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Life of You is a free to play J-RPG that was created using RPG Maker. Many scripts and custom scripts were made for the game to create a thrilling adventure.


Game Summary:

You's Story: The story revolves about a young boy named You, who has already lost his parents. Later on he has to deal with the misfortunate events that are ahead of him. Will You be able to understand the epidemic of the world, or will he die trying? Explore the world that will bring man-kind together to stop the one force that is ruining lives of the good people.

Game Screenshots:

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System Requirements (Minimum):
Operating System: Windows 7 or better
Processor: Any 2.6 Ghz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 3 GB RAM or more
Graphics: Any GPU better than year 2012
DirectX: Version 9.0 or better
Storage: 350 MB or more
Sound Card: Better than year 2010

Game Features:

As one special feature, this was actually the first game ever created by SunKoiWish using RPG Maker. It was the very first project that was going to get scrapped, but it didn't happen. Thanks to that, the game was re-hauled in the early times with better design, despite using default artworks. The game features two completely different battle systems almost like Xenosaga had done (but very different); there are quests, puzzles, recruitable characters, missable events, and choices that impact the ending of the game.

How to Install:

Once you download the game, double click on the blue cube and let it extract the files to the folder. Once it is done extracting, click on the "LoA" icon that is a file type of application to start the game.

How to Play:

The game has some in-game tutorials for you telling you how to play as well. You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move, press and hold shift to sprint (later on in-game), use z, enter, and spacebar to forward or select dialogue, and finally press x to cancel. If you want to full-screen the game, press alt and enter at the same time.

Known Bugs and Errors:
There have not been any known bugs or errors reported.

Special Thanks and Credits:

Thank you for downloading and playing the game! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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