There is a hot new game coming out this month during November that's going to steal the thunder of Inazuma in Genshin Impact. We have Tower of Fantasy set to release a possible final closed beta this November, with a speculated release in 1st quarter 2022. The people/company behind Tower of Fantasy? They are known as Hotta Studio!

Disclaimer: This is only an opinion and personal thoughts and you should do your own research too! Also, the title is not true, just needed it to be catchy :P

What is Tower of Fantasy?:

A complete comprehensive look of the current state of Tower of Fantasy!

In this article, you will learn about the upcoming ARPG, Tower of Fantasy, how it compares to Genshin Impact, and what to probably expect in the future from Tower of Fantasy.

So I'm pretty sure everyone knows about Genshin Impact by now. Genshin Impact was a huge hit that came out in 2020 and is by Mihoyo Studio. Before, we take a look at Tower of Fantasy, have a quick look at Genshin Impact, so you can understand why Tower of Fantasy has the potential to dethrone the sweeping sensation of 2020.

Genshin Impact

Of course, Genshin Impact has been known as an RPG inspired by hit classics, such as Breath of The Wild; with stunning landscapes, amazing cel-shading technology, while accompanied with a wide range of music that sets the mood. But danger lurks in the near future, as we have a new competitor about to enter the race!

That new competitor is Tower of Fantasy! Also, I'm not saying you should stop playing Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact and what game you want to play is up to you.

Now, landing into the market...

If that wasn't convincing enough for you and more is still needed, we will check out and analyze various sources of media of Tower of Fantasy. As a note, if you are interested in the beta happening this month:

Tower of Fantasy Beta

Tower of Fantasy:

Tower of Fantasy has a lot of things/elements going for it, but will it be able to live up to many people's expectations?

For the first part of this section, we will look at gameplay videos from past betas and see what makes it special apart from Genshin Impact.

Here are some gameplay videos:

Now, you make see some similarities with Genshin Impact, like the skills placement, the HUD, the look, and the music perhaps, but it's probably an improvement in my opinion.

Take a look at Steparu's gameplay video and you can see some bosses and monsters are almost quite similar to those in Genshin Impact. However, the monster renditions of Tower of Fantasy look much better and the gameplay seems more fast-paced and engaging, to almost a similar feel to Genshin Impact, with more emphasis on attacks and execution.

If you are unsure of what mob I was referring to, here is a video:

As you can see, that flower-like boss looks almost the same! I wonder what other kind of similarities and mobs will Tower of Fantasy have from Genshin Impact.

To add, Tower of Fantasy is going to be (iirc or hope-to-be) cross-platform; meaning it has a mobile, pc, and possibly console version, kind of like Genshin Impact.

Now to analyze what Tower of Fantasy has to offer from the above videos. There seems to be a deeper character customization system than Genshin Impact has, allowing the player to fully customize the character to there liking. This could also mean that there may be more than 3 types of gachapon banners (I know, Gachapon again?! This is my speculated opinion, but hopefully it's wrong). These 3 types of banners could be a character banner, a fashion banner, and weapons banner. With the amount of content and more intricate details Tower of Fantasy brings to the table, it's safe to say that the game engine and design system is either on par or way better than Genshin Impact. It's kind of crazy to think that even though Genshin Impact has just turned 1 year old, it's starting to lose popularity (in my opinion ONLY, keep playing Genshin if you enjoy it please). Back to the point, Tower of Fantasy has gathering (if I saw that correctly in some videos), dungeons, mazes, gachapon, waifus, husbandos, party quests, quests, exploration, and your favorite stamina system!

In the above video you can see that BakuBaku created this video for potential endgame activities as well. For the most part, in every RPG/MMO, it's the same concept, but don't worry! With games like Maplestory still around and kicking, it's all about the community, developers, and how well we can all enjoy a video game, who knows, maybe Tower of Fantasy has potential to be included into the Metaverse?! Because speaking about quest events and things, we don't really have a good picture on the studio/team behind Tower of Fantasy...

