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Life Skills, Xai's Edition is a mini-series of thoughts and kind words to help infuse individuals with power to think for themselves and understand life in different perspectives.

The Purpose:

The purpose of this series was originally intended for me to share valuable life skills. However, as I grew to knew what other people thought about numerous situations, there was a void in my mind, that didn't occur to me until I thought about it. Everyone has a different type of common sense ingrained in their brain. I immediately did some light research and wanted to know exactly why, and found some answers. People such as Aristotle and much more, have given valuable insight about the nature of humans, but even today we forget or don't educate ourselves on old knowledge that is vital to our lives.

A Reminder:

I started writing this from my old website version of SunKoiWish, prior to the 2017 revamp, but did not finish this series, because I felt like it doesn't help anyone and no one cares about it. Sometimes later, a few people told me they liked the articles and asked if I was going to finish it. Well, I'm not so sure if my previous direction I had planned for that series was what I think about it now, but I will finish it now. I want people to use it as a reminder or as a stepping stone, so that we can deter ourselves from the tendency of being overcome by selfish desires and become a better society of the world. 

How it Started:

I would like to claim this as my way of thinking, but I have to credit all the teachers, people, and things I have read to cultivate my own sense, yea, of common sense. When I was younger, people said I was weird or awkward, and that's because my common sense was not the usual one seen in other humans, or rather, it was hard to relate to others on how I act. Now, I do not have any mental disorders and do go to doctor check-ups, I'm fine. I love the hospital actually, the air is so clean! Back to the point, when I was in elementary school, I took a life skills class, which was like home econ, but more focused on how to treat other people. Then in middle school, I was in a class called AVID (I forgot what it stood for): in AVID we were taught how to manage our life and aim for success. Finally in highschool, in the Chinese course I took, my teacher gave us famous and popular lessons on Chinese life lessons, which I greatly took in the effort to understand. I really enjoyed that Chinese class, it opened up my mind to think in an open-box kind of way.

A Lesser Impact:

Although this series will be quite short, I intended it for it to be short, because everyone has a busy life! I carefully tailored each article to be an easy read and everything should be easy to understand. What is important to me is not the fact that people read it, but the fact that you can feel and see a change in yourself. If you are a younger person, a kid, or an adult, it doesn't really matter when you start, but as long as you start now, you will definately have a different style of yourself trying to adapt to better morals and improve  yourself overall.

The Outline of The Series:

1. The First Arrival
2. The Second Step
3. The Third Leap
4. The Fourth Swim
5. The Fifth Dive
6. The Sixth See
7. The Seventh Bubble

Each numbered title above is correspondant to the articles under this series only. The titles don't have a specific meaning but each were meant to be about the following:

1. Born - Understanding
2. Your Personality - Comparing
3. Meeting Others - Mutual Respect
4. Friends - Trusts
5. Dream and Success - Hard Work
6. Realization and Learning - Living Anew
7. Your Life - Death

A Song:

In 2016, I made a song that was meant for this series as to like a story based on life in general.

Thank You:

Thank you for taking time to read this article! If you end up enjoying this mini-series for life skills, consider sharing it with your family and friends.

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