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This article is a compiled article of all the old idea creations from the old version of the website!

What is this:

Idea creation was a category created for ideas that I had, but don't have either the capital or skills to execute and create. Some of these ideas are probably not practical, but it's more-so doable in the time to come. I know ideas are abundant, but with my engineering background, I will also try to figure out what technologies can accomplish these ideas to be made into real products or services! Below are all the old articles, which are in chronological order of published date from the old website!

How it's shown here:

Some idea creation articles from the old website are not finished, but I will not finish them. Everything is just a copy and paste of text with the images from the old articles. The next sections will be the old articles with the original date and title within that section.

Title: Smart Phone Electrical Grid System

Published Date (from old site): 2014-03-25 23:02:00


Recently or a couple months ago, I know that San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE) are changing their electrical circuits into smart grids.

This means that if part of a huge grid gets shut down out of power sharing a power plant, then neighbor grids won't be affected, and that grid can be fixed without affecting a whole grid system.

So I thought of this idea:

There are many apps for smart phones these days, but with technology always getting better, I was thinking of an app for controlling the electrical grid system of a consumer home. The idea is that the app will have control switches that will send signals with in a specific radius area of your home. 


In 10 more years I can buy a house that uses this. The house's electrical circuits have low cost, energy efficient signals that can receive either a 0 or 1, like a bool expression. In the app, each of the "signals" wherever located in the house can have it's own identity. But first, lets talk about security...

When the consumer buys these types of home, then of course their must be some sort of secret key, app I.D., and password to be used so that the home's electrical grid system can register it with your smart phone. Once that is done, the company that has this database for this app should of course make sure that the data is secure.


Back to the example:

So with the app on my phone, I can go to a section titled Kitchen lights, and have switch on and off. When I hit on, then a signal is sent to that receiver for the kitchen circuit and permits current to pass through a wire, that was closed, and then the lights turn on. Same concept for lights off. 


What about the electrical grid system for the house?

These days, it is possible to do "wireless charging". So I think that instead of hard wiring everything in a house, you can just install a generator that can distribute the current throughout the house hold where it is needed. 


Wait, what if I forget to turn something off in the house and leave?

When you leave the radius, the signal on your smart phone to the main receiver of your house will get weak. Once that happens then everything in your house will turn off.


But what if I don't want to turn things off?

Easy! In the app a smart configuration setting can allow if you want a certain device in your house to not automatically turn on/off within radius. So when you set it to off, lets say your garage door. Then when you leave the specified radius, your garage door will not turn off because you turned off automatic radius on/off switch for it.


I don't know if this is a cool idea to anyone, but I like it. I might add more later on, we'll see...

Title: Going from the brain to the computer

Published Date (from old site): 2014-05-20 12:08:00


Here is my idea on how we can accomplish a human brain communicating with a computer, and storing data.

The goal of this document will be how to communicate with a computer using the brain, or hooking up a brain so that the computer can communicate with it.

The computer is in a language that is not easy to read, but how can we make a language for our brain and the computer to understand?

By creating a new language that is easily translated from the DNA language mRNA into Binary language of computers.

This new language will convert the amino acid sequence into binary sequences, which will then go through a new database with this new language to communicate with a computer.

The model goes like this: brain -> new language -> computer


Hooking the brain up to the new language machine:

I was thinking that when the new language is complete for the amount of known amino acids consisting in the human body, this will be the next stage of communicating the brain with the computer. We are able to do this because the human body has signs of electrical current or voltage. Wires will be hooked up externally on the head of a human using probes to determine where the most thinking activity is located. Then sensors will pick up the neuron activity going on in the brain, and this data is getting sent to the new language machine then transferred to the computer. Humans will be able to also do tasks using their mind on the computer instead of physically moving their hand, etc.


The New Language:

The new language will be called "cH+", I call it cH+ because the computer secondary language will be either C, C#, or C++, and H stands for Human, and plus is for the meaning of advancing technology. The new language will be a language that is comprised of amino acids converted into binary sequences. These binary sequences must all be defined in such a way for a computer to understand. The machine that will be used, will have to be a special machine with a processor that is fast enough to record neurological activity going on in the brain. The machine must also have a few other components to transfer data back and fourth from the brain and the computer. People who are fluent in the computer language, and scientist fluent with amino acids with a special credential will be the only people to update, make changes, or fix this language.


What will it be used for:

This new method of communicating the brain with a computer will be ground-breaking. Humans will be able to create applications and software that can utilize this idea. People will be able to save documents, memory from their brain, recreate dreams, music, all by using their brain and saving it onto a hard drive, solid state drive, or so. This will mark a new era of technology which I will call "Hyper-Human Unified-Technology" (HHUT). Once this milestone is accomplished then more ideas can be created and this will also help with identifying cures for further diseases that involve the brain, such as Alzheimer, etc.


