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The Second Step

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The second step is more focused on personality and how it defines your identity as a person. Hopefully, you have read the previous article before this one.

Another Step:

Now that you know a little bit about the world and how it works in the simplest terms, lets go over personality. A personality is what makes you unique. There will never be another person with the same personality as you, unless you are a robot. The environment you grow up in will help shape you as a person. So look around you and observe what kind of places are you usually at. Then come up with three words that describe you as a person. Do not lie to yourself, these three words that describe yourself will help you understand what kind of person you will be. Somewhere in your life there will obviously be hardships you will go through. As long as there are other humans, then problems will always exist, because the world we live in is flawed. Now that you have a good idea of what personality you have, you want to think of someone you admire. This is the fun part.

Determine How You Act:

If you think you have a really caring personality, then somewhere in the world, there is a person with a bad personality, and vice-versa. The one thing you should not do is compare yourself to other people. Comparing yourself to other people will only bring self-doubt to yourself and you might lose yourself in life. Right now, with the personality you have, that is who you are this moment. The person you admire, is what you want to be. If you are a young person, then this will be difficult for you to understand. However, do not try to use online quizzes and surveys as concrete evidence as what you are. In those surveys, you are basically telling them what you are based on the questions and then they basically gather the information based on the answers and repeat back to you in a nice meaningful way. In reality, you won't know your personality unless you ask people how they feel or think about you. It's also way easier to receive feedback from people so you can change yourself.

Trying to Change:

Once you start trying to change your personality, somewhere out there, there is a person who has had your previous personality. Yes, it's like history, except it is inevitable that it repeats itself. While you change your self for better or for worse, which I hope is not for worse, then you will become even more unique. A great example is, if two people we both born poor, and both knew they need to become rich, one becomes rich by being an engineer, the other becomes rich by being a famous musician. Did you understand that? No matter what you are going through in your life. There will always be someone else in your situation. After you have gone through a major change in life, then of course more problems are ahead. To not scare you, all the hardships will shape your personality, and I hope you become the person you want to be. Of course one of the characteristics I want you to have is to be happy.

The Take-Away:

I hope you will find what your traits are and change into a personality that will make you happy, and others happy!

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