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Welcome to the new thought catalog site- I'm kidding, but I sometimes like to check out the articles on that site (they are pretty interesting). Their content inspired me to write something today, which I did think about (lame joke insert). These are five habits I think are essential, which mostly has to do with household work.

Audience and Thoughts:

Whenever I think about writing an article related to anything about life or closely-related. It's a double-edged sword. I know that some people are rich and never have to think about many things that people in poverty constantly worry about. I know some people are born into illness and disease. Some people have mental disorders or are illiterate. I just find so many reasons why it doesn't matter about writing an article because I know that the only people that will read them are either in the middle-working class who have internet, have some form of education, and are probably normal but just feeling discouraged or something. I will write though because I can (that's literally it because I can).

Also, I hope you like the photos, I have no idea how to make good original content, but I quickly put stuff together.

Habits You Say:

Maybe I don't do these effectively, maybe it's because I'm not wealthy, but I still think every person should at least do these five habits. What are THE habits you say? Something you do routinely on a regular basis. These may sound simple, but hey, in this timeline (cough 21st century), apparently I have met people that just DO NOT even do these simple things. It makes a huge difference in your life and I do most of these habits myself (if work/life balance even exists, it's a joke).

Now, these five habits I'm going to quickly go through, they are simple, you have probably used to do them as a chore when you were younger... AND GUESS WHAT (caps not needed, really), doing these chores will make you feel organized, prepared, and what everyone lacks today, relaxed!

I Need Scholars:

Okay, so here are some other articles and papers on healthy habits and such. Most of it, to my sense, is common sense. Don't worry though, it's easier than it sounds and there isn't an excuse to not try (if I could, I would).

Balancing work life and home life

10 Reasons Why Household Chores Are Important

What Are the Seven Areas of Home Economics?

Not related, but interesting...

Randomized Trial to Improve Household Routines for Obesity Prevention Among Preschool-Aged Children

Habit #1 - Stocking The Kitchen

At least stock the kitchen once a week with food or every two weeks. You do not have to spend that much money either. You can buy many vegetables and some canned food (although not as healthy). Everyone should have bread, butter, and milk. You will thank yourself later by buying groceries instead of ordering takeout or delivery all the time. Heck, even a frozen pizza is just as good as pizza places (not frozen of course). If you are tired, I'm sure there is at least some day off you can take a trip to the grocery store, or ask someone to go for you and pay them back. For super busy people, or rich people, this is obviously not really a problem, but it's good to have something to eat at 12 am (it's a joke).

If you don't have a kitchen, stock food anyways that is not perishable goods, such as milk. I know many people go for the bulk discounts, you should too: it won't hurt to have food.

I mean... Back in the old days, hunting and foraging were the number one past time activity.






Habit #2 - Organizing and Cleaning 

Organizing and cleaning does not have to be in one sitting: it's a process you carry out forever. You don't just organize and clean once, trust me. I have re-organized and cleaned my room like 5 times just this year (moving around furniture, placement, etc.) Once you start doing it as a habit, such as putting files in a drawer, organizing your clothes, cleaning up trash, throwing items that collect dust, or selling of old things in general that you don't use, you will keep doing it because it brings you satisfaction. I always love the satisfaction of a nice organized and clean place. You will not only feel great, but your place will feel a billion bucks better (like new). If you do not have anything to organize or clean, you can do with just small items. If you live in a hut, you can organize your utensils, anything you have can be organized.

If you want to see someone's cleaning process, there are plenty who share on websites. Also, you can check out Marie Kondo (if you really need some awesome guidance)... You can learn some neat tips and tricks, but otherwise, just experiment on being organized.






Habit #3 - Get Better Clothes (and do laundry)

I know that the world is complete garbage in many areas of the world still, but it's getting better. Head over to thrift stores, the markets, or try online shopping. Many people are still wearing shirts from when they were in high school. I know, it still fits, looks okay, but making yourself look your best isn't difficult. At least try to motivate yourself to look good. Also, please try to do your laundry, no one wants to smell socks that haven't been washed. If you are busy, maybe you and someone else (get a friend, it's easy) can alternate on doing laundry once a week. Unless you are a fashion model or anything that requires you to wear many clothes... Power to those people.








Habit #4 - Clean-up After Yourself

This one definitely adds up exponentially. If you eat something, like a fast food beverage, throw it away after your done eating. It's going to add up all over your place and smell bad. The concept even applies to work, maybe. If you say it's part of your personality, that's bullshit: nothing is impossible. I used to be terrible at public speaking, but I looked to other people as an inspiration. So cleaning up after yourself is easy. You will not believe how many people leave their empty coffee cups in public areas, work, and school. Seriously, if everyone was entitled to just leave trash everywhere, then we are all living in the biggest dumpster fire: called Earth.









Habit #5 - Stretch and Sit Quiet For Five Minutes

My co-worker stretches at work. Stretching is important, I mean it feels great to free those tight knots around your body, get those joints loose, and get that blood flowing. Stretching every 2 hours for like 1 to 2 minutes can make a huge difference in your life. It could also prevent you from physical-related injuries or disabilities in the future. With your stretching, it's also good to sit quietly for at least five minutes every day thinking about the world as a whole. Do not think about or worry about anything else. We all live, we all die. Try to think about happier things beyond your situation. I know if you are in poverty, you are looking for the next best job, or better house, and whatnot, but the best thing to think about is to think about all the wonderful people you will meet. People are everything in this world because people make who you are.

I like to think about the world and how the problems will be solved. I also like to imagine a better version of myself, and that I'm the best version of myself today than I was a year ago (unless there is something else wrong with life, which happens).

Practice What You Preach:

Yes, it's easy to say or type in this case, but I know that all of this takes no more than an hour of your day. If you really needed that hour to be productive. Then remind yourself that productivity can always be passed on to another person. You can work together and practice these habits. If everyone can do these and implement these habits in their life, you will enjoy living a bit more.

Ah, I may have glossed over or missed some points for this article, but the basic outline and idea are there, which is what I wanted to portray and share.

Thank You:

Thanks for reading this article. I know I haven't made a video or a tech article or anything related to engineering because I would rather work on my projects. I am looking for a mentor and some testers though. Thank you again, and have a fantastic day!


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