Access with a computer:

Although many will be worried about security. If one were to use this special machine to store data from their brain into a computer, people would hack for bad reasons. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to store a special sequence that the person's DNA structure uses. No one in the world will ever have the same DNA structure. Only doctors and such will ever be allowed to analyze people's DNA, and will have the highest responsibility and highest punishment if they do bad things.


What else can be done:

With this new working technology, it can be implemented into everything else that uses electric. Wouldn't it be cool to have it on a cellular phone, fridge, stove, television, ATMs, and whatnot?


Public Areas:

Within public areas there will have to be a master DNA structure sequence that a CEO will have access to on a computer. So then the public people will not be able to alter, harm, or damage the network that an application, software, or device uses. In order to delegate authority to other people the CEO must log-in to the special network with their DNA sequence, and manually select the option to allow someone else power to use in that network.


Estimated time to accomplish this:

If all the smart people come together to work on this new language, a machine, and do experiments daily, it can be done in less than five years.



I will update, or post a new article if I make changes to this idea, because I feel like it could work.

Title: A New Major of Study: ExoPlanetary Engineer

Published Date (from old site): 2014-06-25 12:59:00


I want to share my idea of a new major of study: an ExoPlanetary Engineer!

What are they?

ExoPlanetary Engineers are one of the most rigorous majors to study. They mainly focus on the growth of which planet humans can live on and analyze what decisions they can make to efficiently provide plans on utilizing a planet for the longest term possible for human growth. 

The type of decisions ExoPlanetary Engineers make are in terms of what kind of resources that planet has to offer. These engineers think of plans to create factories or workplaces and decide how energy will be harvested from these planets as well as natural resources. ExoPlanetary Engineers are also in charge of making sure food is available to people that live in the planet and delegate resources to other companies in need of them.


What classes should they take?

ExoPlanetary Engineers must take prerequisites like other engineering classes, but are also focus on astronomy, life science, environmental science, and some chemistry. Classes should combine life science and environmental science together, and astronomy together with chemistry. With life science and environmental science the engineer will know how to determine the biosphere and know or figure out what kind of life people would expect to see on a planet. With astronomy and chemistry, the engineer will know how to locate a planet and know the chemical make-up of that planet and provide an overview on what to find on that planet (such as resources).

In the upper division classes for an ExoPlanetary Engineer, they will focus on multiple classes that will utilize advanced mathematics to create and determine the best type/kind of factories that will better serve the people and the planet's health. For a senior project, students will come up with possible methods to create renewable energy from real data on real planets that astronomers find in space. The model will then be put into consideration for a large-scale attempt in actually doing that to the planet. The University has to be certified, or at least acknowledged to go through meetings with other top STEM field workers for approval.


Long Term Career and Time at College:

ExoPlanetary Engineers will most likely take up to six years of academic classes at college. Yes, six years. That is taking eight classes a year for two semesters in the field. As for a career, the engineers will work at companies that specialize in space-related projects (like NASA). Students in this major will automatically be given internships and is required to have at least 3 months of experience in a company before graduating with their diploma. When these students graduate they will be given the Bachelor of Science in ExoPlanetary Engineering, and have a sash that is color blue with planets on it.



I will add more information later.

Title: (Smart) Hydro Solar-Wind Turbine

Published Date (from old site): 2014-10-07 17:59:00


Are you ready for the best next idea for alternative power? Lets stop using Industrial Age power plants. It's time for the Advanced  Life Age! Lets be smart about creating power that is hopefully not harmful to our beloved Earth.

This invention combines steam boiling to move rotational gears to create power, solar panels to absorb the sun's energy, and a wind turbine for power from the wind.

How it Works:

Now you are wondering, how the heck does this work? It's simple. Firstly, the structure of this will be a huge wind turbine. That catch is that in certain parts of the turbine, there is a special type of glass (like a mirror) than can shine through it. These mirrors are then focused onto a boiler that will heat up to create steam! Once steam is being created. At the top of the inside of the wind turbine there are gears that will rotate because of the steam, which will create power. 
On the outer layer of the wind turbine that does not have the special mirrors to heat up the boiler, it is covered with solar panels. The solar panels collect energy from the sun, and can either be stored into a generator or use some of it's power to spin the wind turbine's blades.
The wind turbine will obviously be collecting power from it's spinning blades.

A bonus to this invention is gutter-like (pool?) collectors. When it rains the rain will travel through some big pool that is connected to the wind turbine's boiler. The rain water will go through a filter first (with SMART sensors) before going into the boiler to be turned into steam. This could probably make cloud seeding useful (right?).

How will it look like:

As mentioned above, it is going to be a very big wind turbine. The greatest feature is that is can harvest tons of power. This is the combination of steam, solar, and wind (and use of SMART Technology of sensors to reduce maintenance costs). Nothing can beat this! Imagine this for me please. One third of the wind turbine is covered with intensifying glass that point to the boiler inside for steam. Then the two thirds of it is covered with solar panels. Then the wind blades are an exterior part. That is pretty much it. 

