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Creamy Millennial Salmon

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Love salmon? Try cooking this simple recipe that taste really good! It's perfect if you also want to keep a diet and not eat too much calories. Salmon is also one of my favorite food!

The Set-Up:

How long will this take to cook? Depending on your skill and experience with multi-tasking it depends. I cook this recipe occasionally and it honestly takes me 8 to 15 minutes.

How expensive in this recipe? Probably the most expensive ingredient is the salmon itself!

Do you need ALL the things? Nah, you can experiment in your own way if you want. If you do follow the recipe it will taste good though!

Did you make this recipe? Not really, I took some ideas from existing recipes from hindsight skim and scan reading...

Is it a good meal for lunch or dinner? I would prefer this for lunch but dinner is also good, just don't eat too much rice!

The Ingredients:

Below you will see an image for all the ingredients used for this recipe. 



You may use similar products for the ones in the above picture. You can also marinate your salmon ahead of time by creating a simple sauce with any herbs you like, lemon, and soy sauce, and leaving the salmon in the container with the sauce in the refrigarator for more than one hour. After an hour or more, your marinated salmon should look good, kind of like this: 



The Step-by-Step-Video:

Here is a video with no talking. The video has visuals that are in chronological order of how to cook this recipe. The background music is Akdong Musicians 200% instrumental, which I freaking love!

Cooking Tips Regards to The Video:

You can marinate your salmon about 2 hours or a day prior to cooking it.

During the scenes of where I prepare the cream and simmer the salmon, I am multi-tasking going back-and-forth. I also constantly flip the salmon to achieve that brown crisp look. I forgot the technical term for this cooking technique, but as you cook, if the pan looks low on oil, bathe the salmon with oil and use a spoon to pick oil from the pan and put on salmon again.

Once you add additional seasonings to the salmon, cover it with a lid so that the moisture and the smell can stay trapped and build inside of the salmon! This will give it a much more stronger flavor

When you reach the part where I cook the cream, a good indication that it is done is to stir it until the butter is completely melted. That way you don't need to guess if it's too soggy or thick (thick yo).

When you are preparing the cream onto the salmon, you can turn off your stove and add more ingredients for a fresh taste.

You can also add other condiments to the dish and serve with rice, mash potato, and vegetables!

That's it, you are all done! Don't forget to wash up your used kitchen-ware. I often wash it right away after using it during multi-tasking windows while cooking! :)

Your Meal is Ready:

Wasn't that easy? This recipe is easy and fun and yummy! I hope you have a fantastic day and try this recipe out! I would love to know how it went for you~

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