Welcome back to another episode of SunKoiWish Season 2! I will briefly explain what has been going on so far and what's next for SunKoiWish's content and more.

Welcome Again?:

First, I want to say thanks to all the people that keep visiting this website even though I haven't maintained or made any new content on it for a year now. This time, I am back with SunKoiWish and the new Joomla 4 suite! I have been waiting for Joomla 4 before doing anything since last year because lots of things were breaking on the old version of SunKoiWish that was the revamped version of 2017, I believe, or 2019-ish when I migrated to AWS or so. 

However, let's take a quick look at the history of SunKoiWish! I started blogging when I was in High School using a free website host called 0host or something, then some free domain host, then HostGator. That was SunKoiWish season 1 days, where I was writing a lot of content but the quality was not good at all compared to now. Not like it's stellar than many contents online, hahaha... Now, this is season 2, which was the 2017 revamp of SunKoiWish. 

Back to the main subject, this is the version I will make sure I don't break this time! I can't express how I feel in a few sentences in this section, so read on.

This New SunKoiWish:

I'm going to keep this short and simple!

On the old version of SunKoiWish, I was getting the hang of editing and modifying lots of the files like PHP, CSS, and Javascript, but then let's face reality... Maintaining every module that I had changed and even some core code of Joomla 3 was time-consuming, to the point where I didn't care that much. In the end, all those migrations and containerizations started to grow on me, so I wanted to make SunKoiWish more modular and easy to transfer. When I first moved to AWS, I thought I would stay there for a while, but AWS was too expensive, even for small sites like this one! So when it came for me to update Joomla 3 and migrate, it was always hell for me.

This time, it's different.

Now that I have manually ported data from the old SunKoiWish running Joomla 3 to Joomla 4, I'm going to keep things simple and easy. I really did enjoy making fancy things and adding my own unique flavor, but for a site that I want to put content out into, it was obviously not worth it. Instead, I will put my creativity into the content I make, instead of the site.

I really missed making content on YouTube and complimentary articles on SunKoiWish, so I'm happy that the Joomla Development Team and Community finally delivered Joomla 4! It feels like a weight has been lifted and the ground is less mountainous.

For now, let's see what's next for content, this website, and some thoughts.

Content and The Website:

For content, you should already know what kind of content is on SunKoiWish based on the above menu... I'm not going to explain any more than that, hahaha...

For the website itself, I will still continue to use some plug-ins, but for the most part, I will try to keep it as simple and vanilla as possible. So that when Joomla 4 has core updates or major upgrades, nothing will break as bad. Maybe I'll try learning how to make my own custom plug-ins, maybe... I don't really like PHP.

As it stands, the website is actually not done in my eyes, but it's in a useable state as-is. Everything is working for the most part, but there is still some minor touches I will add here and there, but nothing major!

As a quick mention, I manually ported only content-data from the old database to this new one, so some articles may have broken links still, but if it's not brought up, I won't fix it, as it's not really a big deal. I did fix some articles though that were very popular in views/hits :). 

End Thoughts:

Before I ramble a bit, I want to say thank you again to those people that read what I write. Although I don't know any of you personally, I hope to continue writing and creating content. I wish I could make money from this, but I make $0, I actually lose/operate-at-a-loss running this project and some other projects I have. Not to mention, SunKoiWish is officially almost a decade old!

To close, 2020-2021 was a weird year and the world seems like it's falling apart, companies and politicians have gone mad, and money is on fire! I even got addicted to gaming way too much, especially gachapon games, but a few months ago I corrected my behavior, hahaha... Anyways, it wasn't like I was abandoning SunKoiWish at all, I was just waiting for the right time...

Let's get this bread. 

Thank you for sticking around, and as usual, have a fantastic day and stay healthy~

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