Ideal Locations:

Yes, this invention will probably not do that well in places with less exposure to the sun. However, if the turbine is big enough and can almost reach a level of altitude where the wind is active, then it would still be good. Not to mention that if the power is not being fully used, we can somehow store that unused power into a power storage generator for use later. 



One of the few complications is that if it is night time. The invention will be almost useless in gathering power. So maybe I was thinking of creating a special type of space object. This space object will have a complex GPS system that will be sent into space for orbit. However it's orbit will always want to face the sun. So this object will go in reverse (or something, not sure yet). The mirrors on this object will then concentrate heat that is reflecting of it, to point directly at the Hydro Solar-Wind Turbine to heat the boiler for steam (super crazy GPS pinpointing). This sounds really complicated though, and probably it might not be able to do (yet).

Another complication is water for steam. So my idea for this is another device that can turn air into its liquid state and be stored into the boiler 24/7 until the boiler is full of water. This should be okay, because steam is okay right? Steam is not as harmful as Carbon Dioxide.

Another complication could be maintenance costs. However, the infrastructure will be specially built (SMART Technology) so that a person can walk up the turbine like a lighthouse to check it out. Also, the Hydro Solar-Wind Turbine will have special sensors that are connected to an application on the master computer that will send signals if something is status:good and status:bad. When a sensor becomes red (status:bad), then the whole turbine will shut itself down until a mechanic comes to fix the problem with it.



This invention will be super dangerous, and only certified engineers or specialist can have access to them.
If it rains or if there is a storm, then the Hydro Solar-Wind Turbine should be able to withstand the storm, and be equipped with special material that will not rust with rain.

How To Test This Invention:

Instead of trying to build a whole plant of Hydro Solar-Wind Turbine, just start off with one. Depending on how big it is, the more power and energy it will collect. As soon as a lot of these are made, the cost of making one will obviously become cheaper.



Have fun, and good luck with this. If it works, then you will become a rich company that is able to produce environmentally friendly power.

Title: Holographic Laser Block Laptop

Published Date (from old site): 2015-01-11 15:41:00


Today I thought of an idea of a new type of leading laptop! I will have a few pictures to show for this laptop that will be the next in leading technology forward. I'm not sure if it will work, but I can definitely see this in the store for consumers who love to game on the go with their tablet or whatever. It is also very light, and takes up less space, so it is perfect for going anywhere!

This device is very simple right?


As you can see in all the pictures, I do not fully go into detail, but you can get the idea of what I am trying to do. Of course this device is not very heavy gaming, unless parts become smaller and powerful in the future. This device will only have one rear exhaust fan for the heat dissipation. This device will also be made out of special metal that stays cool when contact with air. 

Here is a simple side-view of the device. Please keep in mind there are wires not drawn for the sensors that detect the screen and keyboard. These sensors will also turn off automatically if they are blocked by an object, or go into hibernate mode, if blocked for more than 10 seconds.


The device will also have other units on the motherboard, such as a chip-set, a wireless network card, and other features to fit daily needs of people. Essentially, this device can be configured with any OS, just like a Raspberry Pi, the only difference is that it can also be configured with Android OS or an Apple OS. Lets just say anything! It's block like figure will be 14 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 3 inches in depth. 

The parts will be different for certain consumers. There will be 3 types, the types will only differ in parts in terms of power. Like you know the CPU for example. $500 for one with an i3, $700 for i5, etc.

The only new idea for this, is an alternative to laptops. These laptops will be very portable, light-weight, multi-purpose, water resistant, and it will be also perfect for educational learning (such as taking notes in class). There will also be 3 different sizes for this too! An 8 inch, 14 inch, and a 17 inch. Moving onto more about the laser sensors, a CPU will manage the display of them when the laptop is turned on. How far the laser goes will determine how far the screen and keyboard will be. So, people can also adjust the settings in their OS, or by going to the BIOS setup to change the sizes. The laser will adjust accordingly to your desire. However, the lasers are also limited by the physical length of your laptop (8 inch, 14 inch, etc.)!

As for now the laptop will have 3 USB 3.0 or 4.0 ports, and if needed people can just buy a USB extender for extra ports. I think 3 will be good enough. Now for people who love gaming, and want to have a mechanical keybaord and mouse, they can use them on this laptop, this will disable the holographic laser keyboard. I forgot to mention that the laser keyboard will have a special property, where about a certain area is reserved as a mouse pad with touch, to emulate, a track pad and mouse. The motherboard in this laptop is layered which means it is essentially a flat motherboard turned into sections that have circuits going up to the next layer. This will make it possible for this design to work.

I would add more pictures, but I am sure this will be enough for a start!

For now, that is all.

Title: The Future: Prebirth Matching

Published Date (from old site): 2015-04-18 11:48:00


Today, I have came up with the best method for people to use to find their soul partner or potential soul mate/partner, to produce the best baby/offspring based on obviously natural selection. This method requires massive data collection, simulation, and requires support to actually work. Please check it out if you're interested.

