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Follow the life of Ayshun as a regular student going to high school. Explore his city and what he tries to do with his friends. A unique twist that invites some of the oldest elements of story-telling all into this simple RPG game! 


Game Summary:

In Life of Ayshun you play as a high school student that is just about to enjoy their summer vacation. Before your vacation, you and your friend hear rumors about the next best online game ever. Despite, your studies and trying to keep up with your social life, your game life and social life merge into one, and you travel the digital world searching for clues while your friends think they are having the best time of their life. Ayshun can't decide where to go from here, so you will have to find out yourself, in the game.

Game Screenshots:

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System Requirements (Minimum):
Operating System: Windows 7 or better
Processor: Any 3.0 Ghz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM or more
Graphics: Any GPU better than year 2012
DirectX: Version 9.0 or better
Storage: 500 MB or more
Sound Card: Better than year 2010

Game Features:

The game was created using RPG Maker, but it contains over thirty different scripts and custom-tailored scripts. There are different story endings, recruitable characters, you can expand your guild house, go on dungeon instances, complete quests, forge friendships, craft many items, and collect many items. The game also features randomized events that can also impact the story! Every instance and dungeon is different everytime thanks to auto-generated events! There are missable events, but if you explore enough, you will find them. This game has a story and journal log, so you will never get lost! The battle music is always different, so the grind won't feel boring at all.

How to Install:

Once you download the game, double click on the blue cube and let it extract the files to the folder. Once it is done extracting, click on the "LoA" icon that is a file type of application to start the game.

How to Play:

The game has some in-game tutorials for you telling you how to play as well. You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move, press alt to show the in-game clock, press and hold shift to sprint, use z, enter, and spacebar to forward or select dialogue, and finally press x to cancel. Later on in the game, you will use the "A" key for finding items when you get a pet. If you want to full-screen the game, press alt and enter at the same time.

New to version 1.6.0:

- Added a Monster Bestiary

- Fixed bugs in battle scene

- New items

- Leveling adjustments

- Press F5 for full-screen or toggle F6 to cycle-through screen resolutions

- Story fixes.

- Press alt to see the game's time

Bugs and Errors:
You may need to install a codec for the audio and video to work for .ogg and .ogv files.
During a battle, if you go to the escape menu and press the same key the game will crash. - Fixed
Some enemies disappear during battle.
When you enable the item that fixes lag, for some missions you will need to wander around the map until it brings up the completion dialogue.

Special Thanks and Credits:

All special thanks and credits can be viewed in the in-game credits option in the game main title screen. Thank you for downloading and playing the game! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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