get the real ending, you should screenshot it and add tag my handles in my social media! You can easily find me on the internet if you search. I would really like to see who can get the real ending. Once you get it, just take a screenshot of your Badges menu in the game.

Unlike One Day Devin, One Day Devin Two (ODDT) has slightly better visuals and better quality drawings overall. The game has over hundreds of choices and combinations and over twenty endings. By playing through the game and securing one ending all the way through (meaning you get the normal credits) it will take about an hour. If you are a completionist and want to get all the endings, in which you can view your progress through the gallery and badge menus in the game, it is an estimated five hours or more. However, if you don't read anything and just skip... You can beat the entire game rather quick!

How to Install:

Once you download the game, double click on the archive and let it extract the files to the folder. Once it is done extracting, click on the One Day Devin Two icon (it's a picture of Devin with the number 2) that is a file type of application to start the game.

How to Play:

Use your mouse to select in the game title. Hit spacebar or the left mouse key to forward the text. This visual novel has many choices, so depending on what you choose there is a huge combination to explore and getting the cool endings.


The latest update is build 1.49:

Nothing game-breaking. I added a few eye-candy animations and graphics and a secret feature (game code menu, that's optional).


The newest update is build 1.48:

This latest build finalizes development on this game and is in a playable state for completion. In addition, I fixed and changed some code for data checking (ending badges) and added sprite emotions for Devin. Future updates may be to add more sprite expressions or more events.


The newest update is build 1.47 (screenshot on current stats):

What's new in this build?

Fixed some logic errors and added more additional events you can get in the game. I also added some new CGs. The game is also now equipped with a better way of getting different endings with improved (scaling) arithmetic so that the player has a higher chance of getting different endings. However, it doesn't mean the game is easier.


Known Bugs and Errors:
There have been no bugs or errors reported as of yet.

Special Thanks and Credits:

Music from: and sources of music is listed (too many to name) in the game credits.

Thank you for downloading and playing the game! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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