So here are some rumors around the net:

Tower of Fantasy is a subsidiary of Perfect World, which is a publisher with a lot of games behind it.

The official name of the developer, Hotta Studio, is actually "Suzhou Tower of Fantasy Technology Limited Co." You can look it up yourself: 苏州幻塔网絡科技有限公司. Lots of good info if you look into it. Of course, you won't learn much about the developers as individuals, which is pretty typical for the mobile industry.

If that does turn out to be true... It could also mean the end-game for Tower of Fantasy could potentially be Pay to Win, omg not P2W!

How could Tower of Fantasy become P2W, well because of similar opinions from people about Perfect World:

I know some of you might be wondering if the MMORPG is still pay-to-win. The short answer of it is yes, it most definitely still is. ... Overall, Perfect World International is still a very packed MMO.

Okay, but that doesn't explain the short bit I mentioned about the Metaverse... Well, maybe I'm wrong, but in 2018 (according to the Wikipedia page for Perfect World),

In June 2018, Perfect World and Valve announced that they were developing a version of Valve's Steam service for the Chinese market.

From the looks of the company, I think, it's going to be soon they will join the fray into the cryptocurrency Metaverse phenomenon, that is happening. Maybe I'm wrong, but only time can tell! Company Info for PWRD

I only think that, because some of the Institutional Investors of Perfect World, also have investments in cryptocurrency. You can further look for yourself.

With all that said, Tower of Fantasy is starting to look promising at launch and the near future. Hopefully, Genshin will fight back, and we will see a clash of players coming and going through each game! As for me personally, I did play Genshin, but it wasn't my style of game for some reason, but Tower of Fantasy is my style! There is a game catered for everyone right?

The next section, will be discussing the end-game and maybe how Tower of Fantasy will perform vs. Genshin Impact.

A Bright Future for Tower of Fantasy:

With the strong ties of what Tower of Fantasy has behind it, I think it's actually inevitable that the game will perform and do well in the mobile market, rpg market, and cross-platform market, and soon be, metaverse market! If you're not convinced there is a comparison video of Genshin and ToF.

IDK about you, but I already pre-registered for the beta to try it out!

But wait! Is Perfect World still a good game? Let's find out, and if it is still holding up, even with all the experience the company has in the industry, they could potentially overthrow Mihoyo's Genshin Impact in popularity.

So how is Perfect World doing?

These metrics say around 30k active players;

According to here, Perfect World company made about 10 billion yuan in 2020; Perfect World Financials

In the above Google Trends data, although you cannot really see it as well compared to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy is starting to pick up.

Now for the future of Tower of Fantasy, definitely in the short term time frame, it's going to be a blast, and if the events, community, and hopefully they don't make it P2W, then it could be a great game to invest your time into and have lots of fun and enjoy life with!

Even with Perfect World, that game/MMO has a ton of features and if there will be a system, feature, design, and more content updates in the future for Perfect World, the Tower of Fantasy will shine through the skies. Not only because of the companies' strong title and standing but because they probably also have well-protected IP (intellectual property) for their games, which bolster their strong relations towards becoming marketed in a positive way (because of money, obviously).

To add to the point, we can see more content being added to the map as well, and an expanding world of clothes and whatnot, hopefully, it will also not end up like Dragon Raja (in terms of end-game creep, etc.) If you haven't seen Dragon Raja before (Tower of Fantasy is also kind of similar to Dragon Raja):

A video by Down To Top:

Finally, I believe that's all there is to share right now for Tower of Fantasy, so hopefully it's going to be a fun experience.

Thank You:

There could be more things about Tower of Fantasy I have missed, or maybe some of my speculations may be wrong, but the possibility of Tower of Fantasy becoming a buzz in gaming will definitely happen.

Thank you for reading this article about a comprehensive look at Tower of Fantasy, and remember to stay healthy and have a fantastic day~

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