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With your open mind, and knowing the kind of personality you have, it's time to leap into the water. Who will you find?

That Leap:

This next topic will go over meeting other people in your life. Just like how to ocean once was on the planet Earth, the ocean was filled with all types of creatures.
Now you are meeting many different types of people, many of the people of course do not have the same personality as you, but that is okay. When you meet other people, some may hurt you, some might like you, some might hate you, some may love you, but above that, everyone deserves mutual respect.

For What Reason:

When you give a person you do not know mutual respect, and that person also give you mutual respect, you will find that it will be a lot easier to get along. Even if you do not become great friends in the long run, since you might have different interests, you both know that you respect each other. In this day, and maybe forever, many people do not know or have the characteristic to execute mutual respect. Of course, like the balance of life, you will have enemies, but if you give them mutual respect, they might not be your enemy anymore. The effort of helping each other, and making sure you are both happy is also a concept of mutual respect. Even if both of your ideas are different, you should not harm one another, because then you will go through a very severe hardship, which will most likely change your personality anyways with mutual respect. To elaborate, the severe hardship might mean you killing someone and realizing that it was the wrong thing to do. So by being able to execute mutual respect, people will understand you better, and maybe you will become a happy person in life. It is also a great practice to compliment other people, even if it's a small compliment. That way, you will not only feel confident about yourself, but you will begin to understand and actually execute mutual respect in your daily life. People will love to talk to you, and you will make more friends than enemies. Sooner or later though, the enemies you once had will become one of your friends. All because you have given them mutual respect.

Knowing The Boundary:

Now in some cases, mutual respect can also be used as a weapon to deceive other people in any way. There is a way to determine that extremely easily! When you find yourself asking questions to them, if they are rude or try to deter away from you, then you can tell that the mutual respect is fake. A common place where this is seen is in the workplace. Jobs and professionalism are very different to everyday mutual respect and you have to understand that in a work environment, most people just want to get the work done and then go on with their life. When someone is overstepping the boundary of giving respect to a person, another identification is when you or the other person start to feel uncomfortable. How can you find out though? Just ask the person, and then adjust accordingly. That is the easiest way that has less conflicts. 

How it Helps:

Knowing what mutual respect is will help you in life in general. In all people, people that know how to give mutual respect is a good characteristic. It's a great principle to follow, and the problems you will face in your life will not be as difficult if you give mutual respect to others. Think about an event or some news about something horrifying, now imagine if both of those people knew what mutual respect was. Do you think that would have happened? Most likely not, because you would be, not smart, but wise.

The Take-Away:

Mutual respect is a vital trait to understand; and to have, especially if you want to become a leader.

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