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The Fifth Dive

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Trying to figure out what you want to do for a career is difficult. When you want to be successful it usually means you are rich, but did you consider success another way that isn't so hard to get?

Using Your Resources:

As you figured, there is more to life than just friends, family, taking care of yourself, finding a job, and changing your personality. Those things I just mentioned are just a few of the many resources you have that you can use to start achieving your goals. No matter what dream you have, even if it's small, such as just sleeping all day, there is hard work that goes into that. You might be thinking, wow, sleep all day? How hard is that? Some people have a hard time just being alive, maybe some people of insomnia, now you know that everything that you want to do can involve hard work. If something is easier for you to do than someone else, then that means you spent more time practising that one skill and have more experience in it. The famous, do more to know more and become great at it, is a great moral to know. You should know that noone in the world has the ability to stop you. The only person that will stop you from reaching your goals is yourself. If you want to change the world, do it one step at a time! Always seek others for inspiration or advice and use the resources available to you. If you need more people, go out and search for them, even if you can't find people, keep looking because after all, there are 7 billion people, and you are extremely likely to find someone. 

Break Your Goals Down:

Whether it be at your job or at school, or just working on some project, break it down. Many times, when I program or work on projects, I break it down into smaller tasks that lead up to the final product. Never try to do more than you can do. The saying goes, don't bite off more than you can chew, is painstakingly relevant to everyone. Even if you are a super genius, you just can't exceed your own limits. Even if you can bench many kilogrammes or pounds over your limit, you will hit a limit before you can do more. Although infinity does exist, it's just a way for mathematicians to theoretically assume: that since the function or number doesn't end based on our current methods, we say it goes on forever. A quick example could be when you divide 1 and 9: that answer goes on forever, but what if it actually doesn't (it's a very complex math topic though). To start breaking up your goals or projects, write exactly what you are trying to do on paper or type it. Try to also illustrate what you want to do, then start separating or grouping sentences based on similarity. Like if you want to bake a cake, and have a sentence such as: go buy eggs at the supermarket. Bring the eggs home and then cracks three into a bowl after straining the fatty yolk. Those instructions involving the eggs can be combined into one small goal of baking a cake. You want to do exactly the same thing for your job, projects, and goals. The easier it is for you to accomplish a small part of your big goal, the more willing and motivated you will be when you go at it again. Lets look at how I still continue to work on projects like this website and more? Why do I never get tired yet? Because I set small goals for myself and then celebrate in the small gratification that fuels my motivation. You may not think that it's hard work at all, but when you realize that you consistently have been able to do smaller parts of your goals and dreams, that is hard work because you didn't stop trying.

Don't Back Down Out of Your Success:

This is one that will require immense courage from yourself. You know sometimes, when you really want to do something another way, it's usually rejected? That's because the other person isn't well-educated on that way or you didn't do a good job explaining it to them. Most people shrug it off, but if you know that it's better than sticking to the old way, fight for it. You don't want to be a person that can be pushed around easily because most people will take advantage of you in terrible ways. Your success in anything you do is what makes you live, so don't be scared to disagree with someone if you feel it threatens your life. Socrates has many examples about showing that people that tend to disagree with each other are more likely to engage in better communication skills and present ideas for other people to consider. If however you can't figure what you should do to convince that person to hear you out, then think of it as another stepping stone for you to learn and grow out of the place to move onto better things. If someone tells you that you just can't do it, then prove them wrong by trying again and learning from your mistakes. It's okay to fail and make mistakes when you work hard. Heck, I work hard for a C sometimes in my university classes; but that's another story for another time. Success isn't something that people can tell you to get, but it's something that you have to work towards. 

Define Your Success:

Success isn't a dictionary term. It's not something you can tell someone they are, Success is what you define it to be. If you think being a billionaire is what makes people successful, then that's one way. Success can be different to many people. If we look at success from other organisms, why is it that human's way of thinking about success is so skewed? Most likely a penguin feels success as they breed and care for their young. Being influenced by other people's definition of success can be blinding to yourself and skew your judgement on people who don't fit your criteria for success. An example could be, what defines a person's job? Many people will say that if it makes money, it's a job. Well what success can you see in a person if their job is something illegal? This is a double-edged sword, where the person that is making money illegally is making money because money is success, but is it a job worth defining that person's success for? No at all. When you don't set goals in your life and complete them, you won't be able to define your own success. Success isn't something complicated like love, but success isn't something that people should define. It's merely a tool of measurement to stack up one's accomplishments over other people. Know this though, comparing your success to other people is not the right way to alienate yourself or be better than someone. Success is meant to be an inspiration to other people so that they too can reach their own success after witnessing yours.

The Take-Away:

When you aim for your definition of success, you will have to put in effort no matter what. 


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