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Wonder what to do to up your game with crayfish? Come gather around and check out this simple recipe that will make you content and happy, at home.

Disclaimer: Always remember to be careful with cooking utensils!

Popular Crayfish Preparation:

In the whole world, one of the most popular ways to prepare crayfish is to throw them in a big giant pot and cook it as a soup. At the website, allrecipes, a good handful of the recipes for crayfish are soup-based.

Crayfish Soup

What I wanted to try was to also use a base for this recipe, which is the broth, and cook a soup that felt like home. Be sure to follow along, and don't forget to have crayfish readily peeled already. Peeling the crayfish is not necessary, but it would make it much easier to eat after cooking.


Let's get started with the ingredients. There is nothing special on this list, and it is affordable to make. Check the picture below for what ingredients I used.


The ingredients above, as well as not pictured that you will need are:

Crayfish (also keep the head, because it's good for fatty yumminess)

Potato (peeled or not, however you like it)

Onions (you can either use a powdered or actual onion)

Spice Blend (in above picture)

Chili Powder

Black Pepper

Garlic Salt

Parsley Flakes

3 cups of Chicken Broth (any brand)

1/2 cup of Water

1 cup of Milk


Lemon or Lemon Juice



While you prepare the ingredients, it is a good idea to start heating up the soup that will be used as the base for our crayfish. So get a nice clean pot, pour all the liquid-based ingredients and start peeling the crayfish, cutting the vegetables, and gathering your spices. Now it's time for the step by step cooking guide!

Step-By-Step Young Crayfish:

So how this will work is that I will number the step and explain what's happening with a sentence below the picture.


1. The first step.



In the first step, I have already finished peeling the crayfish and cutting my potatoes (I mixed my potatoes with some thyme and lemon juice). I saved some heads to be used to suck on (sucking on crayfish head has good fat and some meat in there). While I have done this, I am boiling the soup.


2. The second step, oh boy.



Easiest step ever. CLAP, CLAP. Just dump your prepared ingredients in, and throw in some head in there for more flavor. Do not add the spices yet, because we want them to be added freshly before the soup is ready.


3. Step three; is like waiting.



This recipe is so easy, huh? So after about a good 15 minutes, make sure you are mixing in after 5-minute intervals (go play a phone game while waiting or so) you should get a nice boil and be able to smell the food. The smell should be like home. When you can actually smell the broth from about 4 feet away, start adding the spices in any order you want. In the above picture, I added my spices as so.

Also, this is the perfect time to add any extra vegetables, because it will cook fast, moreso within one or two minutes.


4. Step four is that it? Probably.



As you see above, I added the carrots that I prepared. You can add other vegetables, but make sure you add it 1 or 2 minutes prior before turning off the stove. Once you make a taste test and assure yourself the food is soft and cooked, you pour some soup for yourself, AND make sure you get comfortable; because (what a horrible grammar)... The soup will be good, and the crayfish will be tasty.

Thank You:

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you try out this recipe and share it with your loved ones. Have a fantastic day.


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