As a rough overview, this may or not be made, but it is an ideal method with high chances of success. Are you tired of people trying to get married, or not sure if that person will be good for you? Are you insecure of how your child will grow-up or want help? Well if you are confident enough, then live your life, but if you need some reference look here first!

How it Works:

How this will work will require a huge data center site. I would like for this project to be in the hands of a Government Agency, and this service will be open to the public. In order to pay for the costs of this project, taxes will be raised 1.2% which will go towards to the cost of maintaining this awesomeness. 

This service will work better than dating, matching, and those apps that say it will find a match for you. Usually, those algorithms are wrong. We don't want to look for a match by the surface of the ocean. The real match begins at a microscopic level, such as DNA compatibility.

Basically, this service will let users sign-up out of free will. All the data will be "somewhat public" however, people can set that in their settings. Users will only be able to sign up once! That is with their social security number and a finger scan, eye scan, or hair strand scan. Why must it be secure? Because this is a Global way of servicing people, not just people with internet!

Once a user has made an account, you can set-up your profile, or not. Now here is the weird part. Instead of going to the hospital for testing and whatnot, you can buy a specially made device that hooks up to your computer. You then plug this USB device in and start the software that can analyze your sperm, period, or blood. This is a massive data collection, and this will only work with massive data collection. With over 7 billion people in the world, there is a higher chance you will find a match that will create your best offspring! So to all those people who just want to make profit out of this, George Washington would be disappointed in you. 

Once the user puts whatever sample they want into the device... A little more about the device: the device will be a USB capsule with analyzing technology inside, maybe infra. These will scan the DNA at a microscopic level, send that data to the database, and go through a thick wall of algorithms based on other DNA samples, and combine DNA with other DNA to simulate the best person for an offspring. Of course, it will only do it for your preferences, such as male, female, and more! Once that/your DNA strand has found a "superior" combinations, the server will send you the person, who would be most suitable for a healthy child. Of course this may not always work, because there could be mutations! So in the simulation it will always assume 98% chance of success.

Do not worry, this service will be very customizable. Users can define a range (in miles or kilometers) of how far to search, gender preferences, ethnicity, skin color, height, age, hair color, and hobbies (these will be tags of course). Remember, the results from these will either be spot-on or you are just too insecure. With this method the algorithm could also implement a deep-learning system, that can create a huge library of unique DNA strands! That way in the future humans can "create" humans that are amazing! 

This project would require all the scientists and engineers to work.

How will it look like:

The USB device is described above, but it will look like an egg capsule with technology that analyzes DNA or substances at a microscopic level using special light/lasers. Most of the data will be handled at a private location or public, not that it matters. Please make George Washington proud to have created America, and for you country that has been unified happy. You don't need hackers if you have a system that does not reward them. Anyways, the data center will have to be most suitable for a few companies and will be in join operation with the government.

Ideal Locations:

Obviously a secure and safe location.



A few complications. Cost would be one, work skill as this may be difficult to accomplish, public knowledge because many people do not know about things, hackers, and distrust with the service after a first experience. 

Many of the other soul-mate matching services are terrible and people do not trust it because the implication that it works, while maybe say it does not work, gets into their mind, and they lose trust. So with this service, it will find matches, because it is using yourself at the microscopic level to find the person that will create the best offspring together!

What about people who put other liquid? Obviously this is an easy remedy. Certain liquids have a required strand of DNA or molecular structure. So if it is missing a common blood, sperm, or egg structure, the software will say" Error: This sample is insufficient for DNA matching."



Natural disasters can destroy the equipment. So create, back-up data centers, voltage/current regulators, and additional security walls. 

How To Test This Invention:

Test is the same way you would a normal service. By trying it out. Input your social security number(never give this to anyone, unless it is for a better purpose, in this case we need to create another one, called a World Security Number (WSN), and additional fields, sample your sperm, blood, or egg (it has to be liquid, not urine, unless it becomes more advanced). Then other people can try it, and see if they get a match. Remember these "matches" are for the best offspring, but you might like the person!



This project could work, if there is a responsible team. If you have any questions feel free to comment. I may add more or not.

Title: Thinking of submerged man-made processor core

Published Date (from old site): 2015-10-11 01:17:00


It's been quite some time since I wrote an idea down. I have several ideas, but this is one of the more extreme ones. This idea is for advancing processor's power while not increasing temperature. This is for extreme element doping and precision instruments.


The Idea:

So my idea for this processor core design is to have all the essentials: the computing, graphics, wifi, display, and more. What's cool about this idea is the fact that this chip will need little to no cooling system as it will be doing something amazing within the encased chip.  


How do we make it:

The transistors will be made of a reverse conducting metal. That is because it will be encased with special liquid that has been doped to consume heat. Think of it as a double encasement. The transistors will also be made thing using stringlike material that has been man-made for very fast computing. As for the liquid, I was thinking about something like nitrogen liquid fused with properties of mineral oil and a radioactive substance that is good for taking in heat and cooling it down quickly. 


