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The First Arrival

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No adventure ever starts without your arrival. This is it, your journey is the only thing that should matter to you, but it is your choice to do more in it.


I have to go with the first thing that has ever happened in your life, and that is when you are born. When you are born, you are shaped by the people you are with, and the environment around you. Don't get me wrong that is just the law of nature. Yet, once you start to get older, you will begin to realize many things you didn't know before. Starting off is hard, but once you start, you can never stop until you die. The reason for that is because time only moves forward, and you can only derive from what you did back then and apply it to the present. In special circumstances, if you were born in a place where they don't promote self-thinking or a way for individuals to think for themselves and how to approach any situation on what they seem to work for them, it is your chance to educate yourself.

I'm going to start from the very beginning:

Now that you are born the most influence on your personality that you will get is from your parents or any other person that aided you in your childhood years. As a child, and if you are a child reading this, it will be hard for you to understand, but I will put it in simple terms. In this world, particularly, everything that is born must die eventually. Now, that does not mean you will not live a really long life. An example could be, yes you live past five-hundred years, but eventually you will die somehow. Why is that? Because that is the law of nature (or more better to be called the law of the cosmos). Aside from knowing that you now realize your life in this "place", which I will refer to world, is not finite that should put some impact on you. In your life, you will have dreams, and want to be successful, but along with that, you must live within the law of this world. What is the law of this world?

The Law of This World is simple:

In this world everything must be in equilibrium (just like how your stomach needs bad bacteria and good bacteria to function). It only makes sense due to many other laws and the most important one: Malthus's Law. You see, once you are born you are breaking the equilibrium state. However, this equilibrium state is only relevant to each system, and is kept in tact by either killing people when the limit is reached or reproducing people until it reaches that limit. However, resources are not unlimited and must be taken into account, so thus, the equilibrium state gets adjusted. For example: Earth is the common place human beings are born, but Earth can only hold up to about 7 Billion people. Once Earth has exceeded that many people then more natural disasters, food shortages, habitat, and whatnot will become limited (resources also drop). This results in more people dying. Despite the many people we now have, the distribution of what people will do will start to shift. Lets expand this idea further! Back then, when their wasn't many people alive, everyone had to work just as hard as the other, but now with so many people and technology and automation, we have a society where people have the freedom to not work as hard as back then. If you didn't notice that, maybe you can look at and think about it now. However, the new issue for this is economic difficulties for many people and a competition to get jobs and money. See the trade-offs? They are in balance. The less people means more work and pay, more people means less work and pay. 

The Goal:

So how does this contribute to life skills? By hopefully giving you an idea to be open minded!

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