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The Sixth See

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There is a misconception about being able to do something correctly versus being able to teach someone how to do the same thing you did. You will realize the difference while you teach, and learn from it.

When You're An Expert:

When you reach the pinaccle of your career, and start trying to teach other people how you do certain skills or tasks, it doesn't take long for you to witness that your way isn't going to click with other people automatically. Likewise, the same will go for when people try to learn something being taught in different ways. As you go through school, college, and work, there will be times when you will try to teach and help someone. However, it gets really frustrating when the person you are helping doesn't understand your way of thinking. Now you need to try and approach your problem as their problem. You need to try to understand the other person and see what they see and guide them. Because of your knowledge in the expertise, you will most likely be able to correct them earlier on before they make a mistake down the road, which is much better than them making a mistake that could cost millions. At this rate, your mind will start to refresh and live again, looking at your work in a total new way.

Remember The Slump:

Writers block, artist block, design block, or whatever you like to call it, is a common phenomenon that occurs, when you run out of ideas. That's when you know you need to try something new. Some people start a new hobby, or start feeling sad, or shrug it off, but a better way is to help others. You will realize that, even if you feel down because of your slump, you will feel better once you help someone, and maybe you will find a new idea. The whole reason why people pursue skills and master them is because they are aiming for their success. By helping other people in their slump, while your also in your slump, is a great way to not only give hope to younger generations, but will also give you a realization that even when you're in a slump you can still be a wonderful person. Do you know some stories or tales where even if, as an example: you water the same field for years, but then when new farmers come and want to learn, you teach them your way. However, the new farmers think it's a boring way, and what to know if there are better ways to water the field. You really don't know any, and then you hit a slump. The new farmers also hit a slump because they only know your way of watering the field. However, you know another farmer who has been watering there fields as long as you have, so you go over there to ask. That farmer waters their field differently, and you ask them to teach you their way because you realize it's actually better than your old way. Now, you go back to the new farmers and teach them a better way. However, some of the new farmers come up with a new idea while you teach the new one, and all of a sudden, you all come up with an even slightly better way to water the fields. Now, even after many years, you feel like watering the fields is a new experience because of the new way you all came up with. Not only that, but your slump and incompetance, gained you some knowledge and good friends!

Fresh Like Caviar:

Who knew that looking at a flower can mean so many different things. If you look tantivy at a job routine, you can't really figure out what can be improved. New people at a work place or a new friend can help freshen up your mind to new thinking and possibilities. Every person has a different way of thinking, and if people can experience those many different ways of how other people think, we can better understand our problems and how to solve them. We are all eggs in a carton, but all of us crack the egg at different sides, and all of us have a different way of cracking it. There is an infinite number of possibilities in the world, so we will never get tired of helping others because of that phenemonon of uniqueness. Realization comes at many times, and it doesn't matter what age you are, but if you notice that you feel like life is a brand new adventure, you should thank the people that were involved, so that they know, they matter to you just as much as they think of you!

Keep Going:

You might be wondering about retirement, but there isn't such a thing really. In the world that we live in you have to keep moving forward, but you aren't going to be the only one. There will be your mentees beside you and teaching you new things that you are slow to catch up on nowadays. Your family and friends and others will be there. If there is no one there for you to help with your learning, then that means you might want to discover a new hobby. No matter what the hobby is, make sure it's one that doesn't harm others and is proactive.

The Take-Away:

If you are stuck in life or feel like the routine is becoming stale, pick up a mentor or start teaching other people so that maybe you will see and learn different things in a new perspective instead of trying to figure things out yourself.

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