What's the purpose of it:

The purpose of it is to achieve better computing with almost a non-existent chip and cooling system. It will be highly helpful in all devices as we are able to shrink down the processor more until it is close to a small mass that can output energy and quickly dissipate it to stay cool. 


Hazards and pre-cautions:

A hazard would be that this processor will be extremely dangerous if opened because the liquid used will most likely be toxic to humans. 


 Any design issues or complications:

The design issues would definately be the scale theory and getting the processor encased in a two step chip. The inside will be the transistor chip in the liquid then another layer is for a temperature carrier to dissipate heat which could also be absorbe by a metal on the outside. Not to mention, that the liquid itself stays cool because it wants to stay cool. This chip would need precise instruments to the nanometer or smaller, picometer. A complication would be extensive doping research on elements and materials to find such properties. We can only scale so much, until we need to find or make new elements and materials to advance our technology. As you can see, the technology today is not seeing any real improvements by a large margin.



This was only a small thought I had. I would need to greatly describe the circuitry as well to be in more depth. Hopefully, I at least set a general idea and outline.

Title: Li-Fi encased cable and new motherboard standard, Global

Published Date (from old site): 2016-01-04 12:26:00


As you have may heard of the new way to transmit data using light, many are questioning or stating they don't want light to be on 24/7.

Since the coming of wi-fi, people have already begun thinking of the next way to transmit data faster. Now scientists have done it. You can read this article for more information too

For the global li-fi part go to the design and complications section below.


The Idea:

Now one method I was thinking about for containing light is using a tube made out of flexible glass. The inside of this tube will reflect light all the way to the consumer's machine. I'm sure mechanical and electrical engineers will be needed for that part, and hardware and software engineers will be needed to create the pci or new standard li-fi port on motherboards.


How do we make it:

First we need to gather resources to create flexible glass a reality and mass produce it. You can use steel, gold, aluminum or other metals to reflect bouncing light in the encased tube. The outside of the tube will be rubber or another material to encase the tube so light won't shine outside. This part will need chemical engineers for designing flexible glass and the latter for electrical engineers.

After making the tube for carrying the light source. Now we need a propriety port on the motherboard to connect the li-fi to. I'm thinking of a port that is circular that can be inserted like an Ethernet jack, but this li-fi port needs to be screwed in with simple wash or turning bolt to secure it. Then software engineers can create an application for the li-fi, since it is different than wi-fi.


What's the purpose of it:

This way of containing li-fi will hide your network from other people. Li-fi is much faster than wi-fi.


Hazards and pre-cautions:

There are probably none, unless someone tampers with the wires. 


Any design issues or complications:

Creating flexible glass and creating a new standard for delivering data. 

As for a global use of li-fi, it is possible to program a satellite to orbit the Earth at the same spot to always be facing the sun. In other words the satellite will reflect light from the sun across the whole spectrum of the Earth. So listen carefully.

One big main satellite for containing the light of the sun, then the main satellite can have reflectors that will send the light to other satellites. These satellites then fire non-visible light across the entire Earth. Now the Earth has internet 24/7.



Although this is not a standard yet, we should consider pushing for this standard to create a happier world. This will increase communication across the world and even across galaxies. Sending light through space is the fastest way to transmit data in space anyway.

Title: Bio-Engineered Future Human

Published Date (from old site): 2016-03-06 20:05:00


A bio-engineered future human? Wait how? Genetic engineering and modification is the only way we can survive in the future.

Essentially we will use biomimicry to get all the good parts of the animals for creating exo-skeletons of all kinds. Then we choose the genes of many creatures to collect genes from and create better humans, possibly even more intelligent humans! In the Universal race of survival; humans of Earth are already behind (by a lot).

Title: Specialized Specific Secured Data - World Social Security Number

Published Date (from old site): 2016-08-03 14:24:00


This idea is the first part of a multi-step idea into bringing a more secure method to encrypting data and securing it to people with a lesser rate of being hacked. In these ideas I'll be exploring a concept where we will go over many new and exciting technology as well as come up with brand new ideas that will pave the way for the next generation of security, especially in TCP and other types of networks.

The Idea:

The idea of creating a World Social Security Number is for a need of a new layer of encryption of existing social security numbers for existing issued numbers. Since each country has there own way of distributing their own way of a social security number, the World Social Security Number is an optional form of a top level security for individuals to receive. This top level number is going to be part of the next step into a better way of encrypting and scrambling data of a network and even if it was intercepted it would be impossible to decrypt. 

Essentially what the World Social Security Number does is it will be provided through a rigorous method for approval by one association that decides to adopt this idea. In order to receive a World Social Security Number, one must submit their birth certificate, their social security number, and a small blood sample. Once the process if reviewed you will be given a special accessory (necklace, ring, bracelet) that is weather-conditioned proof to wear at all times. This accessory will be part of this method, but could also be in a form of a card with a chip as well. The downside of the card version is if you lose it, there will be a chance of getting hacked.

