I just realized right after I posted the previous article about waiting for Joomla 4, a week later, Joomla 4 launched officially! Here is a quick rundown on what will happen...

The New Joomla 4:

Alright! I am testing and configuring Joomla 4 as this article has been posted. The only downside is there is no compatible migrations I can do to bring content to the new site. The new site is starting from scratch... Furthermore, the reason I am not updating this site to Joomla 4 is that these templates and many modules I use have been running on edited code to the core Joomla files I made, or through the Joomla masking feature (kind of like symlink etc.)... You can guess that everything WILL BREAK if I update to Joomla 4. 

Manual Migration:

I will be manually porting just the article content over to the new live staging site... Once I'm done, this site will still be up, but I will have it on a subdomain.

Thank You and Look Forward:

Thank you for understanding this process. I value the content I write and hope that I can finish manually porting things over. Bless the Lord I have a typing speed of 120 WPM, lol.

That's it for this short post. Then I'll be able to write more content and make the new site look nice as well, when I can. Finally, if you are wondering what the image is from, it's from Phantasy Star Online 2: it is my character.

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