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We have all been living life expecting good to be there, but maybe you have not experienced these kinds of traps before. There are many kinds of behaviors people will act out to get you or manipulate you. Some of these have strong examples and it's good for you to know how to identify them: these are common life traps.

Disclaimer: This is based on research and some personal experience, and I will include additional material

My Experience:

At a young age, I was always curious about human interaction, ever since I felt that feeling. You know that feeling where you have a strong urge to do something but cannot explain why? That feeling is something I have controlled now and try to see what makes people activate that emotion: I called it emotional instinct, and everyone has a different one.

So I do not tell anyone how I think, but I will share a bit: usually, when I want to do something it's because it seems interesting and unexplored yet, but I'm not as intelligent as Isaac Newton and whatever, so basically I like hearing and reading about other people's experience in life and cultivate a better understanding of emotional instincts. And you may wonder how did I even further my progress or find these so-called life traps?

Online video games. Yes, when I finally got internet (dial-up baby), I played many games (started in Elementary school) and met lots of unique people. I even started guilds in many of the MMOs I played, and most of them were top guilds I had formed. I had fun with that and seeing people's reactions. No, I was not trolling people; I was experimenting with my own personality to see, what kind of personality I should have to activate people's emotional instinct. But why is this important?

Because the next time I logged on or so to speak progress my relationship with them, you start to change your personality a bit to be compatible with them: and that's how a relationship works as well! At first, it's weird, then okay, then frustrating, then boring, and then happy. Literally, you have to go through that EXACT sequence (mostly) with EVERY single person, and that's where life traps can spawn as well.

What Are Life Traps:

Idiomatically speaking, life traps are situations where you have only a few options to choose from. Compared to the Golden and Olden days, I believe choices today are fairly limited if you want to have and live a decent life. Why?

I want to borrow some things from a popular meme about generations, but the trend is actually what it is, for the most part:

Boomer Generation: Can Barely Afford a House

Millennial Generation: Can Barely Afford Rent

Zoomer Generation: Can Barely Afford a Car

Next Generation: Can Barely Afford Food? 

How are the above scenarios possible though? It's because of life traps. A mass-scale manipulation by older generations trying to get the best out of the new generation instead of fixing and teaching people how to do things. A very good example of mass-scale manipulation is Vladimir Putin, he is the most powerful person in the world: he is not an evil person (does not seem so), but he is definitely a mastermind on a whole 'another level. Instead of linking to some sources (because maybe hotlinking is bad), but basically what Mr. Putin did was befriend many other people whom he gave power to so that he can distribute his wealth in a legal manner. So on paper (and law), he is not powerful, but in relationships and privacy, he is. So what does that have to do with what I will explain? Many tactics exist in this world because they play with the human emotion, the weakest characteristic a human has (but the most beautiful of them all). Emotion is very difficult to recreate, and one could say that the whole point of human existence is because of our emotions.

That is what I can say briefly, but it's more complex than that. Also, don't worry if you do not understand because once you start absorbing life and meeting people, you will understand naturally, there is no secret or some bullshit: just go explore and talk to people.

Additional Resources to Read:

Below are links to other articles that I found are helpful in understanding many of these life traps. I would link scholarly articles, but access to them is hard to share.

I did not read this book, but it seems interesting

Common Life Traps:

Some common life traps that people can use against you are mostly psychological ones.

  • Sweet talkers, which is someone that tries to kiss your ego all the time and sides with you because they have an underlying plan that undermines you in the process.
  • Deceivers, which are people that make things up, but this tactic is mostly used in everything else.
  • The Job Trap, this is especially popular for people that cannot find a job and get trapped in the contract jobs, unemployment, not enough skills, or misleading contacts and false job postings.
  • The Insurance bait, this is also especially popular, this tactic is mostly used against consumers. Businesses team up with each other on important basic needs every human needs but create a market that controls every aspect of health and life.
  • The Backstabber, a common one, it's hard to make friends these days, they also like to gossip and spread false rumors about other people for their own personal gains. I personally experience this one on a yearly basis, it's probably more frequent if you are popular in the world.
  • The Life Extorter: this one can mostly be done by upper-class people, they will use their achievements against you at problems that are irrelevant to sway you in a certain direction.
  • The Salesman, they literally talk like they are trying to sell you things all the time.
  • The Yes man is the worst person to become friends with. They are nice people, but useless for anything else.
  • The Mentalist, they are double-edged swords, I may align with this, but I still try to be honest and loyal instead of acting like I know it all. I do not. I suck at algorithms, but I'm trying.
  • The Work Thief, these are people that like to build off of your work and not credit you at all: it's super common.
  • The Disguised Lover, people who are pretending to love you: it's easy to tell... You can easily try to confront them in a heart-to-heart and even try to meet their family members: you will know for sure if they love you or not (they will try to avoid you meeting their family and friends unless they fake those people).
  • The Money Drainer, this is when other people inflate the cost of living around your area and then you have no choice but to suck it up and work harder. It's a butterfly effect because since everyone around you is rich more people want to make you pay more.
  • The Clueless Genius, this type of person is hard to pinpoint, but most of the time they are people that pretend to not know anything but are usually more humble than anyone else. It's a tactic to become more likable, but it's very rare to do since you have to be able to make a fool out of yourself, which many people don't do.