What goes into this chip is a special series of binary and DNA. Your DNA from your blood sample will be used as an encryption layer that is extremely unique. Everyone has different DNA structures and it would be impossible to hack unless they kill you or acquire a sample of your DNA. Along with your DNA however, additional encrypting methods will also be layered onto this device such as MD5 or the latest methods. So it's a multi-layered encrypted data that will be impossible to break into.

Another idea along with layers of encryption is multi-parralel encryption where there are two sequences that both go through a decrpyt process. If one of them fails to decrypt the authorization is failed and canceled/halted. Parralel encryption happens at the same time and can be used as other method to strenthghen data. It is almost similar to sending packets with certain algorithms attached to a packet from the senders end with a key and another key is used to decrypt the data when receiving it.

So since people can voluntarily acquire one, what's the use of it?

If developers and engineers want to create something to be with legitimate users they can opt to request for a developer I.D. and will and must follow the strict procedure for use of the World Social Security Number API. If they break a term, they will be issued a life sentence in prison and be confiscated of anything relating to the account they used for the API.

That's the gist of the idea, but now lets move on.


How do we make it:

In order to make this invention we need a prime platoon of scientists and engineers ready to start programming and engineering the necessary tools for this large scale project. Special equipment must be made to be able to analyze blood samples and detect the patterns of the DNA strands and identify what is what to be stored into the chip along with additional encryption. 

We would also need specialized software that can read and access the servers for each specific person in which it stores data for. This is basically a middle-API network. Which can issue API keys to be used for other application that in return gives a different API, which offers more layers of safety. What about data encryption though and specific server and packet exclusion request? That will be in the next part of this idea.

As for acquiring a blood sample, a person can go to their local approved hospital and get it sent to the association for approval of a World Social Security Number. 


What's the purpose of it:

The purpose of this idea is to circumvent botting and fake accounts from flooding a server. As we all know, botnets exists and they tire out hardware, put unnecessary strain for real users and can cause sever damage to many data-centers around the world. This level of encryption is a way of ensuring that an account is of legitimate use by a real person and not a robot.


Hazards and pre-cautions:

The only hazards to be worried about is if a nuclear missile were to destroy the center of operations.


Any design issues or complications:

Design issues would arise in designing a machine capable to handle request and filter out request to the server based on the encryption method. More about this in the upcoming section for this idea later.

Complications could be creating the software to run this. It will need knowledge-able people in many STEM fields and will not be made without hard effort.



More will be added into the next sections of this idea.

Title: Specialized Specific Secured Data - Encrypting Packets

Published Date (from old site): 2016-08-03 14:59:00


This article is a continuation of the idea specified in the title. 


Note: I will add more later to this article, but I just wrote a small outline to refresh myself later.

The Outline:

Discuss the severity of compromised data

Accessing the server for API request

Keeping legitimate users

Creating the software

Discuss the hardware

The purpose for the chip in detail

Encrypting packets with DNA sequence to access a sub-server then to access the main server

Sending data back through the main server then going to a authentication server one for legitimacy and then the next for permission from the person who owns the account, and then back to the server the API was requested from for data. This will be added in a later time, in a new article (maybe).


Note: The outline will be followed below


Compromised Data:

Data that becomes compromised by external forces would still happen, assuming the worst case scenario, but the data will be meaningless because the packet will scatter itself or start to destroy itself once it leaves the flow of traffic. Protocols will be extremely sensitive to where the data goes, so if a hacker does manage to acquire packets from traveling to certain locations, it will be useless data to them as it will only be a piece of information. I know there is a practice for this in network trafficking, I forgot what it's called, something like, nevermind I can't seem to find the correct term online. 

That's mostly it for this section.


Accessing the server for API request:

In order to access the server, users and developers will of course be grants several levels of privilege to the server in order to access data for whatever reason. These API keys will have a separate server with a copy of the main data server. This way the real data is never actually touched by untrusted people. Although it may be costly to upkeep, it decreases the likelihood of a data breach. The mock server, I guess I'll call it that, will be an API request machine for copies of the data from the real server. So, in essence, there is a middle man machine that will authenticate requests to such a level where the protocols for get requests are monitored closely in the network traffic.

This ensures that no outside person will interrupt data flowing from the main server, as it is crucial for the system to be online most of the time, of course that's the whole idea anyways.


Keeping legitimate users:

Keeping legitimate users would not be a problem, but of course there will be machine learning involved in this system. A deep neural network will be in place that will be beside the main server. Here, data scientists will work with AI to discover more about the world and life in general. This was we can understand and finely tune an automated tasks versus a real life human approach. Of course, we would have to maybe identify each DNA strand to legitimate DNA strands against previously collected data from another trusted data source such as hospitals. In the even of a hospital forging data, anything related to that hospital will have to be re-authenticated through the main service of this idea, or another hospital in good-standing with providing samples.

