Hello, this is a short article on why I hardly write articles anymore. It's because Joomla is not easy to work within certain cases.

Brief Overview:

So around this year or so, I migrated from AWS due to prices to GCP and dockerized my Joomla website. However, the back-end part is just messed up in some way, that I cannot figure out. I sometimes spend countless hours trying to find answers, but I'm always left with the, guess you have to do a fresh install. I'm very frustrated with Joomla in regards when it comes to quality and support, that's why I don't want to spend much of my time with Joomla at the moment. However, I saw Joomla 4, and I'll wait for that before I do a fresh revamp. This time, I'm not going to program my own logic, because it's difficult to maintain. I will keep it barebones and only use hot-loading plugins that DO NOT edit source code, etc.


The article image is a screenshot from a game I play a lot called Phantasy Star Online 2, New Genesis!

Other Joomla Things:

A few other things why I get frustrated with Joomla is that lots of code is scattered in different places and once something fails dramatically, it can also impact other parts of the site. This is why, when you want to find that one pesky plugin or even the slightest file that becomes corrupt somehow, it's a pain. Thus, most of the time I end up reinstalling everything again...

Aside from maintaining a Joomla CMS website, having it dockerized or containerized is also a pain somewhat because there isn't much support I guess? I'm not sure but I have to create my own docker-compose and dockerfile scripts to get Joomla to work in a container, however, the permissions are always the difficult part that I hate dealing with, every. single. time.

Then I already mentioned the struggle about plugins, templates, and extensions going out of style or not being updated anymore.

Hopefully, Joomla 4 solves some of the issues I face. I like Joomla because it has more freedom and versatility than other PHP CMS, but if anything, I hope for the best!

So What Now:

I'm going to wait for Joomla 4 before I start anything. What I'm going to do now, is backup ONLY the content database tables and nothing else. The fact of Joomla having free extensions and pro extensions, but then the developer quit or is MIA, is also frustrating to debug.

For now, if it isn't obvious, the articles I write will be on an indefinite hiatus.

Thank you for your understanding...

Rare Case:

If I'm unable to migrate data from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 successfully, when Joomla 4 comes out, I'm going to... move on.

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