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Ready to start your adventure with C++? We will go over creating a simple console application: a simple calculator.

Simple Calculator:

A simple calculator is just like the one on the Windows platform. Remember the old Windows 95, 98, and XP? Well we can make a simple console application that has the basic functions of a calculator.

Video Demonstration:

This is a really old video of me explaining and showing a demo of the small console application created using CodeBlocks.

Code Explanation:

The code is very basic and most probably unorganized. That's okay if your code is like mine or worse, because we will get better at organizing our code later on. For now, understand how basic variables, points, arrays, if statements, while loops, for loops, swtich cases, and other operations work.

One thing to be careful with is you should always initialize your variables with zero before assigning them a value because sometimes they might have something stored in memory.


The code is relatively short!

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Have Fun:

That's all there is for this article. If you have any questions or comments go ahead and do so below or in the video.

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