Legitimate users will see many benefits, and although privacy is always a concern. I want to greatly stress that privacy shall not be invaded by a company or an individual, Anonymity is extremely important, and there must be a balance between the freedom of the people, and the prying eye of technology.


Creating the software:

Obviously, the stack and technologies for this idea is epic-scale. There won't be no language that isn't used. Practically all languages will be used, even the non-programming languages. The AI that is implemented to the server that analyzes data all day, will study and figure out what humans or anything in general do. We can combine this system with IoT, internet of things, in which we add sensors that relay real-time information back to the server so that we can better understand life in general.

More on the software side, the most common language used may of course be in the C derivatives as it is a language that has been around and has many libraries already for use. In terms of scaling, we can implement automatic scaling by automatically turning on or off servers based on put and get requests so that we can save energy when need be. We do not wants to keep unnecessary servers online when we don't need the processing power.

Although the software can be more complicated in itself, I may have to dedicate it's own article for the specific design, database schema, architecture, and much more.


Discuss the hardware:

Only the best of the best, and the most reliable of the able. Data centers will be rich with high-grade servers, we may even consider creating special grade material that can withstand high temperatures to orbit the sun or Earth and be powered by solar-energy and momentum. The hardware will be using sensors and of course signals to communicate to sub-data centers on the ground.

Back-up data centers will obviously be a good need, just in case a sever accident were to happen. The locations of the data centers may not be revealed and will be droned. Any being may be terminated unless authorized  to access the perimeter. Of course, you will be warned before-hand if you happen to stumble upon the place.

People will be able to tour the data center if wished for, but a strong background check will be in place, for security reasons of course.


The purpose for the chip in detail:

The chip that people can have with them, will be semi-organic. It will increase it's life-span so that humans won't have to worry about the electronic degrading overtime. By then, the chip will also utilize the voltage in humans naturally and operate at such low voltage, that you may never need to change it's battery again. We can consider formulating a new type of material that can identify what is energy in our blood.

Aside from that, the main purpose of the chip is to increase our ease of daily living, so that we can more-so enjoy life without the necessary needs of authenticating real people, doing paperwork, filing paperwork, calling people, appointments. The purpose for this idea and it's chip is to give us more time to live what we want to do. We can spend more time fishing, camping, making movies, making games, and not worry about time-consuming interactions that we displeasure-ly so despise.

Again, I may have to type a whole article about the design and layout of this chip to put in great detail of how it will work. Generally, it needs sensors, a blood to energy converter, a unique chip layout, and more.


Encrypting packets with DNA sequence to access a sub-server then to access the main server:

As already previously mentioned, fragments of a user's DNA will be in the sending and receiving end. They will be sent in small packet waves, and then they will be pieced together using the DNA as the key for decrypting (not a word?) the data. I already kind of mentioned this in one of the above sections, so there is no need to further explain.

Typically and ideally, it would be a good idea to also force-check DNA sequences to DNA that may be similar to DNA sequences that were artificially made for botting and filter out those trends to better understand and have a database server with legit users.


That's it for this article. Initially I thought I may not finish it. I'm busy with schoolwork, and I want to tackle more topics like this to help make myself more intelligent and share knowledge based on the ideas that formulate through my experiences just living life.

Title: A Beginning To AI and Beyond

Published Date (from old site): 2016-10-01 00:15:00


Updated and ready. I have wrote details and explanations for incorporating and using different technologies to fasten the research and development of the future.

Time to Start:

First off, everything may be hypothetical. I may have wrong information, but hopefully whoever reads this article can correct me. I'm going off of knowledge I have as of now. To start, AI is definitely not the future, but it is part of the future. Driverless cars, automated factories, or automated everything is also not the future. I say this because, realistically humans should focus firstly on curing diseases and making biologically disease and virus free humans. I strongly believe that human genetic modification is strictly the future. You just cannot ignore the possibilities of genetic modification especially in the long-term process of how we will exponentially experience time going forward. It is our destiny to die exploring. AI will only fasten the research and decrease the amount of time we humans can spend doing the boring tasks and focus on fun and much more important matters, such as research and experimenting more, or solving new formulas. Some truth to this, is that we may have already solved everything that is possible with our way of math, science, etc. However, we still need to research and explore new ways to solve and figure out certain unknowns in this world. In my belief, AI can help assist with that. If we can incorporate AI into meaningful systems and study the trends of what occurs, we can get a better grasp of the world around us. For now though, our database of AI or information is small.


