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The final gateway to understanding life. This is the last article of this series that will empower you to think for yourself and become your own identity until the end.

Look At Yourself:

The most easily overlooked thing to do everyday is to look at yourself in the mirror. Smile at yourself and ask yourself out loud, "Is this who I want to be?", if you say yes. Then you are either already happy and successful or you are like most people who are working hard or are unhappy with their current conditions. What you want to do is proceed with a plan, a plan you can formulate by reading and self teaching yourself. The truth is that you do not need to go to school to really learn and apply the knowledge you learn. I mean look at me, I self learned EVERYTHING about website development my self. Even before college, I was already putting time and effort because I was never satisfied, and I'm not still not satisfied. No matter what your age is, you can definitely sill make a difference, even if it is small, in improving your life! The next time you look back at yourself in the mirror, maybe like a year from now, you will definitely see and feel the difference of your confidence, your health, and overall well-being. 

Adapting to Life:

As you age until you part ways of this world, you will witness that adaptation is a nice characteristic to have. Some people have hardstone traits that are difficult for them to change such as: being impatient, short temper, easily distracted, and the list goes on. If you find yourself constantly doing those and want to change that, ask someone you know to tell you that you should stop. A scenario such as you biting your nails all the time, can be changed, when your friend sees you do it and can tell you to stop. You can also tell your mind to alert yourself if you keep doing it, and doing something else to replace it, like taking a deep breath. You will also want to always keep up with the latest ethics, to ensure that you can remember what makes a person a good citizen. At most times, people never think about ethics, especially in companies, but if you can separate smaller chunks of what you do into a list of good and bad, you can adapt and make changes that can shape the company and yourself to deploy better ethical practises and business. No one wants to work or risk their reputation in becoming an unethical person. If you don't have a choice, there is always the latter choice, and that is to, go somewhere else or seek help. Adapt to all the situations, but never do it in a fast manner because you don't want to risk the mistakes that could cause you or others to be hurt.

Time Still Goes On:

Time will never stop, so you shouldn't stop too. There is a huge difference between working very hard, and working progressively. Those two terms are completely different, but both are great examples and methods to use for this context. When someone is working very hard, essentially to the end of their life, it means they must have been oblivious to everything around them and only focused on work and results. Although, this is a good thing, it shouldn't be a permanent life style. Maybe this type of work nature is okay for 5 to 15 years, but after that, you should slow down and switch your mindset to working progressively. Working progressively is a term I like to call for, do work in consideration of your well-being. This means even if you do a small amount of work, at least you take care of yourself and maintain a balanced work and social life. No one can work forever, and that's why we created automation, machines, and robots. It's all about lessening our work loads because we want to spend time with people we care about! You should know that time is not long, and we all have a limited amount of time in this world. There is no reset button anywhere, so please try to care for yourself. My favourite analogy is treat yourself like an expensive Lamborghini, once you dent or scratch the car, you can repair it, but it will never be feeling brand new like it used to. A car also naturally wears down, just like your body, so obviously your health should be number one. No matter what you want to do, put some effort into it everyday, and as time goes on, that effort will become noticeable when the time comes.

Accepting The Passing:

It's a tough subject: death, but it isn't something you can avoid, for now that is. Death comes unexpectedly, so always be ready. Make it known in your brain that you or any other person you know can die. Be prepared to take a loss, and be able to embrace it. It's alright to express sad emotions and mourn over someone's death. Make it a meaningful experience and honour their passing as something you don't want to forget. Thinking about death is scary, but experiencing it, is truly something else, and being in it is painless. Try to be around people, but if there is no one you can seek comfort for during the very vital hours or minutes before you or someone you know is dying, just drop everything and go attend and be by that persons side! Be their good friend, better yet, be their angel that will help them know they will be remembered. Sometimes your life can be busy, but everyone knows, that when you know you will never see that person again, you will regret it. Regret it if you can't be their, but keep living your life and pass on the experience to younger generations so they know that the concept of death can also be a beautiful thing, not just a scary thing. Sometimes a person's death can bring people together, it can make things right, or it can save things. Many people in history have died or passed away, leaving behind a legacy of knowledge we still use today. Always be ready to accept the passing. Don't be blind and think that it's a dream or say, why did this happen to me? Because the truth of the matter is, that death happens to anyone, and no one can predict it (because there is too much constantly changing variables, and every second is a whole new equation).  

Collect The Memories:

Take plenty of pictures, record videos, write in a diary or journal. I highly recommend everyone to do one of those. It only takes a few minutes, and it doesn't have to be perfect. As long as you create a record of yourself, you can share it with your friends and family when you get older: and when you pass away, maybe your future generations will appreciate how amazing or interesting of a person you were when you were alive and kicking! If you're the type of person that doesn't care about yourself, then you should start caring about yourself. You cannot truly love others, until you truly love yourself. If you think you can't love yourself, then that means you care about yourself by not wanting to get hurt from a previous event. The best way is to do what I mentioned in this section. It will help you express and vent out whatever your feeling. Then once you go back to read, watch, or look at it, you will realise that experience you had and become a stronger person. Every person starts with a collection that's empty, so fill your collection with anything and everything for your memories, even if it's not perfect. A great example is the clay pot to a golden pot: people break you, so that you can replace the clay with gold and become stronger.

The Take-Away:

Everyone has a different path to take, but it is up to you to start thinking for yourself and becoming self-aware, and knowing that you can change who you are. Don't be mislead by other people that haven't realised what they are doing is unethical. Be a better person and direct them to better opportunities to change because they are still alive. Then always be ready to accept death and to make the experience memorable for your sake and personal reasons, and for the future of your generation.

Thank You:

If you enjoyed this series as it was short and not really expanded further in most of the topics, leave a comment or reach out to me, and I will think about writing a more extended version on how life works and how it should work (for the better).

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