I believe there are more types of life traps people use, but those are the ones I was able to think of on the spot, but I will add more if I ever encounter new tactics. Now, I want to go into more depth of Life Trap situations those tactics put people in.

For a majority of them, they usually force you to sacrifice something: your health, time, money, or relationship. The only thing you should never sacrifice is your health and relationships. The tactics mentioned above will most likely be mentally exhausting because they tend to break your mood and try to get into your consciousness, but always remember no one really matters. Also, humans are all fragile creatures.

That's it for the types of Life Trap tactics people can use and now we will move on to correlations and impact on society and ways you can overcome them all.

People That Could Enforce These Life Traps

Most common of these life traps could be a co-worker like your boss or a family member like your grandma or aunt (rare to be your parents, but possible). Sometimes if you want to actually know if someone is going to be your friend and isn't the type of friend that's your friend because of status or convenience is to play an easy social sport or better, a game that requires teamwork. The much easier way is to have a one-on-one discussion and hardly anyone can handle that kind of conversation these days; try to talk using the FORD format: family, occupation, recreation, and dreams, and expand on a sub-topic until you feel content with that person. This is true for many companies that try to force coworkers to do things together, but ultimately, people all give out different vibes and are attracted to certain people. It's like saying most puzzle pieces only fit in one spot, it's true, and if you force it, you will break the puzzle or the person in this case (oh, but you can shape the person or puzzle, yes you can and that's the only special trait for a person versus a puzzle, but it takes time and effort).

Avoidance and Solutions

Finding ways to avoid these common life traps will be well understood on why people employ them by watching this interesting video.

All video credits to Primer: a wonderful channel.

In the video above, also check out The Prisoner's Dilemma: This is why it's hard for two intelligent persons to cooperate with each other whole-heartedly.

This is why sometimes your best friend can become your worst enemy, but that only happens if either one of you becomes a hawk. If you are both doves, betrayal rarely happens!

You may be wondering how this correlates to the idea of life traps, but let me spell it out easily for you and I'm not going to sugar coat at all. Most of the life traps that are going to be used against you are primarily used by the HAWKS, now let's think about it simply. People know you cannot do anything about it, because in the law, it's unlawful to hurt other people and defame them? But what if they could do it in such a sly manner that circumvents the law? Yes! This is what the hawks do to beat the doves. Many people are being taken advantage of every single day and it is because the hawks are in the majority of late. The personality of a hawk is easy to spot, but sometimes they can pretend to be a dove but are secretly a hawk.

A common solution is avoidance and knowing when you are being taken advantage of. Sometimes they also tend to say things that are true just to take advantage of you: here is an example. 

We all know the economy is bad, but listen that's just an opinion and whatnot. Sometimes your boss or anyone will tell you, that you cannot do anything and such, but that's obviously not true. They tried to get you with a life trap. Be better than that and always be cautious of what you tell other people. Doves are mostly down to earth people, and it's easy to tell as well. If the person cannot have a serious one-to-one talk with you for like ten minutes: chances are is that the person is a hawk, and you should be care

In addition to the example, you can tell as well that because of the many hawks, newer generations are starting to feel the aftermath. Because in our education system, we are taught to be doves, but when we go out into the real world, YOU FIND OUT EVERYONE IS MOSTLY A HAWK. All the doves that live, usually die before 30, and why don't you ever hear or see about those good people? Because the HAWKS are controlling what you see, what you learn, and what you can do. This causes this problem in the article below:

I know the new generation also does an isolation tactic to people that are bad apples, and that is a good way to help a hawk change into a dove. Think of it as nature, because at the end of the day humans are just creatures by nature. A shark will hunt and live for itself, and two sharks can form a family, but once they need help, because of their shark personality, no one wants to help them, but in law, there is some sort of support. However, dolphins will always help each other. I know you may think it's like democrats and republicans, but having a personality is different than having a political side to choose. A personality is a lifestyle and politics is a choice. You should not confuse the two.

A few solutions to get out of life traps is to surround yourself with people that are genuine. It's hard to find that these days because some people like to pretend or see it as a game. Some people love to act and get a power trip from it. Those people are protected just like any other person, but this is why sometimes life traps are hard to get out of, especially if you have no choice but to go into one! Sometimes you are left with no other options or it may just be difficult for you to progress in areas like academics, careers, or whatever. Yes, I also struggle with academics and whatnot, but I do not want to change my personality just to take advantage of other people.

The only solution you are left with is to identify them and avoid them. Even some of the laws in our justice system are not fair and are favorable by hawks in society. It's a losing game for doves and nice people. What we can do is simply ignore them and do not play their game. Or better yet, you can play them at their game or try to be on good terms with them.

That is another solution if you're in a life trap you can try to compromise with the opposing party, but do know hawks love to fight to the death.

There is More:

There is a lot more information and knowledge about life traps and surrounding topics, but I'm not actually discovering anything new. Many philosophers have already known this (Plato, ), and this is just the nature of life. You can easily search up and read just a bit about emotional choices, office politics, the human mind, or better yet, you can join online communities and socialize with people! Yes, don't be afraid to talk to random strangers because, at the end of the day, you are nothing more than some random creature on a tiny planet in an infinite spanning universe.

Check this article out if you are interested in philosophers:

Thank You

Thank you for reading this article and have a fantastic day~ I know this article may seem to poke many controversies, but remember to always smile through life because nothing beats smiling (or feeling happy).

This is your online best friend of the Universe writing to you with heart.

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