My Idea of IoT:

So this semi-old phrase of the "Internet of Things" isn't that revolutionary in thought, but in execution it's amazing. We add a way for devices to communicate with each other, receiving and sending data to a main server, and that main server can send it to a server farm of big data to be analyzed. There we can have an AI programmed with correct mathematically trend analysis to help fasten our research. We will need the best processing power, micro-controllers, sensors, and circuitry to have a stable control on the entire system. There will be no need for analyst anymore as the machine will be able to study and learn about the trends. IoT is really the main goal of leading AI into the next stage for bigger development and fast cures for anything. Imagine if we added sensors to nano-bots that sends data about what a cancer cell does in our bodies? We can then analyze that data and find a method for the machine to systematically "cure" cancer for us. Of course, someone will have to code it and it will take a huge effort of people to create that algorithm. Sensor data is useless by itself, but if it is being analyzed by the correct method fit for the job, you will have a higher chance of figuring it out. Remember, it's like a puzzle. Some pieces won't fit, but not every piece can fit the same place (pretty sure that's the wrong saying). We could also use sensors to send data in many forms of things such as interactions with humans. Like wouldn't you want to know how many people do certain tasks? Just throw a sensor on it to receive input passively and send data to the server. Of course, this will conflict with privacy issues, but in the beginning of the world, everything was free. I'm not going to pressure religious ideals in this article, but in every bible (I have lightly read) they always start with everyone not caring about privacy. It's like our own knowledge is making us more recluse of one another. With sensors added into places of high traffic though, we would have to create protocols that can handle and direct all the data being sent through the air. This is of course achievable with sub-zero operating servers and machines. Those kind of machines are already made (if I remember correctly), but their applications are still being expanded and tested. Embedding and upgrading our current systems with IoT would be costly, but what is cost to someone who doesn't believe in currency? Well it sucks for us, since someone became greedy... With sensors in multiple systems, what we can also do with that data is start forming it into an AI that is like our self-created "God" of data and internet. This AI will have all the information of all the data in the world, and it will serve us... Uh oh! Sounds familiar doesn't it? That's it for this section, until I can expand more about IoT to enhance AI.


Biological Implementation:

Yes, although humans have created a law for us to forbid ourselves of mutations and such. The indefinite evolution of humans is through genetic modifications. No human will be able to live on Earth forever. By the infinite span of time and it's associated inherent nature of being in mostly every equation related to the STEM field, it's obvious as daylight to know what needs to be done, is because of time. Time is the only element in our life system that is never zero. It can be close to zero, but never exactly zero. So by using AI, we can have dummy bots that will use the own data it has collected from IoT and we can observe how the dummy will live it's life in our life until it dies and record that data into our server. This idea doesn't sound original at all. So I will try to move into a more technical direction.

Using nano-technology, we can study the diseases and collect data from cells or organisms that are the causes of such phenomenon. The real battle isn't even going to be about land, it's going to be about bacteria. As we all know, bacteria is the single most organism that have the most living in its type. By being able to design nano-bots to help facilitate at a microscopic level, we can even prevent diseases from spreading, stopping viruses, and shutting them down for good (temporarily). With that data in mind, we can then create products based off the findings and "cure" people if they do fall sick or terminally ill, which will no longer exist in the future. The nano-bots will also have a master AI server in which they communicate with. So in reality, although they are extremely tiny. They will have all their necessary functions in a server not local to their design. How to nano-bots will act is by receiving instructions from a remote server execute it, then go to its basic routine from the server. We can code this in as little as sending states, as in a state machine. 

Here is an example for instruction sending from a server to execute a specific AI command. I would illustrate this, maybe later. So we have a nano-bot that operates with bits of like four states. Each state corresponds to transmitted data and received data to a server. So once a secure connection is established, the server will send sequential data with instructions for the nano-bot to execute. I recently just learned about sequential data packet sending, but it would work the same way. Except these would be machine instructions instead of data packets. Protocols will have to be reconstructed or made specifically for this idea. However, it will work nonetheless.


Using AI for Everything:

What exactly will AI be used for? Basically everything that requires a systematic approach. Anything can be implemented with AI. AI helps us humans live easier. We always want to live our life. Everyone says that cheating is bad, but designing and creating something (like robots) that decreases our time spent doing anything is already cheating. I think cheating is a really loose word, and shouldn't even be a word. In the future, cheating is just a coined term to distinguish bad behavior from a human because of a system a human made, so that they can rightfully punish someone even though cheating is nothing really. Your own decisions is what causes you to fail, and your own ability to know something and execute something will be of your own loss, not because you cheated. AI would essentially know everything about our world, and it can focus on knowing where we humans will head to next. A great use for AI will definitely be space exploration. Now space is what I call the future. Space technology is going to be the future for us humans. Space is the biggest known entity, and we call it space because I guess there is just so much space, space just naturally became the term for it. Also in how it is outer, because it is outside of our only form of stable living on Earth. Hence, outer space.

We could also use AI for assisting in knowing the right time to do surgical operations or use AI to even teach new born humans knowledge... AI is a powerful tool, but it will also take the jobs of many current jobs. AI will obviously make our life easy, but it may diminish our drive or our purpose of doing something we love. I mean if an AI can draw better pictures better than a human, cost-wise, you would choose the robot.

Thank You:

These are all the 12 articles (quite a handful!) from the old website version of SunKoiWish! Thank you for reading and I hope to continue coming up with more ideas that are practical and possible!

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